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I agree with @McCarthy … I’ve tried to use the Google Fonts style options available in the theme settings – and nothing happens. :(

EDIT: Nevermind – figured out I had to turn on the inline CSS option. thanks! it works! :)

The inline CSS option should work on all hostings. A small fix for custom fonts will be included in the tonight update.

Yep – it works just fine with the inline CSS option. ;)

This theme rox my sox! With other words: perfect! I got a few questions. When I add a “portrait” taken photo the image is not fully visible. Is there a way to fix this? ( http://raven.mediastijl-test.nl/?lens_portfolio=urban-exploration ) It is also possible to add a comment functionality on a portfolio page? (http://raven.mediastijl-test.nl/?lens_portfolio=urban-exploration)

Hope to hear back form you soon.


Hi Raven,

We are very happy for your sox. Thank you so much. Now to your questions: we are aware of the issues with portrait pictures, and we’ve added an option in the gallery to tackle this. We are still debating a perfect compromise between landscape and portrait pictures. About the comments, we have noted it and we will consider it for future updates. Right now, please update to the new version (it should be available in a couple of hours).

Oke. Hope to hear back from you soon:).

I just found a bug. When going to this page: http://raven.mediastijl-test.nl/?lens_portfolio=urban-exploration . When you click the right arrow and go to page 11 the page indicator isn’t correct. It shows: 1.11/15. Do you have a fix for this?

Another question :-). How can I add a description for each photo in the slider itself?

Hi and thank you for noticing about that bug! We will solve it urgently. About photo description unfortunately we do not have such an option for now, we will think about it. Thanks

Can you let us know what the recommended image sizes are throughout the site.

As big as you have but no more than 1900px width and 1200px height. For thumbnails we resize and serve them based on screen resolution.

Some bugs and suggestions 1) When a custom main color is set, there are no changes, the default yellow colour is displayed instead of the custom one. 2) Sidebar Options – Socials icons are set off, but “WE ARE SOCIAL” is still displayed. 3) I think there’s should be an option to set off Likes option in theme settings.

Hi allenova and thank you for buying and using our theme!

First – please update to the latest version 1.0.1 – we fixed some minor bugs there.
  1. Try to turn on Inline Custom CSS from Style Options. If still not working please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com
  2. Fixed in version 1.0.1/li>
  3. In fact you should just go to Plugins – PixLikes – Deactivate the plugin.

Let me know if you need anything else.


I have the same problem as allenova, main color doesn’t change and I have find a small bug, when you hit “import demo data” for second time, all menu entries will double. If You import demo data for third time it will triple the menu.

About the color, please update to the latest version (1.0.1). About the import, yes we are aware of that but that was a compromise we had to make in order to avoid cases when you would loose your menu items on import. Thanks for buying and please use our support system for future support.

Hi , nice work , is this theme RTL ??

Yes. With the latest update it is rtl.

Very Nice. Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

Two questions:

1) How is the greeting post determined on the portfolio page? In the mock up there is a sample titled “welcome to lens” Where and how is that done? Is there any option to what location that is placed within the grid?

2) Do you ever plan to allow galleries to have the same meta data rollover state as portfolios? The option to show the title, description, category, and likes.

Enjoying the template so far and looking forward to your response.


  1. The title is from the page that have the template “Custom Home page” and it’s fourth placed in grid. For now there is no option to set the position of it but we will think about one.
  2. Unfortunately galleries are pretty different than portfolio projects archive – as soon as when you click on an image a popup open and you are not going to a page where that image and other details are shown I think the current “plus” icon works very well.

I’m glad you enjoying our theme – for other issues please use confidently our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com


Edited: I will add this to the helpdesk:

So far so good, but I have encountered one issue: http://demetriusaustin.com/sports-photography-olympian-jessica-lopez/

If you look at that page, you will see the first paragraph of text appears larger than the following type.

You will also notice the “Likes” icon appears direct in the middle of the divider line. This is from the theme as I haven’t added a divider of any kind and the demo shows it where I would expect it.

Finally, if you look at the top right of this page, you will see some ghost text appearing from the post as well.

Hi Demetrius! I already responded on those questions on helpdesk. Please check your email :) Thanks

Thanks for creating an AWESOME theme. With the default settings this is a very sexy theme and your support has been great as well.

Good luck with sales!

Thank you Demetrius! :smitten:

Hi, this is a great theme and I’m about to buy it ;-)

I have one question though. Is it possible to hide the menu on the left side? Like you can do e.g. in this theme http://themeforest.net/item/division-fullscreen-portfolio-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/5030589

That would be perfect!

Hi sneg! Unfortunately there is no such an option – I think the menu is very important for navigation and should be always visible. That “close” gesture is just a fancy feature rather than something useful. Sorry about that – I hope you still like our theme :)

We’re excited to announce that our theme is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:


Some new features that were added:

  • Added new Social Icons (500px, Behance, DeviantArt, Dribbble)
  • Added Right To Left (RTL) Localization Support
  • Added BONUS translation files in English, German and Spanish
  • Added Fit/ Fill container mode for images in galleries (useful for portrait shaped images).
  • More to come!
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

V Nice theme… Will there be an update which will allow YouTube and Vimeo embeds in the gallery? if so how long will we have to wait for this update to be approved and available for download?

Thank you WoZG – I’m glad you like it! We’re working just on that – we will add an option so you can click on an image and a video will appear in the pop-up lightbox. Also an option to show the video in the slideshow on full width and full screen galleries – cool huh ? :D The update will be available very soon (2-3 days).

There features show in the demo that I like however, getting the demo to work properly seems to be a challenge in itself. The images show up fine, but the rest of the content doesn’t show up until I leave a given page. I love the look and features but if my content is gonna show up properly, what am I gonna do as a novice when the developers can’t get it to show up properly. Not trying to make waves, just want to make sure I know what I’m getting into.

Hi tcolston! Not sure if I understand – do you have problems navigate through our demo preview? Did you bought the theme and you have troubles importing demo data? Can you please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and let me know more details ? Regards

To be honest it does not work in Safari as outlined in the details. Not sure why.\. It seems to work fine in other browsers.

Thank you for reporting – we will fix that!

Pre-Order question: Can be the right side of the theme be fed out of pages and not only posts? Does the theme work in all browsers? :)

and can one of your developers tell us how much it would cost to just program this feature inside your theme?

Send us a message through the contact form from our profile for more details.

Buna. Felicitari pentru o tema excelent! Am o problema cu YARPP. Am schimbat database la MyISAM, dar nu lucreaza. Puteti sa vedeti site aici

Thank you! :) Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and let me know more details? (wp-admin access would be useful). Thanks

Ok. O fac acuma. Mersi.

Hi, i have question before i buy this amazing theme:) is there any chance to sort the portfolio items (add some filter) ?

Best, Chris.

We hope to implement that feature in a very near future – we’re thinking on a live filtering with some cool animations (as usually :) )

Love it have you planning for future updates integrate Page Builder like the Visual Composer? Best Naci

Hi Naci! We’re glad you like our theme – unfortunately no plans for a Page Builder – everything can be done without the hassle of a page builder – galleries and portfolios are very “visual” to manage :) Thanks

Hello there,

True nice, someone of your team must be a photographer seems that you understand our needs.

Just one question, do you have any plans for video support, like full screen or something preset more stylized from post.

I think is important, the industry become more multimedia and all of us we have to show and video work.



Hi Yiannis and thank you for your kind words – we did a lot of research and I think that helped us to better understand what are the needs for a photographer.

About videos – we are aware about the importance of videos and we’re already working on a solution for it. Probably tommorow we will have video support too :)


Theme Auto Update:

I see that a new update is available, but I can’t see it through the theme auto update feature. I’ve entered the ThemeForest API key and my username but it doesn’t appear.

Hi McCarthy! Can you open a ticket on our helpdesk so we can investigate together ? Thanks

Done! Thank you.