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Hi freevision, you can any plans updates on an iPad-friendly (responsive) version?

Pls. make emailform and newsletter working. Take the most simply one there is….. :-))

Waiting for reply….. Rgeards R/R :-))

I already made a

Hello, we’ll reply your ticket asap. sorry for delay. thanks

Yes I wait for anorher 4 days. So I ask you again:

Pls. make emailform and newsletter working. Take the most simply one there is….. :-))

Waiting for reply….. :-))

I already made a See conversation!

hello, we’ll update it mate. but we have some other stuff to do on our piority. thanks

You had other stuff in priority. Well I wait for ANOTHER MONTH and ask you again:

Pls. make emailform and newsletter working. Take the most simply one there is….. :-))

Waiting for reply….. :-))

I already made a See conversation!

I like this theme, but i need some gallery options and i cant find on the template ( i want to use this theme as a photographer…) Do you have another suggestion ?

Hello, there is no classic gallery option. instead of you can user showcase section as a gallery.


Hi tell me please what program u use for edit this html (dreamwiever not good)

Hello, Dreamwiever one of the best so far.

I Dunno how to change the theme to UNIQUE, cant find the file or line to replace, pleace be more specifiq about it.

Thanxs in advance.


No worries, we got your ticket! Soon be responded.


Thanks, waiting answer to continue working.

can I run this template on local machine ? it gives me empty page as long as I run the html file from local computer not server


Some of the pages can, but choose to use a local server.


Hi there, great theme!

Just an easy question…I can’t figure out how to change the rollover color for the big menu on the left.

Hello, thanks for purchasing. Could you please open a ticket and share your URL with us. Cheers

Hi, Nice template. I am interested, but will the twitter feed work? On the demo the twitter is not working. Thx

Hello thanks for your interest. We’ll update twitter API. No problem. :)

thx ,hope is soon as I am interested to buy…

Hallo Guys, since chrome got an Update my site based on your theme does not show the overlay in the portfolio section correctly. Chrome hides all the type and images for some reason. It still works in ie and firefox. I tried the themplate demo and it works but i could not see any reason for that code and css seems to be quite the same. Any ideas? Cheers Clarence

Hello Clarence. Thanks for contacting us. We got no such an issue at our side. Could you please provide more info and if possible screenshots. please contact us by email.

Still no Twitter API update. :-(

hi what soft you use for edit like dreamviewer?

waiting for update responsiveness and product price list, then i will purchase. ;)

Hello, sorry we have no plan for responsive update. Thanks for your interest. Regards

hi…we already download this template…. but it dosn’t work in chrome… what could be wrong… Please can you tell me what can i do fix it…. Thanks

Merhaba, öncelikle sat?n ald???n?z için te?ekkür ederiz. Ülke bayra??n?z?n Türk olmas?ndan dolay? türkçe yaz?yorum. Belirtti?iniz sorun için lütfen template’i bir sunucu arkas?nda test etti?inizden emin olunuz. Baz? script dosyalar? yüklenmiyor olabilir.

iyi çal??malar.

Öncelikle ilginizden dolay? ve Türkçe yazman?zdan dolay? te?ekkür ediyorum. Benim ba?ka bir sorunum var showcase bölümünde itemler 10. s?radan sonra kar???k bir ?ekilde geliyor bu itemleri s?ral? bir ?ekilde nas?l listeleyebiliriz. Te?ekkürler…

When i remove the team section the below animation of portfolio is also getting removed for some reason .

what could be going wrong and why is it happening ?

Hello, please open a ticket and share your project url so we can check things in place. Regards

Hi, I have recently purchased the L’elle theme and cant seem to set it up because of a missing file Stylesheet.css

Please advise at the soonest



L’elle is not the a WordPress theme if you are mentioning issue with it, otherwise I would like to see it in place, please submit a ticket on

Kind regards.

Hi, How do I fix Google Chrome is going to hang out when it opens


Can you please pass the URL of your project?


How to show exact map? Now its showing dummy only? Unable to find exact code and not mentioned in docs.

Map Fixed but unable to fix CONTACT FORM. Please Help.


Can you please submit a ticket on and share more details please? I would like to see it in action.

Kind regards.

Hi, very beautifully designed theme. Is there any possibility to make iPhone, iPad-friendly (responsive) version?

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Currently no responsive feature is available however you may hire an expert for this matter. The item isn’t advertised that is a responsive template. Regards