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Hi, this is a screenshot of desktop layout: http://oi41.tinypic.com/qwyoa1.jpg and this is for the mobile version: http://oi42.tinypic.com/2igdp1k.jpg

I doesn’t happen all the time, but sometime you need to refresh the page.

Thanks for your help Claudio


I am looking at purchasing this theme got a few questions before I decide on which one to purchase

On the Leisure theme for Opencart the image zoom feature is working, it’s not on the HTML demo? Is this feature available in the HTML version?

Also in the opencart version the left hand side navigation on http://themeforest.net/item/leisure-responsive-html5-opencart-theme/full_screen_preview/3014002 expands and contracts is this feature available in the HTML version as it’s not working in the demo?

in html zoom functionality not implemented. expanded navigation feature is available. sorry for the late response.

I cant purchase it, it says it has some problem processing it, i hope i am not getting charged for this.

is this support opencart

its a html template, opencart available here http://goo.gl/XMUXAt

I have a question…I want to purchase this template but can I integrate it with Shopify?

Its HTML template. It can be converted in to any CMS even shopify..

Can I get some help to buy the template please I need it

what kind of help ?

Good afternoon. This pattern supports the Russian language?

I didn’t get you. which Pattern ?

Very nice template to work with. You’ve had lots of questions about putting into shopping cart software. I just built a site using this template and put it into Miva Merchant 5.5. K Couture.com. Have some tweaking to do on the responsive side for checkout and some minor things to adjust, but came out pretty good. Nice template.

Looking good :) thx

CSS style.css is missing….cand u help me whith this problem please?

sorry for the late response. when did you get that error. If you try to install this as a cms template then only it will show the error. This is a static Site Template. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Nice Theme ! Bootstrap version is possible ?

no, not at this point.

hey i just purchased this theme, and when i went to upload it to my dot com it sent me this message..

"The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.” what is this about?

I hope you know this is a static HTML template, there is no installation. Its not based on any CMS. I hope you are clear. Let me know if you have further queries.

Hi there, I have an ebay store. Does this work with my ebay store template? How do I do that? Just place the html code?

I just have experience with only wordpress but not sure with this.

Could you please advise?


Hi, I have no idea ebay store template. Leisure is a pure HTML5 template, You can convert it to any CMS you want. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Hello I just purchased your design on HTML5, just got a question on the product detail page, zoom and expandable functions don’t work, you mentioned on one of your old post that expanded navigation feature is available, but don’t work, very nice design but detail page needs zoom and expanded navigation.

Thanks for the purchase. I will try to incorporate the feature in the next update, By December, you can expect an update.


Does this theme support ie10 and ie11 as well?

Also if we are planning to sell products on our website (which we will create from this template) is the regular license enough for us?

Hi, yes it supports ie10, hopefully it will work well in ie11 also, Because I haven’t tested it in IE11. Works perfectly in ie10. For a single shop regular license is enough, for multiple usage of file you must get extended license. Hope this helps. :)


I am planning to buy your template, is the zoom function implemented. I had read earlier that it would be ready by Dec?



Hi, Its not yet implemented, sorry for the delay, This update will take some more time, as I am busy with other theme.

Hi, I am wondering is this a mobile friendly template?

Yes ofcourse.

hi, i purchased this template and like it. thank you for your nice work but i’m having trouble with internet explorer. maybe htm5.js not working or another issue i dont know but on ie9 it’s a disaster. any help?

Hi, sorry for the delay, I hope you mean the contact us page, rest other pages are fine at my end, I will soon release a fix. Please wait for that, I will update you at the earliest. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

I just purchased this template and for some reason it wasn’t showing properly in IE10 I moved the meta name= “viewport” to the top right under <head>: its showing fine now—im not sure if its just my pc .. or what

First of all, thanks for the purchase, I have checked with ie9 & 10, I am unable to reproduce issue. If you remove meta viewport, it will affect responsiveness. Can you send me a screenshot.

ohh I didn’t remove it. .. I just moved it to the top of the header.. . right under opening <head> it was at the bottom…. it works if directly at the top . . . working fine now

ROLL OVER IMAGE TO ZOOM is not working in Detail page. Please help !

Hello there, thanks for the purhchase, Its just for demo, actually that feature is not there.

it’s a awasome template. How is compatibility if we upgrade jquery.js. I got from template 1.7.2, and i wish that can be upgrade to 1.9.0?

any suggestion for checkout process with javascript?