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Hi there,

If I update Wordpress to the latest version the theme doesn’t work anymore? Whole blanc page?

Regards, Mischa

Would you please temporarily deactivate all your plugins and then again try to update? If that works, you can activate one plugin by one to see which one is causing the problem.

(If you are using the “Custom Taxonomy Sort” plugin, which I used to recommend in older versions of the theme, please know that this plugin is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress)

Great thanks! “Custom Taxonomy Sort” was the problem. :-)

You’re welcome!


Teemuki Purchased

I have the same problem. When i update to wordpress 4.7.5 all i get is a blank page? Is there some kind of fix for this? I restored the old version because i got html error 550 after update. >

Would you also please temporarily deactivate all your plugins and then try again? If that works, you can activate one plugin by one to see which one is causing the problem.

this theme does not load pages properly on iPhone 6. They just load white / blank until you scroll. Please advise ASAP I also send you a message via contact author form.

Hey there! I just replied to your email.

Hello, since the new WP update I’m not able to add photo’s to my gallery anymore.

I can make a gallery but it doesn’t give me the option to add photo’s. It says drag and drop your pictures here (doesn’t work) + I can’t add photo’s that I upload in my library either.

My slider image doesn’t work anymore either, it just keeps showing up as if it’s loading and when I try to make a new slider I have the same issue as with my galleries – can’t add pictures.

Hey Red,

I’m currently using 2.02

Ok, can you please get in touch via the support tab and send me link and login info please?


Hi, is this theme ready for WP 4.8?

Hey there! I suggest updating the theme to its latest vesion (3.0) before updating. Cheers!

Hello Red Sun,

We’re using the Lemon Chili theme since 2014, very happy with it since forever. (

Now we have a little problem: We bought the theme with a company name & user account (SaraxLinde – that doesn’t exist anymore.

We can’t download the newest version of the theme, which we need to make the website work as it should be. We were required to change our pasword, the confirmation was send to the e-mail address that doesn’t exist anymore. ThemeForest couldn’t help us give us permission to the account.

Is it possible for you to check our invoice/client number/... linked to our account user data? That would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance, With best regards, Sara

Hey Sara, thanks for using LemonChili and I’m glad to hear you are happy with the theme!

Unfortunately I don’t have any access or the possibility to check this data. The only way to gain access to your account is via the Envato Help center.

I’m very sorry I can’t be of more help to you in this regard.

Can I change the phone icon (in the top bar) to an envelope?

Hey there! That would require a little change in the theme files:

file header.php, line 100, change



rrpr Purchased

Hello, we’re using the Lemon Chili theme since 2014. At the moment, I cannot make certain changes to the site anymore. Some changes work, whereas changes to some pages cannot be saved at all and especially pictures cannot be integrated. We are using WP 4.0. I deactivated the plugin “Custom Taxonomy Sort”, but that does not seem to be the problem. Can you help? Thank you. Best regards, Julia


rrpr Purchased

Is there a way to update it without losing all settings?


rrpr Purchased

Is there manual for the uptdate? Thank you.

Start by logging into Themeforest with the account that has been used to purchase LemonChili. Click Downloads ( ) and re-download LemonChili. You will automatically get the newest version.

Make sure you are not uploading the whole zip file that you’ve downloaded from Themeforest (including dummy content, license, psd files, readme …) but only the file.

Go to your WordPress admin and click Appearance > Themes . Activate any different theme, choose delete files for the old LemonChili theme and then upload the new theme and activate it. If you attempt to upload a new version of a theme without deleting the old version first, the theme install will fail. Deleting the old theme may seem scary, but you are not going to lose any of your content or theme settings. You will only lose the changes that you’ve made directly to the theme files. These changes will need to be made again to the new files.

If you are still uncomfortable deleting the old theme, you may use a plugin, like for example Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades to automate backing up your current theme and uploading the new version. In case something goes wrong, you can simply change back to the old theme.

My website ” ” has navigation loading issues on iPhones. Navigation for mobile pops open but does absolutely nothing when you try to select pages on iPhones. We have tried everything we know before contacting you and need your help.

(reply sent via email)

Hello, When I click on a image from the Flickr widget on the Home Page, I would like open a new window. How to make that please? Thanks a lot. Great and easy theme ! Bravo.

Hey there, thanks for purchasing LemonChili, I’m glad to hear you like the theme! I just answered your question by replying to your email. Cheers!

Super Thank You !

Hello. I am trying to change the font-family for my menu categories ( Can you please advise on how this can be done? Thank you!

Nevermind, didn’t realize that my child style.css was broken and not being implemented. All good now.

Thinking about buying it for a different purpose. Using the events part as a cultural agenda. In the section of events, any way to add a map, price and a category so people could filter?

Hey there, thanks for your interest in LemonChili! I’m sorry but the events do not a filter function.

Is the theme compatible with the most recent wordpress version 4.8.3?

Hey there! Yes the theme is compatible with WP 4.8.3. Cheers!

Hi, is this theme ready for WP 4.9?

Hey there! Yes the theme is ready for WP 4.9.


I’m also experiencing the problems with blank pages. How could this be fixed?

Thanks in advance


Please update the theme to it’s latest version. This version has support for the WordPress background image uploader in Appearance > Customize > Background Image.

The problem should be fixed if you upload the background image there instead of with the Background image uploader in the Theme Options Panel.

Please know that the background image will not be fixed on mobile using that uploader tough. It will repeat.

In order to make the left area appear, go to Theme Options > General > Theme Customization and check the “Make left area scrollable” checkbox.



Thanks for the help. Everything is almost working fine now. How can I set the background image to be fixed and the text to scroll? See, you can see that the image is filling the screen but when you scroll the rest of the screen is black.


Go to Appearance > Background and change Preset to “Fill Screen”.

Hi Redsun. What would you recommend for adding a booking form? I though about a specific page and / or a 4 to 5 fields form in a widget displayed directly on the homepage. Cheers. / olivier