Discussion on LemonChili - A Restaurant WordPress Theme

Discussion on LemonChili - A Restaurant WordPress Theme

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Hi, I like your theme. Is there online order feature in the theme?

Hey there! The theme does not not include an online order feature.

Hello I need to know if there is a mobile app with the theme?

There is no mobile app but the theme is responsive.

After updating PHP to 8.0, the theme is not working properly anymore (current version of theme, every plugin newest version). When I try to login to the dashboard, this message is shown and I can’t login anymore:

Warning: Constant DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT already defined in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php on line 99 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-login.php on line 464 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-login.php on line 480 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 6865 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1078 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1079 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php:99) in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1080

When I open the website, this gets shown: Warning: Constant DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT already defined in /customers/5/2/a/suppemagbrot.de/httpd.www/wp-config.php on line 99

What can I do?

Hey there!

This is a warning about a WordPress file, not a theme file.

It means that you have the following code more than once in your WordPress files:

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

Open wp-config.php via FTP (this is a file in the WordPress installation, not the in the theme files) and look for the line above. Comment out or delete the duplicate lines. This should fix the problem.

Also make sure your WordPress installation as well as the theme and all plugins are up to date.

I hope this helps.

It worked. Thank you so much!!

Problem is now, that I can’t find the widgets anymore. The Plugin is activated, they are shown on the website, but I can’t access them anymore. I also can’t access the Customizer. Really strange. Please do help – the widgets are really important for our website.

Hi. Updated from 2.1 I think to latest 4.03 and activated child (didn’t have child activated before), but now widgets on the front page don’t show as two column grid. I can find no where to fix this. Any solutions. Not use child maybe?

Hey there, please get in touch via the support tab above and send me a link to your site. Cheers!

How Can I Get Your Support

Maybe the email landed in your junk mail?

This is what I wrote:

In order for the food and drink menu pages to display menu items you will need to select a menu category for each page first: Go to Pages > All Pages, select a Menu page, select menu categories in the bottom left corner and click Update.

thank you for your support


How can i change selected menu item font color and bg color

Hi! Add the following code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and change the color values:

#topnavi li.menu-item:last-child {
    background: red;

#topnavi li.menu-item:last-child a {
    color: green;

Interested in this theme for a client but is this theme still going to be updated as necessary?

Hey there, thanks for your interest in LemonChili! Yes, the theme will be updated in the future with security fixes and to make it compatible with future versions of WordPress. Cheers!

Are these functions and features? 1 Scaled 2 Fast 3 Lots of additional filters 4 Ability to display filtered results on the map 5 The date of adding the advertisement in the advertisement is visible 6 Photo gallery 7 Is there an expiry date for the items? 8 Can users display their products on a carousel on the ad home page. for example: paying 10 euros a day to post an item to the carousel home page or any list on the home page? 9 Restriction of access to contact details 10 Location with a radius to be able to display the results of filtering ads based on the distance from the selected location

Hello! We are using Version: 1.06.2. Is there a way to have the mobile menu open by default on mobile? Right now the customer has to click the small down arrow next to navigation to select the submenu options. We want the main menu to be open by default for mobile users. Thank you!

Hi, one of my old clients contacted me regarding their site with the mobile menu no longer being displayed. @959px it disappears. Tried turning off all caching / clearing browser cache etc but the menu still doesn’t appear. Works on desktop. Added :

.menu-regular { display:block!important }

for now to get is to display some type of menu but do you know why this is happening? From what I can tell it happened with the last major update of the theme. Thanks in advance

Hey there! Could it be that your client does not have a logo uploaded to the site? As you can see on the demo site https://lemonchili.red-sun-design.com/ , on smaller screens the menu displays in the logo box. If he doesn’t have a logo uploaded to the site, the menu does not appear as the logo box does not exist.

I am trying to get the gallery to work but when I create the gallery all i get is the images all on their own without any next or previous image tabs and no short code to place in a page area…... Please assist.

Hi! I replied to your email…

Thank you…....... I got it working but wanted to know why there are no previous or next buttons available… If there is a plugin that will work with this theme that offers those functions can you advise please…......

Hello I updated to newest version and newest wordpress. There is no “NAVIGATION MENU” appearing on MOBILE DEVICES. Where do we set the MOBILE MENU display settings? There is no longer “load responsive stylesheet” checkbox appearing under “GENERAL SETTINGS” tab.

Hey there! The responsive styles are now loading by default. Simply clear your browser cache, it should fix the problem. Cheers!

No, clearing the browser cache doesn’t work.


@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) {

ERROR LINE 2689 .menu-regular { display: none; }


Ok, can you please get in touch via the support tab above and send me a link to your site?

Ciao, tema bello e completo. Ho un problema con la visualizzazione delle immagini dalla galleria. Vorrei vederle come mostrate nella demo del sito. Potresti indicarmi come procedere? Riporto di seguito il link del sito https://www.microbarcampobasso.it/

Hello! I replied to your email.

HI , Is it still without RTL support?

Hey there! I’m sorry, the theme does still not support RTL.

Since updating to Wordpress 5.5 the widgets are no longer supported. I saved them through Widget Exporter/Importer but after importing them, it tells me that the website is not supporting any widgets. What to do?

Hey there! Is the “LemonChili Widgets” plugin installed and activated on your site?

It seems, that it got automatically deactivated after die WP-update. Solved the problem. Thank you so much!

You are very welcome!

Hallo, wie kann man die Reihenfolge fuer die Speisen bestimmen?


Du findest eine Anleitung dazu in der Dokumentation unter Pages > MENU pages > How to reorder menu items and menu categories: http://files.redsun.design/lemonchili/documentation.html#pages_help

Hey There! i’m loving the theme and plan on purchasing. will the theme receive more updates to support the latest wordpress updates? since the last update was on 8th of June 2019. Greetings, Sky

Hey there, thanks for your interest in LemonChili!

Yes there will be updates in the future. There haven’t been any updates lately because there haven’t been any issues. The theme works with the latest version of WordPress. If there will be any issues with future versions of WordPress, they will definitely be fixed in an update.


Hi, I’m thinking to buy the thene but I want know if I can implemet a woo commerc plugin. My necessity is delivery area. Thanks

Hey there!

I’m sorry but LemonChili is not ready for WooCommerce. Please check out my other restaurant theme “Spoon” for a restaurant theme with WooCommerce support.


Good afternoon. Is it possible to add transparency on the pages or change the white color, for example, to brown.

Good afternoon. It seems that the widget for “Events” was. From the list of widgets disappeared. Can I recover something?

Hey there! Did this happen after a theme update? If yes, please make sure the LemonChili Widget plugin is installed and activated on your site.

Thank you

Hello Friend. Is it possible to add more width to the web? is it feasible? I wait your answer greetings from Chile

Hey there! The theme does not include an option to change the page width. This would require a modification of the theme files. Cheers!

Hi, after last update my mobile version is gone. On mobile I can see just squeezed version of desktop view. Any ideas what could go wrong?

Thank you for quick reply. I did follow the instructions, website looks great on desktop and all works great. I set up BG to “fill screen” – it looks ok on admin side (customise theme) of tablet/mobile preview but on live android tablet BG is repeated and scrolling. On mobile the responsiveness doesn’t work at all (just checked on Android phone – works fine – only Iphone and Safari cause the issue). Any ideas?

all good, after clearing the cache in Safari website shows up properly. Sorry for bothering you!

Ok great! I’m glad it displays properly now.


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