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hello can you answer me please?

For example, use “showcase” as my homepage.

How can I do that?



can you help me???

please contact us by email


I have sent you an Email and post 3 comments here and still no response.

Can you please help me?

hello!!!!! can you answer me???

hello eric, we’ve replied your email. for your info.



Lovely little theme, any chance of getting this to work properly (text size,layout) on iPad (also noticed on smaller laptop screens e.g. 1360 wide some of the text that appears on the right is disappearing off the page).

If these items could be addressed I’d love to get this theme.

Cheers in advance

hello victorh,

didn’t get what exactly asking for. please share us some screenshots by email so we may offer you a solution. thanks

I love the theme but was wondering if you’d offer a wordpress version

I can offer you INCREATIVE Multi-Purpose WP theme. please check my portfolio. regards

Hi , this is beautiful work. I am very interested to buy this template if I knew what are the requirements for running the blog easily exactly like is on the template? Thank you

hello hansino,

thanks for contacting us. please provide us more information about your issue by email. so we may inform you better.


Has anyone here had issues with the showcase not working? All the showcase case studies have the same referrer. Any help would be super appreciated, I can’t seem to get through to the developer.


there s no issue with showcase. we’ve explained why you are having that issue. your codes messed-up and changed some targetted URL ’s.


what about mobile version?

Hello Stas, sorry it s not responsive yet.


Hi FreeVision- Hey, I wanted to let you know that we’ve completed that conversion we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. Send me an email and I’ll show you the finished link (sorry I erased your email response earlier) to see if you want to work with it.

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for a great theme!

Hi Freevision,

Very nice template! I send you an email….. :-))

I just bought it! 5 stars!! :-))

Thank you + Thank you for 5 stars :)

Any updates on an iPad-friendly version? That’s pretty much the ONLY thing keeping me from purchasing this template. When I preview it, the iPad’s (iPad 2) browser goes into a loop in which the ??? prompt reappears over and over after pressing “OK”.

I’m assuming that it’s not as simple as targeting the page with css for iPads in an override file, is it?

OK, nevermind. Must’ve been a glitch in the Matrix.


very nice!

Thanks – spassiba tavarish :)

I need to loop so that the code that generates slideshow gallery (SHOWCASE) to run more than once on the same ‘page’ ...

what better way to do this??


I just click in PROJECT TITLE 12 to view

and I have the following construct visual

base on code showcase1 on index

<!- content (coda) slider -> <!- content (coda) slider -> <!- content (coda) slider -> <!- content (coda) slider -> <!- content (coda) slider -> <!- content (coda) slider ->

more than one codon-slider running within a single showcase how to make this loop??

and another question is how can I rename these cases to show that it continues to function when required …

via line “showcaseKey”: “line-magic”

Do you understand my question?

I’m giving up to use your theme, even after purchased by unhappiness it does not meet the needs that I need for my project.

I would only be noticed and have something clear about the questions that I have outlined above.


Sorry, are we missing something?


Pls. make emailform and newsletter working. Take the most simply one there is….. :-))

Waiting for reply…..

Rgeards R/R :-))

I already made a