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Hi before i contact woocommerce could you tell me if changing adding this .mfp-fade.mfp-bg .mfp-ready{ opacity: .9; }

to the custom css would affect the shop? Its dark until i move my mouse over … i dont want that but i dont know how to change it

Hey! That Custom CSS will affect all the popup images – so yes, will change the background from the shop popup images too. Regards

its not the pop up images im worried about . The problems is when you click on the shop menu the shop titles are dark until you run a mouse over it

Please open a ticket on our HelpDesk and give us more details (browser, OS, device). Regards


I would like to hide many (but not all) items/articles on my home page ? How can i do that ? Thanks

My home page blog : http://lecliff.com/


Hey C.! Unfortunately that “Lens” theme is not the one showcased here :) You need to contact the author here: http://bit.ly/1AcZj7v Cheers

Hi guys!

I use WordPress for long time and want to say the Lens theme is one of the best I have ever used. Thanks for that.

I have one problem. When I create a post with gallery, the slider has always the same height and crop my pictures. How to fix it?

And how make the slider to use the full picture size instead the 800px?


Hey! Unfortunately there isn’t an out-of-the-box option to change the height and image sizes for Posts sliders – sorry about this. Regards

Hi I have a few issue with the theme. I have added the standard search widget to the main sidebar it works fine on desktop but when I view it on my mobile or tablet the searchbar does not disappear into the slide out mobile menu it instead sits over the top of the top bar. how can i fix this?

Cheers, Jack

Hey Jack and sorry for this late response!

Please try with this Custom CSS and let me know if it works better:
@media only screen and (max-width: 900px) {
.wrapper .sidebar--header { display: none; }


Hey that worked thanks!

I checked your theme but its not working properly in IE8.

for your reference, check the screen shot http://prntscr.com/4e0ax7

Hey ksepoy! We’re striving to offer decent fallbacks for old browsers like IE8. I will check again but unfortunately we cannot expect to look the same as it looks in the latest versions of modern browsers. Regards

You can use the horizontal menu at the top?

Hey dujureia! Are you refering to the left side menu? It’s working for me. Regards

yes, the menu on the left to stay on top

Unfortunately I’m not sure if I understand the question – if you can give us more hints maybe we could help. Regards

hello again I have noticed a minor bug with the theme.

The YARPP sidebar widget when displaying thumbnails renders differently when you click on a blog post from the index page.


but when you do a hard refresh on the page it displays it correctly.


I assume it is something to do with Ajax?



Hey Jack! Unfortunately we’re not currently supporting the YARPP sidebar widget. You can make it work only by disabling the AJAX loading. Regards

Are you planning to add a Tiled Mosaic gallery layout like on wordpress.com?


Hey pshemko! Unfortunately not for now – sorry about this. Thanks

Note to everyone using the plugin:

Wordpress SEO by Yoast Version

Today’s update of Wordpress SEO prevents the gallery button from working when trying to edit images on a gallery page in Lens. The camera button shows but nothing happens when you press it.

Deactivating Wordpress SEO (v1.5.5.3) solves the problem.

I hope this helps.


Hi. Thank you for the heads up. We will need to investigate this.

Version 1.5.6 of Wordpress SEO, released today has fixed the above problem ;)

Yeah – we just discovered that there was a bug on their part http://bit.ly/1rxaHL1 Thanks for noticing about the update.


I upgraded LENS to 1.9.1 and there’s a problem when I go to LENS’s new setting pannel in wordpress. There is the title categories (gallery, custom code….) but nothing appeared when I click on these title categories. So I can’t change settings. Do you know what to do?

Thank you.

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will help you. Please provide us with WP admin access also so we can speed things up. Thanks.

Hey all, just wanted to say great template. Unfortunately, I ran into a bit of a bug. If you resize the window in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari then try to scroll in the gallery or pages; the ability to scroll does not work any more. Has anyone found a way around this?

Ok, so this is a MAC issue only. It works fine on Windows

Hi Brandon! As I said – we are into it. Regards

I am interested in adding some text, for SEO and client purposes to a masonry gallery – is this possible?

like this gallery has text.. and you could put a Facebook like button in there too… just curious. http://bwdesk.com/santino/gallery/women-beauty/?bw

my website is http://www.pabstphoto.com

Hey and sorry for this late response! Unfortunately we don’t have such an option for Lens. I suggest you a SEO plugin like YOAST in order to make use of meta datas for seo purposes. Regards

Is there an option for the left side menu to slide in and out? example hide and unhide? Thanks.

Unfortunately not – sorry about this. Regards

In my dashboard, I see two ‘galleries’ buttons, with different icons, one is the old one, one is the pixtypes I assume. I also have two projects buttons. Help would be appreciated.

Hey! Did you had any of our themes installed before? From Settings – PixTypes you can disable the old galleries post types. If you have troubles please open a ticket on our Helpdesk. Regards


I’m considering this theme for my new website. WIth the full-width gallery, how does the theme behave with portrait images. Does it crop them or resize to browser height?

Also, is there a way to disable right-click?


Hey Heminder and thank you for your interest!

  1. You can choose the Image Scaling mode for Full Width Gallery from Fit (not cropped) or Fill (probably cropped to fill the entire area).You can read more about Galleries and Projects setup here ? http://bit.ly/1APNEvG
  2. The right-click on images can be replaced with a message within an option from Admin Panel. If you want it disabled completely you may have to install a plugin to do that.
  3. Can you give me more details about the dotted lines (browser, OS)? I just tested and they are aligned properly.

I hope it helps.


Thanks for the info.

I’m using Firefox on Debian. It passed 100/100 on the Acid3 test so it should render the page as it was designed flawlessly.

Here’s a screenshot http://postimg.org/image/denw1qwc3/

if they can be removed with some CSS it’ll provide a temporary fix. It’s a really nice theme otherwise! I’m trying to work my branding around it and may purchase soon.

Sure – you can remove them with this Custom CSS:
.wpcf7-form-control:not([type="submit"]) {
   border-bottom: none;
I hope it helps.
– George

Hi there. I’m photographer, and theme looks pretty cool for me.


I’m working on MAC book pro… And after entering the gallery in DEMO and pressing the Back button, or even without it, scrolling up\down stops to work.

I’m using Safari. Is it possible to track and fix this bug?

Hey! I just tried to replicate this bug using the Back button in Safari and unfortunately I can’t. The only bug regarding scroll that we are aware it’s happening when you resize the browser window. We will fix it in the next update. Regards

Hi there. I purposed last version LENS 1.9.1 (tested on Wordpress 3.8 and 3.9.1). Theme Settings not loading (Win7/64bit, Firefox, Chrome, IE – same problem).

Please help.


Hey again berusha! We will take it from there – but please make sure you have the latest version of WordPress (I saw a 3.9.2 notice to update). Regards

No, this is only language pack. I have install last version WP 3.9.2 and reinstall now…

We will handle this issue through our HelpDesk.

Buyer Beware

If you resize your browser window on a MAC with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari the ability to scroll the website goes away. You can no longer view content below the fold line.

This is an issue that pixel grade support can’t seem to fix. After multiple attempts to communicate the problem to support to no avail, I decided to post this buyer beware. (email me at kizukatech@gmail.com if you would like to see the email chain) I have tested this issue on multiple MACS in three different browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari)

Here is the video I sent to support showing the problem: http://screencast.com/t/8WBSZYfaPK

What you see here is me resizing the browser windows in 2 different browsers and the ability to scroll going away!

Thanks for your time,

Hey Brandon!

Unfortunately this is not a standard behaviour for a user – to play with the browser window. Anyway – as we said – this issue is on our ToDo list and will be approached in the next update. Not sure why you should warn the clients about an edge case issue.

Anyway – thank you for reporting.

Regards, George

Hello Customer here, I was wondering if it was possible to have a video on the home page as part of the gallery. For example slide 1 youtube video slide 2 photo A slide 3 photo B

Thanks in advance

Hey Queesy!

Sure you can – every image from the gallery can handle a Youtube or Vimeo video. From the modal window, when you select an image – an optional Video URL input field appear on the right sidebar. There you can just paste the Youtube/ Vimeo URL link. You can read more about Galleries and Projects Setup here ? http://bit.ly/1APNEvG

I hope it helps,
– George

Wow thanks for getting back to me so fast! He there a way to make the video auto play?

Unfortunately an auto-play option is not available for videos. Regards

This theme is amazing, thanks for that. I just got one question. How can I set the latest project on the homepage in full width. So I would like to have this page on the homepage. http://www.raven-photography.nl/portfolio/simplicity/ . When I upload a new project I would like to have that one on the homepage.

Hey Raven and thank you for being our client!

You can read more about Home Page Configuration on our HelpDesk. Please check out this article ? http://bit.ly/1mD5aty

I hope it helps.

I know I can read more on that page, but there is nothing about my question.. Have you got a solution for it? I am willing to pay for this little function. I guess it is just a copy of the portfolio template?

Hey and sorry for this late reply! You have to select each time that project to be on the homepage – unfortunately there isn’t an automatically system configured. Regards