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ok, let’s trty again support :) on the shop page after switch page number (from 1 to 2) system change number of products on page. In themes options I have “8” products per page, but from the second page it show me 10 products. How to fix it?

Can I take a look at your site please?

I’ve checked it out, however, I’m not really sure what might caused base on frontend. If you wouldn’t mind providing me with your site’s credentials, I’d be happy to take a closer look.
Thank you!


When can we expect an update to the most recent version of WooCommerce please? It’s now several versions behind.

ANYONE THERE?! It’s been two months now since my request.

Forget it.

I’ve emailed Envato telling them how absolutely appalling your lack of support it, and recommended that they remove your theme and requested a full refund as you have not kept your side of the agreement, to support the theme. It was only released 6 months ago and it’s 3 months out of date.


I recommend all users of this theme email Envato and request a full refund because this developer is useless.


First I want to apologize for the delay in getting back. I’ve been overloaded and did not have a chance to update the theme as appropriate time. I’ll notice the dev team to implement the essencial update accordinglly. Kind regards

Sadly, I’ve heard it all before. Just look at the last 3 pages of comments. Promises that you never, ever, follow through on. With 2 star review because of the dreadful support.

You chose not to reply to the six comments I’ve left in the last week and two emails I’ve sent you.

You’ve only now replied because I’ve publicly told everyone to demand a refund and reported you to Envato. It’s now too late, have already requested a refund. If you release an update before a refund arrives, I will cancel my refund request.

I don’t hold out much hope though given past experience with your support.

Hello! After working with theme for a 2 weeks I found some bugs: 1. At the front page of your demo Tabs with “most wanted”, “new arrival”, “best seller” if change window size to 600px tabs changed to “accordion” and items in not active tabs will shows in small size. 2. “Latest from blog” I change autostart to “No”, but posts still slide automatic. Can You help with it?

Thank you very much for your feedback. I’ve forwarded the problems to the dev team to check out and fix it.
I’ll get you an answer back as soon as they figured out.

Hi! still no news?

Hi, i can’t see LENA SUPPORT for your forum page. How can you supported me? Because i have a lot of problem this template.? How can use SSL certificate this template. https link is broken.

You can post your problem in the comment section or open a ticket here: http://goo.gl/forms/jQz4zMLJuN

Hi i fill the form. When help me? Thanks.

How can use SSL certificate this template. https link is broken. How can i http links to https. http://i.imgur.com/gc1XSWl.png

Hi, i have install theme & customize theme options through admin panel : http://universebranding.com/clientswork/aspired-life/

but now i remove from here & take db & wordpress folder backup, & then i install here : http://logoinhour.com/clientswork/aspired-life/ but there is just install demo content, my settings & customization are not import what was reason? I do this process with two themes but this one is not working, second is working fine. Please give me reason what can i do? I am waiting for your response. Thanks

& then you import it to my website admin pane?

my website color theme was blue its still yellow

Hello, this is how it looks of the backup: http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/5237/z9htGi.jpg

Hello, my website is in trouble with Woocommerce because some pages of LENA template are out of date. Is there any updated version of the template? Can you help me?

Hi I’m making a fashion ecommerce site similar to ASOS and Boohoo, I’m very interested in this theme(http://lena.themestudio.net/) and have a few pre-sale questions which are pretty straight forward but I just want to make sure first.

1.Is it possible to easily change the font on the site (we want to use LATO).

2. Is there a simple demo content install including the video and all the images?

3a. Is it also possible to just have a video that auto plays and no images in the slider.

3b. On the slider where you have shop blog contact can I change the size of these fonts and the positions ?

3c. Can I remove or change the mouse icon to an arrow?

4. I want to make two sections men and women similar to asos and boohoo

Within those sections I want to have jeans t-shirts dresses skirts etc so you can shop by product like http://www.asos.com/

4a. Now further I also want people to be able to filter items by brands so they can shop by brand so say I have one brand Addidas and another by Nike is it possible through categories to make it like this so it could be like a visitor wants to buy Jeans for men by Nike only?

5. I guess we can have a shop page where we have men and women and then filter by items and brands. Then we can also have like ASOS where there is a man and women section in the navigation menu and then there is a shop?

6. Also I want to ask about the individual product hover effect eg http://lena.themestudio.net/product/blue-checks-slim-fit-casual-shirt/

6a Can we add instagram share icon on this page for all items

6b Can we have a different hover effect for all items in the shop where it can show back image when you hover over the image like this : http://nautica-wp.engotheme.com/home-5/

Hi! I would like install a multi-vendor site, where users can sell their own products. It is possible with this theme? Do I need install another plugin? What payment method use? Is the template multi-language?

Thanks, Ana.

Hello Ana, our theme supports woocommerce plugins that helps you install a multi vendor site: https://woocommerce.com/products/product-vendors/ . Multilingual plugin: https://woocommerce.com/products/wpml-for-woocommerce/ . Best regards

Hi, I recently brought the theme. It wont display wishlist & quick view. why?

If you could head over to our support site at http://support.themestudio.net/forums/forum/lena-shop-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/ , open up a new support topic, and provide a link to your site, we’d be more than happy to take a closer look. Cheers!

I posted it on support site.

Our staff will check it out and get you an answer back asap. Regards

hey we started an support request, is there any possibility to get an answer ?

Apologizes for the delay. I’ll check it out and get you an answer back as fast as I can.

Disappointed… 5 months without updates…

Hello, apologizes for the delay. If you could head over to our support site athttp://support.themestudio.net/forums/forum/lena-shop-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/ , open up a new support topic, and provide your site info as private reply, some one from our team will help you out. Thank you!

I need your support, please, I try all the ways

It’s possible to go to menu page from index in a page with submenus? For exemple, in the demo page you have a shop and the you can choose go to the men shop, woman shop or accesories shop…You can acces to the whole shop? (http://lena.themestudio.net/shop/)

I fill the fields of the footer options but I don’t see anything in my page… I don’t know if I have to activate something somewhere.

I have a header2 in my default header settings, but in my home I have a Custom Header type and header1. But I see have a breackpoint at 1025px and showed the whole secundary menu (I don’t hide the primary), and other one in 767px that hide the primary and show a collapsed menu (this it’s ok)... where I can define this

Where are the .po files to translate the theme?

I import the content but I don’t see in the top of the page the simbol of the bag for the car like in the demo.

The footer is not showed in my site…. I don’t know how do it, because the Footer options don’t have posibility to show or hide


Like header have


Hello, I’ve opened a ticket yesterday but still no reply…hope to get an answer soon, thanks

Hi there, We will check the ticket and respond to you immediately. You can also contact us via live chat on https://support.themestudio.net for more support

Dear all,

I would like to ask you for a way to hide the “read more” text from the product category pages, for example, here: www.nahmionlinestore.com/shop

And also, maybe a CSS “fix”, for changing the grey background pf the button when hovering over the product image, on the same page.

Hello Please request support on our forum, we will check and help.