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Hi pixelgrade,

a) Is it possible to show titles / captions in galleries and portfolios using the slider? In a previous answer you told something about “Show Title and Caption In Popup” in theme option. We have the same options for the slider?

b) Can I remove the comments form form portfolios?

Please, forget my previous questions, I’ve just purchased the theme and it was easy find how to set the captions e remove comments on portfolios.

But I have another questions:

a) is it possible to create a link on the images in portfolio? I’d like to be sent to a gallery after the presentation project.

b) can I show a video from vimeo in portfolio?


Hi entler and congratulation for your decision!
  1. Unfortunately we don’t have such an option for now.
  2. Sure – from Media Manager – when you click on an image and change the Title and Caption, at the bottom you can paste the URL of the vimeo video. Check out this screenshot too.
I hope it helps.

Plz!! would you add in the theme option open link in a new window for the client links, quotes links, and so on, etc… the theme have already that option in Open social icons links in new a window.

I have updated the theme today and I have to manually change again that code line in theme-partials

And if I click on the link quote it doesnt open in a new window http://www.virgiliodelavega.com/portfolio/diseno-web-varicescero/


I have added target blank for quote and project client links. Will be included in the next update. Other places you have in mind?

Thx. the 3 type of proyects: Classic, Sidebar and Full Slider and quote at the moment, but not sure if is it necessary in other secitions :/

We’re excited to announce that an UPDATE is now available!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:


Some new features that were added:

  • Added Gallery Masonry Grid layout
  • Added RSS Social icon
  • Added copyright text and social icons in mobile view
  • Added missing translation strings
  • Fixed Gallery Grid Responsiveness
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

First of all, GREAT with the masonry layout. Second, I can’t find out how to set the gallery to masonry??


Solved. Cheers :)

Thanks for fast support. Incredible took about 15 minutes from question/open ticket to solved problem. Thank’s a lot. Best and most versatile Theme ever and it just keep becoming better with more options. Love it!

Thanks for the fix on the blog/journal page!

Your welcome :)

I have a really dumb question: how can I do a gallery displayed individually on the main menu? I do not see how to incorporate the galleries to the main menu (sorry, I’m new to wordpress and lens). And congratulations on this great theme.

Hi Jvprie and thank you for being our client!

From the Menu Manager you can add individual galleries to the menu, all you have to do is to make sure they are checked from Screen Options. Check out this screenshot.


My God, yesterday afternoon I was all the time circling to settings but did not see at any time “show on screen”, so only appeared the tabs of the pages. Thank you for your patience.

I’m glad you solved :) For other issues do not hesitate to use our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

are you using a plugin for the journal grid page?

Not a Wordpress plugin. The script is included in theme files.

Im thinking about buying this theme cause its seems great but i have one question. Is well documented on how to insert woocommerce?

Hi and I’m glad you are leaning towards Lens!

For woocommerce integration please check out this comment and this article.

The documentation of WooCommerce is available on their website. Everything you have to do is to install the plugin and check it from Theme Options.

I hope it helps.

Got it!! This theme its awesome, really well documented, easy to install. Man! im in love. I bought a lot of theme for different clients and this one its for my photography project and im sure this is one of the best themes here.

If someone want to check how it looks with others pics, here’s my project:


Thanks for this theme!

I’m glad you like it so much!! Congratulations for the website!

Hi, I have a problem with the installation of the plugin PixCodes. The error is as follows:

PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

Hi. You archive seems to me corrupted. Please see this article:http://help.pixelgrade.com/solution/articles/179845-where-do-i-find-the-custom-plugins- to get the archive so you can upload manually.

Hi there,

I am looking at using this theme and I would like to use a homepage with the full width slideshow + transparent left sidebar menu on top. My client would need to also have some homepage body text so is it possible to have some page or footer content below a full width slideshow on the homepage?



Yes – you can have a Full Screen gallery as a homepage. Unfortunately there isn’t an option to have content underneath.



Having all kinds of issues with the plugins. Submitted a ticket number 3054 however can’t login to check on its status.

Also social media icons are loading as square boxes. Help please.

You have been answered :)

Delighted you managed to sort the issues. Great support and service. Thanks :)

Fullsrceen Gallery only set Viemo and YouTube video? Can I upload videos ?Do you plan to develop this feature?

Hi. Right now we are only supporting Vimeo and YouTube. We have given up on custom uploaded videos because they are more trouble than something good due to server performances, codecs etc.

Hi, I have 2 questions:

1 – Is there a limit on the number of images on a shop to sell? Because I would like to give customers the opportunity to purchase pictures from all over the reportage, which sometimes has up to 1500 photos? 2 – Is there a possibility of upload images more the one images to gallery ? I mean for example 500 photos per one time ?

Thank you in advanced for your answers. Zybisan

Hi, To add that button you would need custom coding (this is outside the scope of our support – but there are sites that provide this service, like Microlancer). WordPress offers by default this functionality (you simply select more files when selecting for upload). No positioning options.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Is the Seo plugin compatible with this theme ?

If you mean WordPress SEO by Yoast than yes it is compatible.

Hello, I’m starting a new development project in Symfony and would like to use this theme. How hard, would it be to use this theme as standalone html pages we could then use in our system’s views? Do you have a standalone version of it?

Hi. We don’t have a HTML version of Lens. Sorry about that.

Thank you for version 1.3.2 and the continued support of this theme. The masonry grid layout is a very welcome and useful addition.


Thank you for your appreciation.

Hi, can you tell us more how WPML works? is it a plugin we need to install? Where can i find the multilingual interface. Thanks in advance. Cheers

Hi. All you need to know about wpml is on their site wpml.org.

I’m having an issue with finding the masonry layout option as well. It’s not listed within the template style.

To reduce the spacing between images in the masonry layout use this code:
@media only screen and (min-width: 1201px) {
 .masonry__item-image {
   margin: 12px 0 12px 12px;

Thank you! You guys rock.

First of all let me congratulate you on this awesome theme.! I have been purchasing themes on ‘forest for a while now and have been on the lookout for a photography / blog oriented theme ever since.
This is by far the best theme I have seen in terms of usability, front end speed, admin setup, gallery management and project / portfolio management. What I particularly liked was that great attention to detail was given to designing the theme to work across devices so beautifully. There are many themes that claim to be responsive but truly work only on a few screen sizes. The way this theme adapts truly amazes me.
. I have used this theme to help build a site for a friend who is not a developer, and this is what he was able to do with me giving him some help : http://webmastermotu.me/wildabs/ (Still under development)
If a non developer can build such a site in about 3-4 days imagine what a developer could do ..:D
Another point I would like to appreciate is the great amount of timely and helpful support you have been providing buyers. This will go a long way in retaining customers and also getting new ones (I, for one, will be recommending you ). Keep up the good work!!
Question time :)

  1. How can we make the site to work like the below mentioned links
Both these sites have a first page with no menu but only logo and slider. Clicking on the Enter or the logo takes us to the main site with menu. is this possible within the theme options / page templates? If not how easily can this be achieved? i ask this cause both these sites are being used by you to show the variety of sites that can be built. Please advise and all the best.


And true to the word, there is the quick response again. On a weekend too.
Kudos!! thanks for the hack.

This is the final site. http://wildabs.com/ It looks super cool. waiting for the next update.
Feature request:
It would be nice to select what galleries to display in the gallery archive type page. also a site / page preloader to start the fullscreen slider from the start. now when a fullscreen slider is set as home page with 6 second transitions, if the images take time to load the slider progresses to the next image directly.

Nice site. We have noted your suggestion and see what we can do about it.

Hi I have question about the theme.

I applied the demo of theme. But the header menu did not be applied. (Header menu did not exist in the site) I applied it again in the theme menu, but nothing was changed.

What is the reason of this problem…?

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with admin access. Thanks

Hi. Great theme! Is it possible to set a project as the homepage?

Hi bbites! Unfortunately not – only the Portfolio Archive. Sorry about that

Thanks for the reply, Pixel. I actually got it done by duplicating the portfolio page template and filtering the query by taxonomy. It worked pretty well.

But I would leave this as a suggestion, to make it possible to filter homepage in more ways, since I saw many request like this in here.


Thank you for the suggestion :)