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Would you consider doing a KOKEN version of your theme? :bigsmile:

Unfortunately not for the moment :D sorry about that.

Hello dev! Any possibility of adding scroll-wheel functionality to switch between images? Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion acibra! We already added this feature. in our backlog queue.

Can we upload photos to gallery in bulk… Because most of the themes does that, it is very time consuming & tiring to upload photos as posts one by one..

Sure! You can just drag hundreds of photos to the browser and create a gallery – simple like that.

oh, wow ,, that so great.. because everytime i see that you need to upload photos to galleries as single posts… suppose if i have 50 photos of a concert shoot i will have to create 50 posts.

And Can we create multiple galleries ? . Does the theme Load fast? can we change the yellow color to some other we may choose?

You would just need to drag all of your 50 photos to a gallery.

You can create as many galleries as you want – in our demo there are 3 different galleries in the menu with different templates (grid, full width and full screen).

The theme loads very fast as seen on our demo.

Color – you can change the yellow color with one click using a visua color picker.

Hello author, im looking at your theme and planning to move my site: http://blazejmrozinski.com to this layout. Problem is I already bought 2 different themes (litho and fluxus) and found they not work with the way i make posts. Is there anyway to get a “demo version” so I could see if every feature I need works as I want it to? (biggest problems with the two mentioned themes is that i often publish single photos – with or without a short story behind as well as portfolios – none of the two themes can handle it properly and keep the site visible and easy to navigate). Please let me know if there is anyway i could demo test it with my own content. Thanks.

Hi Blazko! Please open a ticket here http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

I love the theme overall, I was curious if the theme can be displayed like it is when you select Galleries > Full Screen as a permanent option. Basically, I am looking for the navigation bar to be text only over a constant background image that covers the full screen. Is this currently possible? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi SJenkins! If all the pages are Full Screen Galleries (homepage included) then yes – but only that gallery template have a transparent menu background, so you will cannot have the blog for example with a transparent menu. Thanks

Hello Nice Work, i have a question : http://pixelgrade.com/demos/lens/lens_galleries/full-screen-gallery/ For full screen Gallery can we have a slideshow timer ? and pause ? Good Work.

it’s easy to me to modify it ?

i will purchase it from my second account…i hoppe i can make some diffrent with full screen gallery

I’m not sure how hard it is to modify, you may need to hire a developer to help you. Regards

Any news on when the theme is going to be updated to fix the problem with the transparent menu on the full screen gallery?

Also – you might make note that when viewed on a mobile screen the logo doesn’t resize correctly in the top bar area etc.


Thanks as always for the quick response.

Anytime :)

Nice work, for Contact page i have a prolem google maps didn’t show, and for full screen gallery menu didn’t hide ?

Hey zsidawi! The menu isn’t supposed to hide on full screen gallery (as you can see on our demo). For the second issue please open a ticket on our help system http://help.pixelgrade.com and give us more details (access to wp-admin would be useful). Thanks

Hi every One : For Full screen Gallery to make it work like demo : go to this path : (wp-contenct/themes/themename/theme-content/css/style.css) and past this style code :

[code removed]

Thank you Charbel – we really appreciate it! But the comment was a little bit long. Anyway – we know about that issue and we already fix it . An update will be pushed today. Thanks again :)

No prob, i post what i have to post to help clients and purchased people.

My regards for that – it’s very kind of you to help our clients

Hey Guys,

Your new theme is amazing!!! :) Our team wishes you best luck with sales :)

Best Regards


Thank you guys! We’re glad to be back :)

Great to see you back! Awesome support.

Thank you for all your support too!

Lens is Back!

Seems like justice has been done! The author that asked Envato to put down our theme admitted that he didn’t take the DMCA notice very seriously so he forwarded a document to retract the notice. The Envato Staff, as expected, reviewed both themes and decided that they are very different – so no signs of copyright infringement.

We’re very sorry for this kind of abusive situation and we will assure that this kind of things will never happen. :mad: Our sincere apologies for the time the theme was down.

We will continue working hard for improving the theme and providing a great support to all of our clients.

Also we would like to thank all our clients and authors that supported us on this case – you guys rock!!! Thank you all :superbashfulcute:

That’s awesome! Congratulations on getting your theme back up quickly, and good luck with sales!

Thank you for your support Vincent!

Sounds nice that there is no problem with your theme, happy for this.

So today we waiting update for the fullscreen transparency?

Can we have option for the fullscreen – not only slider but a simple dissolve?



Hi Yiannisb! Yes – today update will fix the full screen transparency and will come with some goodies too (eg. video support). We added the second request on our queue and we will decide about it very soon – unfortunately the option will not be present in the today update. Thanks

Great, happy to see your awesome theme again:) in the new update, i can count on filterable portfolio?

Best, Chris.

Just as a curiosity – That’s the only feature that retain you from buying this theme? :)

Nooo!...i love this theme and all features, but i have many items in my old portfolio (divided into categories and subcategories) and i would like to start moving my old site to this template, so i would sooner see how the filter will work, so that when moving everything was ok;)

Ok – I will let you know when the filter functionality will be implemented.

Great job guys. Congrats :>

Thank you sorin! :)

Finally found a theme that I really wanted to use for updating my website and it was taken down. Worried for a bit. Happy to see it back up again. great job.

Thank you for your support Mack!

Glad the theme is back up and running. Thanks to you and to Envato for sorting everything out. Glad the other guy found that his allegations were a bit rash and quick and retracted everything. :)

So – where’s the update!? ;) -ha!

Awesome guys! Thanks for the awesome support and theme!

Works excellent too (just thought you should know!)

We knoow :D

Congratulations guys! Very happy to hear that one of the best new templates is alive again. I’ve been very impressed with your professionalism, attitude, and support during a very stressful time for you.

Bring on the update!

Thank you so much McCarthy for your support! A surprise for you on the HelpDesk :)

Thank you for creating great theme. But It has one problem. It work doesn’t well in safari.(explore OK, Crome OK) Click the page, It doesn’t show all contents until leave the page.

I hope you fix this problem ASAP.


Hi lovebombj and thank you for being our client!

I just tested our demo on Safari 5.1 (on Windows, even no one use it) and it’s working just fine. Can you give me more details ?