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There is a chance to buy this template for a customer of mine. Just in case, I would like to know as follows. In IE7 , the submenu of the main menu appears behind the main image in the homepage. Is there a way to solve it?

Thanks! Carlos

Hi it can be done, the flex slider div need a z-index, If you purchase it i will let you know what you have to do!, otherwise wait for the next update, will include that aswell. :) thanks for your interest.

Hi, We purchased your template (very happy with it thank you) but when you add related products it displays the main products name, not “You may also be interested in these” is their anyway to change this?

Thanks again.

Hi, i really don’t understand what you mean, please specify. You want to change title text?

Yes if it’s possible. Usually a products related items get a heading “Related Products” or “People who purchased this product have also purchased these” instead, the related products heading just shows the title of the product you are viewing… Does this make sense? I don’t know how to explain this any better…

Well its a static HTML , i might have placed same items underneath. Also it doesn’t seems like you have purchased the theme! :(

I purchased this template for one client site and so far (still in production) it has worked great. We are now considering it for another client who would be using an ASP .net shopping cart called 24seven cart (http://www.24sevencart.com/24sevencart.htm). I’m thinking it will be fine, but since we’ve never used that cart I wanted to check. Do you know of any reason why this would not work with an ASP .net site? Thanks. :)—Bill

Hi Bill, sorry for the late response. Actually I don’t have much knowledge about ASP .net. Sorry, let me know if you have further questions regarding the theme.

I purchased this and it’s not working!! It says broken theme (I watched all your help videos and guides) and nothing works.

I unzipped the theme file, took out the theme folder that I wanted (Gadget_shop) and uploaded this manually to my themes folder using FlashFXP. Still getting Style.css error broken.

I zipped this theme on its own and uploaded it via wordpress and still same error style.css.

I noticed the style.css file is actually labeled styleS.css so just to test it out I removed the “s” at the end of style and renamed it that way… still not working!

Nothing is working for this theme I just installed a new wordpress so it’s fully up to date, I tried it all, PLEASE HELP !!! I NEED IT UP FAST !

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for the purchase, I just want to remind you that “Leisure” is a pure HTML template, not integrated with any CMS (not WP theme). Do you face any issues with the files in the package. Unless its a WP you wont be able to install it. I hope you understood. Let me know if you have any further queries.


Hi Rohithpaul, Is this layout responsive or fixed as the url show it is reponsive but the description on the right shows it is fixed. If this is fixed, is it easily customizable to responsive or fluid layout? Thank you.

Its responsive, Fixed means there is a max-width set for the website. it wont exceed 960px, so fixed. The layout is responsive <960 will fit to all devices, hope you understood. :)

I’m a couple of weeks from going live with this template, and it’s been great. However, I can’t find anything that would help me modify the so it shows the company feed. Can you help please?

You mean twitter feed? please specify :) thanks for the purchase

Yes, Twitter feed. Sorry, apparently when you use chevrons this board hides them and the text it encloses so my message was not clear.

On the leisure_page.html, for example, you have a section, aside id=”sidebar”, with a div class=”twitter_feed” inside it. I assume that’s where the twitter javascript gets pulled into but I have no idea how to modify that file or if that’s what I’m even supposed to modify.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Open “Custom.js”

//TWITTER FEED $(’.twitter_feed’).jTweetsAnywhere({ username: ‘rohithpaul’, count: 1 });

//replace "rohithpaul" with your Twitter ID, its done :)

script file is “jquery.jtweetsanywhere-1.3.1.min.js” its minified.

Thanks, that was easy. You might want to include that piece of instruction in your documentation on the next release, it’s very helpful. :)

Nice?design! 1.Can I change main color easily? ex. blue to brown. (text and top image’s back ground color etc.)

Hi there, Colors, text and background can be changed very easily :)

Hey Paul! I’m very happy with your layout is just great! I only have 1 little problem in responsive version. I opened the site on my iPhone and the Logotype is hidden from the Navitation menu. How can i fix this?

Thanks a lot! :) Nicole

I am unable to view any problem, please send me a screenshot, :) thanks “rohithpaul@gmail.com”

Done! I sent you an email but i forgot to add the screenshot :P so the second one is the right one ;) thanks again!

Hi! I love this design and my company is going to go live with it before Christmas. One question, before I delve into the matter myself: the main horizontal navigation (Women, Men, Kids, Fashion, Accessories) does not appear on my phone (iPhone in Safari and Chrome). This is true of the site I’m building as well as the previewable site on this page. What is the easiest way to go about fixing this?


Thanks for purchasing Leisure, Can you send me a screenshot. :) rohithpaul@gmail.com


Hi, I see you have color theme options. But can I change the colors to whatever I want for within the code? Thanks!

Yes, Just editing few lines in CSS file, you can achieve this very easily.


could you please tell me where i find your help videos and files thanks

Hi there, Thanks for the purchase :). Help file included (inside Documentation Folder) Sorry no help videos included. Thanks.

Hi ,

I would like to know if this template is compatible with Zencart 1.5x and if easy to install it .


Hi solo,

Leisure is a static HTML, Not integrated with any CMS, pure html. If you know zencart, you can customize the theme for zencart. Hope this helps :)

Hello, bought this template and is great, but we found a problem in displaying the products in index.php so responsive: it seems that it duplicates a blank, as if it were a product blank product list below. What is happening? Looking forward and thanks.

Hi, Its not duplicating, Its offer products. In which device you found this issue, nobody every complaint me about a duplication issue. If you still face the problem, send screenshot.

thx for the purchase

Thanks for the quick reply. Indeed, on mobile devices the problem does not happen. It happens in desktop browsers when resize the window to a size mobile. This version of any browser. It is a line below each item. Try resizing the canvas site on a desktop browser and how can I send you a screenshot?

Hi, I buyed this theme yesterday. Good design! Thank you. “ROLL OVER IMAGE TO ZOOM” on the product page is not working – it is bug or feature?

HI there, Thanks for the purchase, the roll over function is not there in the template, the text is just given, so that if you integrate this html into any cms like magento, the feature is there by default, so the text will be useful!

thx, hope u understood.


I want to know what would be the main differences between this item and the other leisure template.


Hi, This is static HTML template, the other one is Opencart.


Help …. could you please tell me how i upload / apply the template into open cart

HI there, It seems like you purchased the wrong file, this is static HTML of the template. THis one is opencart Leisure. I sold the open cart template rights of leisure to other guy, so If it was my template I might be able to do adjustments in the amount of 15$, but I am helpless.


HI, I’m wondering… Does it works as a downloadable content shop? Thanls

no, its static HTML, not a dynamic shop, you have to integrate the shop with any cms. Prestashop & Opercart versions are now available. Please search “Leisure” on TF. thx

Hello, nice theme, I was wondering, do you have a HTML/CSS for pagination in product list page ? I think this is missing, I’m very excited to purchase your theme.


Hi, how are you? This is a Magento theme?


no this is a static html theme, Open cart & prestashop also available. :)