Discussion on Legrand - Creative Photography Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Legrand - Creative Photography Portfolio Theme

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Hello after todays WP update, I cannot create new pages and cannot use the pre-build Legrand theme elements on pages anymore as I cannot access the backend editor anymore. Is this something about you? Or the builder?

I have purchased support for another 6 months and opened a ticked as you have said, but still no reply after 3 days. Disappointing :(

Support is off during weekends as stated in the supporr forum homepage but we will process your ticket tmrw. Thanks

I had opened the ticket back on Wednesday, but thanks. I’ll check on support page…

Hi, is it possible to minimize space between images to 0 in slide? Please, look at my website in https://alfredomanhaes.com.br . I want to see all images side by side without spaces, as a film in movement. Thank you!

Hi, try adding
li.thumb-item.mTSThumbContainer {
    margin-right: 0px;

in customizer -> additional CSS Thanks

Hi, could you inform me how can I put my logo on the top of front page? My website is https://alfredomanhaes.com.br Thanks!

It works…thank you!!!

May I maximize logo size beyond 100×350 pix?

Hello, you can increase the height of your logo with

#logo img {
    height: 30px;

in customizer -> additional CSS modify the value of 30px because the width is auto – will cover the available horizontal space. Thanks

Hi – could you tell me how to disable the photo title and caption from the homepage slider and the zoom? Thanks Pippa

Hi Pippa, try adding
.thumb-item .thumb-info {
    display: none;

figcaption {
    display: none;
or if you want to hid the zoomed image caption just in the home page
.page-template-gallery-thumbscroller-page figcaption{


Thank you – worked perfectly. On the home scroller – would you have any suggestions as to why my landscape images are blurry but my portrait images are clear? I’m sizing them all to 2000px high. My site is pippadawsonmakeup.com

Thanks so much!

Hello Pippa, I don’t see the blurred image on my screen: https://d.pr/free/i/7FuHVp Can you give us more details (device, resolution)? Thanks

Hello, thanks for this great theme. Would it be possible to have the full screen menu at 50% opacity? Or maybe 50% of screen height to reveal a part of the page?

Please add these styles in Theme Options > Custom CSS:

.no-scroll #hero, .no-scroll #main, .no-scroll footer { opacity: 1; }

header { background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.5); }

Please note that the current version of the theme is 1.3. In item details and changelog it says 1.2. Please update your item information.

Updated the change log, thanks

Legrand is using the Google Fonts API in order to ​show Google Fonts in the frontend. Unfortunately this is not compliant with the GDPR. Please make it possible for webmasters that use your theme to make their website GDPR compliant by: – integrating Google Fonts locally into the theme+ – providing an option to not use Google Fonts (so that an admin can integrate a font on his/her own)

Thank you very much​

Hello, I was just wondering how to replace the ‘legrand’ button that links you back to the homepage with my own logo and also is there a way to change the background colour to black and the text to white?

Thank you in advance

Hi there, to change the site logo you just need to go appearance -> theme options -> header options https://d.pr/free/i/QcBNnP To change the favicon plz follow these instructions: https://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Favicon

Great thank you for that! I didn’t have the correct plugin so that’s why I couldn’t see those options but it’s sorted now! With changing the colour elements would that be under custom css? do you have some images to help me change this? I’m completely new to this!

Just bought this nice, minimal theme. But nothing works fine. Please refund my money.

Well, I tried to import demo data, but I miss the “Import Demo”-button. You might be right with the plugin errors, but I have the same problems with the theme even on my local server where only required plugins are installed.

Ok, in the demo-data folder within the main archive (not theme’s folder, the main archive) there is a file import.xml That one you can import it with the WordPress importer: https://codex.wordpress.org/Tools_Import_Screen

Again, we can help you with that.

Okay, just signed in at clapat.ticksy.com. You got access data.

When will theme support WordPress 4.9.x and 5.0.x (incl. Gutenberg)? When will theme be ready for PHP 7.2.x?

FILE: /legrand/admin/inc/fields/raw/parsedown.php


797 | ERROR | Indirect access to variables, properties and methods will be evaluated strictly in left-to-right order since PHP 7.0. Use curly braces to remove ambiguity.

FILE: /legrand/admin/inc/browser.php


191 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7.

Thanks. Unfortunately I can not find changelog in files of version 1.3. Please also update changelog on Themeforest. Where can I find compatibility documentation (PHP, WordPress etc.) for each version? Thanks

Can you please get back to me? Thank you.

Check the change log – 1.2 was using redux framerok bundled in the theme, 1.3 is using it as a standalone plugin. Thanks


I am using another lightbox in Legrand. Now, I want to disable Magnific lightbox. I have commented out Magnific in Currently both still show up. How can I completely remove mpf?


Try commenting line 20 in /js/scripts.js MagnificPopup(); Hard refresh the page (Ctrl+F5)

You may want also to extend your support period. Thanks

Thankyou for the help ClaPat; Works like a charm!

Hello, where can I find the demo data for this theme?

Please fownload the main archive. Thanks

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question. If I inset small images in my portfolio such as 800×800 px , in the lightbox, they are displayed at original size or are they stretched to fill the whole screen with consequent loss of quality? I await news soon. Vincenzo.

Hi Vincenzo, In the thumbnail scroller (http://clapat.ro/themes/legrand-wordpress/) we use the Intense Images library (http://tholman.com/intense-images/). This is for high res images. In Justified grid we use Magnific Popup (http://clapat.ro/themes/legrand-wordpress/justified-grid/). This is for any kind of images and will preserve the aspect ration in the current screen width. Thanks

Thank you for your reply but it is not clear !!! The second attached link does not work. Maybe I was not chairo enough in my question. Vincenzo

Sorry this is the actual link http://tholman.com/intense-images/

We have not tested it on images 800×800 px – that’s why I sent you the link.

Pre-purchase question. I really like your theme. Can you confirm that I can use the thumb scroller gallery as home page as well. And can I use vertical and horizontal images.Thanks.

Hello http://clapat.ro/themes/legrand-wordpress/ The thumbnail scroller gallery is set as home page in our live demo. It contains landscape and portrait images. Thanks

High. I like the theme, and it looks amazing on a tablet or computer, but when it’s on a phone and turned landscape, it isn’t truly responsive. The top menu bars and bottom make the middle section so tiny. Could you make it responsive so that it stacks pictures vertically full width, or make the top and center bars disappear if the carousel is turned sideways on a cell phone. It’s really super small. What do you think?


We can send you a cover image which can be displayed on landscape containing a rotate phone icon


Hi, where is Carousel slider options to customize, set up width and height of slides?

Hello, the height of the slides is actually the height of the hero section.the number of visible items in the carousel (therefore the width) is set in function Carousel() in /js/scripts.js, this bit to be more precise: responsive:{ 0:{ items:1 }, 600:{ items:2 }, 960:{ items:3 }, 1200:{ items:3 } }


Hello. How do I leave the start slide on automatic?

Go to Pages > Contact, and set template from CONTACT TEMPLATE > DEFAULT TEMPLATE


Hello Is there any way I can leave the footer in the home? Pulling it from within the menu.

Hello, sorry what do you mean exactly? Some page templates does not have social links and copyright footer by design. Your link http://www.diipistas.com.br does not work. Thanks

Hallo, I want to set a portfolio post as home page. When I create a page and setup theme options the page don’t work. Can u help me? Thanks.

Hi, of course. If we are talking about Gallery/Portfolio Template page you need to create the portfolio items first AND assign them a featured image – that’s the item’s thumbnail in portfolio page. Thanks

Awesome theme! I wanted to know if you guys planned to put in or if there was to put in keyboard control for the sliders? Thx


Thumbnail Scroller Page is animated by mouse movement. This page can’t have a keyboard nav, but the fullscreen and contain slider pages support keyboard nav. Best regards


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