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Very, very nice theme. I think that you’ll sell many of these.

You might want to see how it looks on a iPhone. I noticed a few issues on the iPhone version. Minor, but enough to make a potential buyer stay away. Probably just minor coding fixes. In particular, have the ability to make the iPhone version menu go away or make it smaller, it competes with the photos. Also some issues on the full with gallery setting, photos not showing up 100% and the menu gets cut off. Same with the Full Screen setting. All on iPhone iOS7.

However, this is by far one of the best photography based WP themes that I seen. Keep up the good work

Thank you photochimp for your ‘mini-review’! We worked a lot to offer a great experiences for mobile users and I think we succeeded but as you said there are some minor things that still needs to be fixed. We are already prepared and will solve the remaining issues earlier this week.

Thanks again for your kind words – we strive to create a trully great photography theme.

Really like your theme ! Congrats for the colors used

Thank you :delicious:

How fast it is! Really good, professional work. Best sales…

For an enjoyable experience, FAST was one the most important things.

Beautiful theme!
Good luck with the sales ;-)

Can I run WooCommerce on this theme?

If it’s still such a demand, in 1 week after we take the decision of implementation.

What a brilliant way of saying nothing :-) I will look forward to seeing the theme with the WooCommerce facility – many thanks

We really want to make sure everything implemented it’s to serve the main purpose of this theme. Thank you :P

Tempted to purchase but I was curious how vertically oriented images work within the theme? I noticed that most are horizontal. Can you point to any vertical images within the demo site? Otherwise it does appear to be a strong theme.

Check out the latest image from Gallery Grid page: http://bit.ly/lens-grid Anyway – we are looking to an option to set the thumbnail vertically oriented in case when you have most of the images in portrait mode. Thanks

thank you. Any option of adding a gutter between images?

Not an option in the backend yet but it’s very easy to implement.

Nice work!

Does the theme allow for youtube/vimeo videos instead of images? I have a video client where all the items would need to be videos.

I noticed on some of the thumbnails rollover where there are 2 lines of heading and 2 lines of subheading that they overlap the info underneath.

What kind of slider is used in the portfolio full width? Is it royal or ios slider?


Hi soulnecta and thank you for your interest!

We already working on an implementation to support videos instead of images – will come as an update in a day or two.

The rollover issue it’s already fixed and an update will be pushed tommorow.

All LENS sliders are based on Royal Slider plugin (javascript version) – we find it the most reliable solution (even if it’s harder to obtain the extended license).


Thanks, good news! I agree, Royal Slider rocks.

Great theme and great customer support: reliable and quick reply.

Thank you! We’re doing what we promised :superbashfulcute:

If you are on your way to update, please add 500px and Behance as well to the social media icons.

There seems to be some strange glitches – we will come back again tommorow with an update that will fix that too. For today update we’re preparing some goodies too – stay tuned :)

Tried the demo again, still weird stuf going on with the arrows in gallery grid, forward, backward. Tried both on Safari on mac and Explorer on PC. Still, can’t wait to get this up and running :)

Did you check the gallery now ? (http://pixelgrade.com/demos/lens/lens_galleries/grid-gallery/) it should be fixed – doesn’t matter the browser (please clear your cache too).

awesome work on this theme.. good luck!

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

relay Amazing work it’s a Very Beautiful theme , and I expect to buy it soon for only your support, suggestion and hope make it support RTL language.

Thank you :superbashfulcute:! Right to Left (RTL) support will be available today.

Thank you :)

I am currently reviewing the theme for purchase. It looks really good and mainly you seem to be very responsive on your support, which is very important to me. I have been burned a couple of times with poor support.

Good luck!

You need to access the site with the ThemeForest bar closed. So simply go to http://pixelgrade.com/demos/lens from your mobile device and you will see the responsive version with a great swipeable navigation :)

purchased! Thx for the being responsive.

We wish you best of luck to create a great site!

Really nice Theme.

  • 1. is there a child theme included?
  • 2. can i use a vertical view of the blog/journal, alternative to masonry
  • 3. is a Archive Template available or planned
  • 4. is a Sitemap Template available or planned
  • 5. can i show the blogposts on the homepage instead portfolio items

Ok, thank you for the answers!

Just another question. Can i remove the Kudos/Like Plugin?

Sure – in fact you don’t even have to install the plugin if you don’t have the PixLike plugin – so simple :)

Awesome work, dude! GLWS! ;)

Thank you ;)

This is just an amazing theme. LOVE the transistions that you’ve implemented. Shows class and style all at the same time. I just recently purchased a theme over at Creative Market and within 4 days I’m already considering switching to your theme. I have 2 questions that will make this decision easier for me:

- Is Google fonts implemented in this theme or are the fonts easy to customize and still be responsive friendly? So many times I’ve tried to change a font size in a theme and then that font doesn’t respond correctly from desktop to mobile etc. Looking for good support here.

- The sidebar with the navigation, is it easy to customize that background? I’m not too fond of the hash marks that span it vertically. (just a personal preference thing)

Thanks again for providing the Themeforest community with such a delightful choice! :)

You’ve got it! If the entire screen was filled in either portrait or landscape view (just as if you were viewing it on a desktop screen) then that to me would be perfect! (even if it did crop the photo) :)

I’m going to purchase this in hopes that we can get the little quirks ironed out and nail this thing down! :-D (hopefully you will be willing to help along the way)


Thank you – we’re glad to have you as a client. For any issues please use our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com

Wow, I’m speechless! Amazing work!

Thank you! :)

I’ve attempted to enable other Google fonts in the style options setting.

The changes will not / do not apply? I’ve cleared all cahce and still no changed fonts?

Did you try to turn on Inline Custom CSS from Style Options? If you did not succeed please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com

I did, and it works.

I did however find another issue. The video embed code for YouTube and Vimeo isn’t rendering videos on the masonry blog page. They show on the post page itself, but not on the blog. It also seems the the video controls are not useable. The videos will play, but the ability to interact with the video (pause, stop, etc…) are disabled.

Can you open a ticket on our helpdesk and let us know more details ? (a url to your website would be helpful).

Anyway – in the masonry blog page the videos isn’t supposed to play (as you can see on the demo) – there should be just the featured image set for that post – can be a screenshot of the video (we’re thinking there should be a play icon over image too) but to view the video in a reasonable size you would need to go to the article page. Too many videos on a page can bloat the interface and the experience of your visitors – thing that we take very seriously.

We have to investigate more about the issue with video controls – I’m sure we will find a fix – thanks for letting as know.