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Nice theme.

I noticed an error here while browsing: http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/portfolio/sed-vitae-erat-vitae-erat-3/

Notice: Undefined index: extension in /var/www/8theme/data/www/8theme.com/demo/legenda/wp-content/themes/legenda/wpbakery/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 314

Notice: Undefined index: dirname in /var/www/8theme/data/www/8theme.com/demo/legenda/wp-content/themes/legenda/wpbakery/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 317

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/8theme/data/www/8theme.com/demo/legenda/wp-content/themes/legenda/wpbakery/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 46

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/8theme/data/www/8theme.com/demo/legenda/wp-content/themes/legenda/wpbakery/js_composer/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 49

Hello, ShiloRune,

Thanks for your notice, we have fixed that.


Hi How do I change the nav sublist dropdown colour in the full width menu? Would you have the code to do this? Kindest regards Anthony

Try this code in custom.css file: .fixed-header .menu > li.menu-full-width .nav-sublist-dropdown, .main-nav .menu > li.menu-full-width .nav-sublist-dropdown, .fixed-header .menu > li .nav-sublist-dropdown .container, .main-nav .menu > li .nav-sublist-dropdown .container{ background-color: #your-color-number; }


Hi, sorry this code didn’t work no change the colour is still white not orange. Could I email you my login details so you can take a look if I have done this correctly? Regrads

Yes, you may contact us at http://8theme.com/forums with the site details and the desired color so we may help you.


how do i activate theme and how i do i remove legenda from header and write my own site name and where are the layouts i saw on demooo

Hello, muslimmedical,

Thanks for purchase our theme, appreciate your choice. You may follow our documentation ( http://8theme.com/demo/docs/legenda/index.html) and video tutorials ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZY0AJRFoKhLrkCXomrfmA ) For more help, contact us at 8theme.com/forums All the xml files (variants) for import are available in the downloadable package.


How come your demo shows the product image with the size: 470×511 http://8theme.com/demo/legenda2/shop/awesome-demo-diamond-ring/ And mine 570×780? http://www.karissmausa.com/producto/leggins-modelo-ak005-3/

Mine is too big, and I don’t seem to find where to edit that!

Hello, banned,

We have such product images sizes as we have enabled the SideBar on the Single product page. You may also enable it and then the product will be resized, or upload the smaller image.


Hello, rrip40,

What do you mean by that? Please, provide more details.


I am trying to create footer as video decribed however I can’t see visual composer at Static Blocks. Please advice

Hello, erenozkan,

Check if you have enabled in Settings>Visual Composer>General Settings>Content types>Static Blocks


I’m unable to register on your support website. I keep getting, “NO NAUGHTY BUSINESS PLEASE.”

My purchase code was successful.

Hello, ShiloRune,

Please, provide us your email, so we may check your account.


Hi, I got my account registered.

However, I wasn’t able to register on this URL: http://www.8theme.com/support/

We understand that, but we need your email to check everything


Hello I just emailed you guys. I updated wordpress and upgraded the theme and I’m having error’s throughout my site. Please reply to my email asap!

Hello, icebox10,

Will you be so kind to provide us your email? You`d better contact us at Forum with all the details


Hi I am not hearing back from your support. I emailed support@8theme.com. The only issue I am having now is the headers for the product categories. I am uploading images from the thumbnail but they are not showing up.

Please, check if you have contacted us at http://8theme.com/forums with your details.


Hello, I´ve seen this theme and it looks amazining and fits very well with the idea I have for a Website, Congrats!. Just need to clarify a couple of things before buying it. 1. I´m not interested in the e-commerce part (add to cart, prices, etc) but I need the catalogue of product indeed. So, It is easy to get rid of all the prices and Add to cart stuff, but keeping the catalogue?. In fact, it would be good enough for me if I got the thumbnail of the product with a couple of lines of description and when it is clicked just the image amplified in a lightbox. is this possible? 2.- I need a multilingual site (en,es,fr), how can the theme handle this?... a space to put my own traslation for each language woulb be great. 3.- Can I have products categorized like Novelty, Special Promo, etc. and having an special place in home, or on a layout apart?

Thanks in advance for your attention, I´m very interested in using this theme Cheers.

Do you mean the thumbnail of the category with light box effect?


No, I mean, once you click on a thumbnail, a larger size of the photo is shown in a lightbox mode. That would be perfect for me. Now, as I´ve seen in the demo so far, when you click it goes to a different layout with a large detail of the product. P.S. I already bought the Theme, it looks amazing. Thanks

On our Shop Page, there is a Quick view, on the right bottom corner of the product image and there is the lightbox opening. Thanks for the purchase. :)


Hello, how to make transparent header in one page without global site?

Thanks :)

Hello, tachov,

It depends on the page you are talking about. If you have knowledge in css you can do that.


Awsome Theme I just have one pre purchase question.

With the Our Store page if I have 4 different shops can i use the same template page and have 4 different versions of the page for each of my shops Thanks


We are really confused about your request. Do you want to have 4 different pages on the same domain with different variants?


Hi I am sorry if I am not being clear. let me try again to be clear on the demo you a page called our shop. http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/london/ can I have multiple versions of this page on the same domain? one for each of my shops so it would be http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/london/ http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/lmanchester http://8theme.com/demo/legenda/london/leeds

It is possible to impelement, but it does not concern our theme. This is not our theme features. You need to have different admin panels for that by the way. Good luck with your idea.


Any news when next update will be released?

Thanks, Patrick

Hello, Patrick1717,

Probably it will be released in next 2-2.5 weeks.


Any news as to when now? Hope soon.

Thanks, Patrick

Please, specify is you have any issues with our theme, perhaps we can help you.


Hi, can I change the name of the upselling banner. At the moment its our offers by default but I would like to change this to something else. How is it possible?

Hello, jossan84,

You can change it in two ways:
- use translation file and translate only this words ()
- change directly in template file legenda/woocommerce/single-product/up-sells.php (lines 34, 37)


hi 8theme,

may i know how to change the revolution slider’s button size? i read the page http://8theme.com/demo/legenda2/shortcodes/buttons/#

and i used the code already

however, as my word for the button varies, the button appears in different size, which is very ugly. any idea to make the width align? thx

besides, how to change the colour for the botton? thx

Please, contact us with the site details at http://8theme.com/forums and we will provide you our tehcnical help. Thanks


Does this theme supports fade effect on product hover? ‘Leader’ theme has this effect, here I see arrows to change images. But is there option to enable hover effect? Thanks.

Hello, Z5mart,

You may change that in Theme Options>Product Page Layout> Product Image Hover<Description


When I try and install Revolution Slider, WishList and Screens Chat I get the following error message:

‘Download failed. Failure when receiving data from the peer’

Is there another way for me to install them?

Thanks, Laura

Hello, lauradawaf,

You may try to install these plugins via FTP. For more details, contact our technical support at http://8theme.com/forums


Hi , presalequestion :)

Will this theme work with WooCommerce Product vendors plugin? Im trying to build an online marketplace for selling physical goods so it would be pretty interesting if this theme has those capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, alfonsovelva,

Thanks alot for your interest in our template. We cannot quarantee compatibility of third-party plugins with our theme. But it should not be any issues with that.


Hello, I want to active the multiple column versio of menus. I read the documentation ann it says that I have to add css classes.

“To activate CSS Classes and Description, open Screen Options and select these items.”

So, where is Screen Options?

Thanks in advance

Yes, as without it you cannot upload your products to the store.


Thanks, but as far as I install woocomerce, this get in conflict with Wordpress, Visual composer dissapears, I cannot access to the pluggin layout anymore, and some buttons or textfields are inactivated. What can I do?

There should not be any issues with compatibility. It will be better if you contact us via http://8theme.com/forums and we will help you to solve that.


Hi, I have been using this website for a retailer, but im enquiring regarding something different, i have a few questions.

The business is like a holiday agent/ rent a holiday home and manages a number of hotels, B&B and camping sites, etc, which allows users to look for the perfect place to stay while on holiday.

Would this theme be able to do anything like this?

Also could i use plugin – http://codecanyon.net/item/booking-system-pro-wordpress-plugin/2675936 – on each page so that users can then reserve or book the B&B or hotel?

Just love the layout of this website and the way it works, so would be fab if we could do something to adapt it.

Or if you could suggest a template you may have thats already like what i need?

Many thanks H

Hello, HayLou1,

Thanks for using our template. You may implement whatever you want with our theme. Concerning the plugin, we cannot quarantee fully compatibility as we have have not tested it yet.


Hi, I have purchased the theme and now need an update for visual composer – does that mean I need to buy the plugin?

Hello, social_tap,

If you want to get the updates every time you need, yes, you are able to buy the plugin. If don`t, you may wait for our theme updates where we include the last version VC composer.



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