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Doesn’t work well on ipad.! any plans to fix it?

hello, could u please share us some more information or screenshots about your issue …


hi i try to chancge the menu with greek characters through html but doesnt work…can you please help me..? thanks

please provide us more information about your issue. didn’t get your point.


it doesnt recognize the greek characters when i change the options menu from html…thanks



very nice job !

What’s the font used for the logo “l’elle” ?


hi, produwordpress . not sure if it s a licenced or free font. need to check. please contact us by email for more information.

kind regards

Hi there ! Noticed you guys updated with some SEO optimization. That is great news because it really needed some Heading re-ordering. However, i can’t see it on the live preview demo. Have you already updated the demo preview with the SEO optimized version ?


preview + package has been updated. please check again. for more assistance please contact us by email.

kind regards

@produwordpress I’ll let you know soon.

@aweb06 The admin for L’elle is leave for a couple of days, I don’t know if he updated it.

@portofolio Please look into using HTML entities for special characters: Greek character HTML entities 1, or: Greek character HTML entities 2

@everyone Wordpress release is currently not planned. We’re looking into it. We’ll provide an update on this thread, our twitter account, L’elle support forum and the online help documentation if we are going to do a WP version

—Benny Bottema, developer L’elle team

Wordpress please :-)

could be done in arabic language

I’m sorry :(

Very nice, was looking forward to get it until I tested it on iPad, very buggy and looks often broken, gutted since many of my clients use iPads. Would have posted some screenshots but its time consuming transferring from iPad to PC to post the images, sorry. Send me a PM if you want me to make you a video, would probably be easier capturing with my iPhone.

Hi , Very nice job, //// Is the contact script included with SMTP authentication ? /// Today every hosting server provider use this option, therefore without this future the contact form is useless. Thank you

Hi freevision, I updted my website on a windows hosting and I didn’t see the thumbs of my showcase section. I uploaded the same site in a beta website server and I saw the thumbs…..what’s wrong? I try to put 777 to thumbs folder but nothing…. Some suggestions? Thanx M.

hi it does to work for me, cannot load the page, there’s 2 errors.

Can you check please?

hi coheneric5,

please make sure you’re browsing the theme behind a server. if not you may have issues.


How big are the background images? (i.e. bandwidth transfer per page)

hi danhum,

we used hi quality BG images. you may reduce quality as you wish


Hi, it is really clean, unique and beautiful template. Can I add the CCS3 button from the feature page into the project page and use it as external link?

hi hansino, for sure. yes you can.

cant open in chrome / safari / ie ??? help!!

hello ivaline,

please provide us more information with your issue by email. are you browsing it behind a server?


can you give me your email? i have another question… thankyou

Good and Effective theme.

How to disable the preloader?

I wouldn’t recommend you to disable it. we added preloader to work it properly. otherwise you may have issues at starting to browse.


How to set the order of the showcase? I want to let the order to be the same with JSON file.. thankyou!

Im pretty puzzled as to why a simple html file can’t be opened and previewed on a localhost. The website never loads. It simply gets stuck at the preloader.

Are there any type of tracking or call home scripts attached to this file which doesn’t allow it to function like any normal html file?

This is a first for me. Kind of disappointed at this point.

Please advise. Thanks

hello ,, sorry for delay,,

The website should open on localhost just fine. It does not ‘call home’, but it does try to fetch tweets/flickr etc. from the internet. But even if that fails, the rest should work fine. Do you see the preloader at least (white line on black background)? If you do and it gets stuck, it has trouble finding an image you’ve used in the website.

kind regards