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Is it correct that the included documentation is not complete? I miss the instructions how to set up the ‘home thumbslider’ (http://3theme.com/tf002/light/home-thumbslider/). Can you tell me more?

Hello, this is a default page using ThumbSlider shortcode, what you need to do is to add a new page then add the ThumbSlider shortcode to Shortcode Modules input field via “Insert Shortcode” button. You can read more about the ThumbSlider shortcode from Documentation > Shortcode > Thumb slider.

Hi. Love your theme. Please confirm the horizontal scroll and carousel galleries. I want to showcase my images in galleries, not portfolios. I don’t want to click on an image to view other images or additional information. Thanks.

Yes, you can preview the demo.

I love this theme! Is there a way for the 3 “hidden navigation” options to become default pages? In other words, instead of using these as menus, is there a way to make them landing pages? Where you don’t have to click the menu icon for it to appear.


I create a page http://3theme.com/tf002/light/sitelanding/ please check if this is what you want? If so, you need to edit some code, and I will tell you how after you buy it.

Is this look here: https://image.prntscr.com/image/Qg7JWlknSqyNDJdFMGik6w.jpg where “minimalist” is offset, an automatic placement with text entered in a text field or is this visual composer with negative margins?

Is this text limited to one line? Can the placement be adjusted?

Thank you!

Hello, I am sorry that I don’t know where you mean, the image your sent is broken (only got 522 error).

Oh, my netwrok problem :) I can see it now.
The text of portfolio style can be multiple lines (by using <br> tag) while the text of gallery style is limited to one line, I will make an update today to make it work with multiple lines :)

Can I get this page (http://3theme.com/tf002/dark/masonry-fullscreen/) to easily link to the information page for each photo when you click on them? (information page: http://3theme.com/tf002/portfolio/project_list/mauris-luctus-fermentum/)

The Portfolio template has a similar layout, you can check it here: http://3theme.com/tf002/portfolio/masonry-full/

Thanks. Similar. Can it go full-width and get rid of borders on photos?

Yes, use a line of CSS to get rid of the border. You can contact me after you buy it.

Hello! Is it possible to have more than 2 columns in the creative grid?

Hi, only support 2 columns:)

hi there,

how do I change the lat and long info in the map. I can’t seem to be able to from the page editor.

thanks, Sue


If you can edit the contact page, then you will find a “lat” and “lng” inputfield, that’s easy.

But now your problem is unable to edit the contact page. I tested it a lot and found it did have been fixed, so now I guess your case is caused by the browser cache. You should clear the cache then test it agian. If still not help, contact me via the email, I will provide further help.

thanks, seems to be working now. regards Sue

hi there,

having a problem with the sliders on this page https://labottegadibarbara.com.au/home/ Basically, the heads of the image subjects are showing as cropped, though in the original image they aren’t. And secondly, on different sized browser screens, instead of the image just keeping in a fixed position but getting bigger or smaller, its jumping around. So on smaller browser windows the subject’s head might look ok but in larger browser windows half the head is cropped off.

Hope that makes sense. I can’t see any areas in your theme options to manage this and I have tried using the following css to fix it but I’m no css expert so its probably not right:

.main-slider { position: fixed; width: 100%; z-index: 2; }

Please send me some css to fix this issue, so for example a person’s head isn’t cropped, even when the browser is resized.

thanks, regards Sue

Sorry, my mistake… I am checking your problem…

Add the following code to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS: .main-slider .bg-full { background-position: top center; }

thanks, will test it

hi again,

on this gallery page, the customer doesn’t want the text displayed over each image when they hover on it. However, they would still like to be able to see the text below each image when they click to open it in the lightbox.

https://labottegadibarbara.com.au/real-brides/ Could you please advise how this is possible to achieve. Is there some css to hide the text on an image when hovered on?

cheers Sue

hi there, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy your break!

Go to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS, add the following code: .style-02.gallery .wrap .text { display: none !important; }

thanks, will test it and let you know

hi again,

I’ve been testing the site on mobile and wondering how to fix the image issue on the following pages, where on mobile the images seem to be cropped from the top. I want them to crop from the bottom.

https://labottegadibarbara.com.au/the-designer/ https://labottegadibarbara.com.au/about/ please advise how to do this, cheers Sue

Add the following code to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS:
.mix-box .bg-full { background-position: top center; }

thanks, will test and let you know how it goes. I appreciate your quick responses to my various questions and requests for help. Thank you.

hi again,

this time regarding the following page on mobile.

https://labottegadibarbara.com.au/testimonials/ I am using the carousel and I notice that the text size on mobile, meaning the text appearing on the boxes overlaid on the images, doesn’t seem to be responsive. As a result, it is basically covering most of the photos for some items.

I will work with the customer to reduce the number of words on each box but there are two issues for me on the mobile version of this page:

1 – can the text be made responsive (ie smaller on mobile)

2 – can the overall page be made shorter, as on mobile the carousel is at the top of the page and then there is a big gap below it.

thanjks, regards Sue

Add the following code to Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS:
/* fix for many text */ .carousel .text{ max-width:100%; } /* for carousel mobile style(just for boxed) */ .m-mode .carousel.boxed{ height:auto !important; padding:50px; margin:0; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .slick-list{ top:0 !important; padding:0 !important } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .slick-track{ width:100% !important; transform:none !important; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .item{ float:none; margin-bottom:50px; width:100% !important; height:auto !important; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .img{ position:relative; padding-top:66%; transform:none !important; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .text{ position:relative; opacity:1 !important; transform:none !important; left:auto !important; bottom:auto !important; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .bg-full:after{ opacity:0 !important; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .h{ opacity:1; padding:4vw; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .h:before{ opacity:1; width:100%; } .m-mode .carousel.boxed .slick-dots{ display:none; } @media screen and (max-width:768px){ .m-mode .carousel.boxed .h{ font-size:13px !important; } }

thanks, will test it and let you know how it goes

Hello…. i really love your theme but i have a question;

Does this yoru full screen http://3theme.com/tf002/light/ have an option to scroll down if i want to add more contents like news etc? example after i enter fullscreens slideshow, i want to scoll down for more contents… if no Any option there i can create default page with your full screen slider on top and when scroll down have more info? this is one of your example i want to create like; https://3theme.com/tf005/demo1/slidershow/ 2. Does it support Woocommerce?

pls let me know if so i will purchase right away..

awaiting thanks.

Hi, thanks for being interested in this theme!

1. Yes, you can use shortcode generator to insert shortcode modules.

2. No, it doesn’t support Woocommerce.

hello thanks for reply….

any plan for future woocommerce?

Currently we are busy on new theme, we don’t have this plan now.


Will Lemon Tree be ready for Gutenberg in one of the next update(s) of WordPress?

Sure we will, we are still working hard on it, don’t worry about that :)

Hello, I’m very interested in buying your Lemontree theme, but i’d like to know if it comes with a password protected gallery page ?


Hi, currently not, I forgot this feature, I will add it in the next near update.

good, i’ll check at next update :) thank you :)