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Is it correct that the included documentation is not complete? I miss the instructions how to set up the ‘home thumbslider’ ( Can you tell me more?

Hello, this is a default page using ThumbSlider shortcode, what you need to do is to add a new page then add the ThumbSlider shortcode to Shortcode Modules input field via “Insert Shortcode” button. You can read more about the ThumbSlider shortcode from Documentation > Shortcode > Thumb slider.

Hi. Love your theme. Please confirm the horizontal scroll and carousel galleries. I want to showcase my images in galleries, not portfolios. I don’t want to click on an image to view other images or additional information. Thanks.

Yes, you can preview the demo.

I love this theme! Is there a way for the 3 “hidden navigation” options to become default pages? In other words, instead of using these as menus, is there a way to make them landing pages? Where you don’t have to click the menu icon for it to appear.


I create a page please check if this is what you want? If so, you need to edit some code, and I will tell you how after you buy it.

Is this look here: where “minimalist” is offset, an automatic placement with text entered in a text field or is this visual composer with negative margins?

Is this text limited to one line? Can the placement be adjusted?

Thank you!

Hello, I am sorry that I don’t know where you mean, the image your sent is broken (only got 522 error).

Oh, my netwrok problem :) I can see it now.
The text of portfolio style can be multiple lines (by using <br> tag) while the text of gallery style is limited to one line, I will make an update today to make it work with multiple lines :)

Can I get this page ( to easily link to the information page for each photo when you click on them? (information page:

The Portfolio template has a similar layout, you can check it here:

Thanks. Similar. Can it go full-width and get rid of borders on photos?

Yes, use a line of CSS to get rid of the border. You can contact me after you buy it.

Hello! Is it possible to have more than 2 columns in the creative grid?

Hi, only support 2 columns:)


sgperry99 Purchased

hi there,

how do I change the lat and long info in the map. I can’t seem to be able to from the page editor.

thanks, Sue


If you can edit the contact page, then you will find a “lat” and “lng” inputfield, that’s easy.

But now your problem is unable to edit the contact page. I tested it a lot and found it did have been fixed, so now I guess your case is caused by the browser cache. You should clear the cache then test it agian. If still not help, contact me via the email, I will provide further help.


sgperry99 Purchased

thanks, seems to be working now. regards Sue