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Is it possible to add a video (from YouTube) like a photo and have the video show up in the gallery/portfolio? :)


Sure nyappymal! You can have videos in sliders and in pop-up too (eg. http://bit.ly/16IoFdE ) Looking forward to have you as a client. Thanks

1.In the contact form, is there a way to set the default number of rows (dotted lines) displaying for “your message area” ?

On Mac and Mavericks.

Sure – just go to Contact Form 7 plugin and edit the contact form. Specify the number of rows like this:
[textarea your-message x10]
“x10” means 10 rows. More about it here: http://contactform7.com/text-fields/


Aaaah, thanks!!! :)

Hi Pixelgrade support,

There’s an outstanding number of questions and problems currently posted on your support site. I have several pending for days.

How come you guys are so quick to reply here yet you seem to ignore issues posted on your support site?

Hi Brumos! There’s an easy answer – because here are mainly very general questions that we can answer in a matter of minutes. We’re trying to respond in less than 24h Monday to Friday. Can you give me one of your ticket number? Thanks

Hey guys,

Just entered a ticket then figured it out, my bad. Please disregard ticket 2098.

I did log ticket 2099. I can’t figure out how the lines beneath the left menu can get out of alignment with the dashes in the design the runs parallel of the left menu. When they get out of alignment it’s quite visually distracting. Please see ticket 2099 for URL.

Thanks for the great template and support.

We will take it from there. Thanks


Excellent theme. Looking forward to seeing how it evovles. I have one question about the parallax sections – in your example the parallax sections scroll with the page slighty and don’t reveal much of the image, which I really like. I’ve seen the full featured images you use for those and they have more height then the space of the parallax section itself.

When I set up the same on my site, there is no movement and the parallax is literally a window over a static background. You end up being able to see all the of the section’s featured image as you scroll, which I don’t want. So, how did you set up the parallax sections in the demo to get that effect??

Many thanks

Hi Akhimien and thank you for being our client! Not sure about the parallax effect – as far as I know there is no parallax effect implemented on LENS – can you point me to a URL/ page ? Thanks

Apologies. I was confused with the documentation. It;s all sorted now! Thanks

Glad to hear about that! Have a great weekend :)

Hi there,

Just a quick question before deciding whether to purchase this theme or not:

Does the theme currently have the ability to add captions to the images used in sliders (full screen etc)?

Many thanks, David

oh! awesome, thanks for that. Now if you could get captions working on the images and slides (with some customisation on where those captions sit on the images/slides as well as styling for the captions), then this would be the perfect theme I’m looking for… just saying! :)

I will keep you posted when this feature will be implemented. Thanks :)

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Initially this was a five star theme but I had to take off 2 stars because Ajax loading causes too many issues (like not being able to load external pages) and if it’s turned off it loads funny and really slow. This really disappoints me because I love the look and feel of this theme.

Have anyone else had this problem because the developers have no answers. I’ve tried to read a few articles on the net but it was too confusing.

Let me know if everything is ok now. Thanks

Thank you for the quick response and for fixing my issue. Everything is great and moving fast and beautiful.

I’m glad we solved – I hope you can change your rating too :) Cheers

I’m unable to remove the SHARE options within posts http://www.timtorres.com/?lens_portfolio=mary-grace

I’ve unclicked “Share” but it doesn’t remove it from any of my posts.

How do I fix?


Nevermind, fixed it.

Sorry for this simple question. Just purchased it and i want to customize an existing template and how to do that? or when i add a new page (ex- http://www.artgallerysl.com/abc/) and add the default template “Leave a comment” section is coming in default. how to remove that? i just want a blank page without it

Hi. To remove the comments you need to uncheck the Discussion settings at the bottom of your editor page. If you don’t see that you need to make sure that you have the Discussion section checked in Screen Options (upper right corner). Let me know how it works and if you have problems please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com. Thanks.

Thank You very much :)

As mentioned before, this is a very nice design. I noticed in the description the following: “Floating header with a cool search integrated into it”. The only search box I can find, however, is one that pops up after clicking on a journal entry. Is there another one that I’m missing? Thank you, —Mark

That feature was an initial proposition – we forgot to remove it. Sorry about that. Let me know if you have other questions. Regards

Are you going to add the name of the image to the portfolio area? My client has stopped the work until I can find a solution. This is really important to photographers. Can I get an ETA on the potential for this?


I noticed too that I’m not the only one requesting this feature.

We take this feature request very seriously and we will work on it these days. Thanks

As I promise, we already implemented Titles and Captions on sliders. Here are a few examples: http://bit.ly/1aD9ypx (project) http://bit.ly/19KioOB (gallery – 3rd slide) The update will be pushed today. I hope you like it. Thanks

For portfolio with Right Side bar, is it possible to have photos that are portrait not be so large?

The landscape photos are a good size, portrait photos are larger even if the photo dimension has been reduced.

Hi timmytor! I suggest you to add some white space to both sides of the photos when you save them in PS. I hope is a trick that will help you. Thanks

Can that be changed for next upgrade? I’d like if the theme kept the size of the uploaded photo. If I add a white border, my landscape and portrait photos will look different.

Hi again! We will think about that. Until then could you please try this code into Theme Options – Style – Custom CSS:
.project--sidebar__images img { 
max-width: 100%; 
width: auto; 
margin: 6px auto; 
display: block; }
Please let me know if it works. Thanks

I just purchased the LENS theme and need your help urgently, regarding photos not showing up from all my old posts in blog.

Kindly help me at your earliest convenience.


Hi. If this is urgent please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and give us WP admin access. Thanks.

Hi, again. Can you let us know what the recommended image sizes for vertical images? Thanks so much

Hi osmow! The images from Grid Portrait page are being cropped to 440×800px. I hope that helps

What is the optimal size in Portfolio Right Sidebar?. Thank you very much.

The images from there will be shown in full size so images with a max width of 1100px should be enough. Thanks

Simply a great theme. Really love how it showcases my work.

I do however have a Question and a small remark.

Question: How do you I change the color of the left bar menu. I wish to have it in another shade of grey.

Remark: Been waiting for the ‘caption’ update, now I’ve seen the sample you’ve posted for a full-wide page, and wish it was implemented differently. It is best in my opinion, when the captions can be turned on/off, as it is distracting seeing text on the image itself. (caption can run up to 2-3 lines at times). It would be better to have a button in the corner which will enable captions in the bottom of the page on a black/grey background for a better readability. As they say ’ captions should be as strong as the photograph itself ’ , for photographers it’s crucial.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Ronny and thank you for being our client,

Sidebar Background Color – I just write an article to show you how to do it: http://bit.ly/18kWgOS Let me know if you succeed.

About captions – thank you for your suggestion. I had some constraints about the positioning of the captions. In my opinion, the caption text should be placed over the image to bind them together. Unfortunately two corners was already used (arrows and bullets for navigation) so I prefer to put them in the remaining corners. I agree with you that those captions shouldn’t be distracting – do you think if I lower the opacity and increase to 100% only on hover will help ?

The update is not yet pushed so I may have some slight changes. Thanks again

Thanks, this article is exactly what i’ve needed.

I see what you mean about the corners being taken. In my eyes the opacity will not solve the problem, because white letters on a bright image will still be not very readable or vice-versa. A certain pop-up or layover would be preferable imo.

The theme is great, and answers on many needs of photographers. But, i’m sure that the market of documentary photographers and photojournalists would be put off, just because of lack of a (good) caption feature. As for us a story is a combination of a great photo and a strong caption. Really hope that you will come up with a good solution. Thanks again.

I will think more about that Ronny! If I will find a better solution be sure it will be implemented. Thanks

Hi Pixelgrade.

I’m currently having some trouble with getting the Google Maps to display properly. I have followed your video, and pasted the correct URL, but I’m still only shown a gray box. Do you have any solution to this problem? I’ve tried using both the new and old Google Maps, but neither work.

Hi! Can you please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and show me the URL that you have pasted ? Thanks


Love the theme, but can’t get it to run quickly – is there anything I can do to speed it up (I’ve tried reducing image sizes and deactivating plugins, but can’t get it to load as fast as the live demo site…). Any help greatly appreciated.

thanks Matt

The biggest improvement you could obtain is with a caching plugin (we recommend W3 Total Cache). Secondly a strong hosting.

Thanks. I’ve installed W3 Total Cache and it seems to have made a slight improvement – some of the settings stop the site from working properly though. Do you have an approved set of settings to work with Lens, or is it a case of trial and error?

Thanks for the speedy response.

Those settings are not specifically related to Lens. I would stay clear of css and js minify because its quite tricky to setup. The most important one is Page Cache. But you shoulf test when logged out because it doesn’t deliver cached pages for logged in users by default.

I just wanted to say how great the support team seems to be here. I had some trouble with making the contact page work properly, and I wasn;t even looking for help…just whining. And they took the time to contact me and to offer their guidance.

Reading these responses and how well they treat every user, I cannot help but to be tremendously impressed with the team.

Kudos. And thanks.

I am glad we could help you and keep you having a blast with Lens.

Hi! Why you answer so long in http://help.pixelgrade.com/support? Please answer for my tickets #2150 #2151 and #2199. or better to write questions here?

Hi. We are doing our best to answer as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding. And no, the helpdesk is the way to go for support.


pre purchase questions

1 – can you send me the psd file for the homepage that I can customize for my client approves the layout?

Hi. Once you buy the theme please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will help you with the psds

but the customer must approve the layout before I start making the site

as I will show it to him before buying?

Please open a ticket on our helpdesk.