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+1 for the password protected galleries!

Noted. Also you should know that we have a Feature requests section in our helpdesk where you can better vote and manage things.

Found a bug:

The copyright text moves up when the website is loaded in a non-maximized window. Very minor issue, though.

Thank you for letting us know. We will fix it.

I feel like I am getting annoying with all of my recent posts… but I still have a few questions:

1. How is the Personal (About Me) page, that is in the demo, accomplished? I tried using different templates, using the Team Member shortcode, etc. and still could not pull off anything nearly as polished.

2. How can the “Leave a Comment” section be removed from the pages?

I really appreciate your help!

Thank you! I am still unsuccessful :(

1. I’m curious about the image. How are you able to place it above the title and have it be pushed all the way to both the left and the top edges?

2. I am not seeing the “Allow Comments” checkbox anywhere. I’m assuming it’s within the Discussion module, but I can’t locate it. I even went through the Discussion panel and disabled all of those options as well.


Fixed #2! I didn’t realize the discussion module was located in the Screen Options. If you could just help me out with #1, I would be eternally grateful :-)

Can you please open a ticket on our helpdesk?

Hi There, just bought the theme, and it’s sooo easy to use and user friendly, love it a lot. But one little thing disturbs me : When you ad a client name on a portfolio, it’s well displayed on computer but once i’m going on the same portfolio with android phone or tablet, it always put that the client is “Yale house of style”, i’ve imported your xml, i guess it comes from there??? Can you have a look on this? Or tell me what i have to do to make it as on computer?

Cheers :)

Great, just waiting you’re ok to do some portfolios then :).


Hello, can you just tell me when you’ll release this fix for portfolios? Waiting for it before adding some. Best regards,

The problem is already fixed as you can see on our demo preview. We still have some things to do and will push an update tommorow. Sounds good?:)

Hello, i just bought theme, and i love it!...everything works perfect, but i have question;)

1. As home page, i use fullscreen slider (1 slide), is possible to disable picture dragging on fullscreen slider with one slide?

2. I would like to add some headline (center on slider) to my home page, whether it is possible to make it there to add?

Best, Chris.

Hi Chris and thank you for being our client!

1.We’re using the Royal Slider plugin for that and unfortunately that’s how it’s working by default. We will try to not dig too much into it so we can keep up with the updates.

2.I think the best way for that is to add the text direct to the image – otherwise you would need some custom coding to accomplish that.

Regards, George

ok thanks, i have another question, i try to set other font weight in theme settings (eg. Lato 100), but this feature not work:/ (all the time is set regular 400), can you help me with this?

Chris – please open a ticket on our helpdesk for more questions. Thanks

what’s the entry you are expecting for the flickr widget?

username=daustin or something else? nothing I have tried works to this point.

That’s the right format. I will test with that username too.

Absolutly stunning theme, have everything that i love, but one thing.

The blogsection, is there an option to have more “regular” blogpost, so you see all the content without have “read more…”

hope you understand my question`?

is there any chance to see the controlpanel?

Hi! Unfortunately I do not understand – are you talking about blog archive (journal) ? About control panel – you can check the documentation for some sneak peaks but we describeall the functionality of the theme in the description page. Thanks

How can we change the order in witch the projects are showed? At the moment it is showing olders projects first and newer posts last.

Yes you can change the order using drag and drop with the recommended plugin, Simple Page Ordering. We will look into the default ordering because it should be by date descending. Also please use our support system in the future. It allows us to better keep track of issues. Thanks

Hello, I have a question. Is it possible and how to add any other social networks etc. oggl (oggl.me)? And where to change part a URL (/lens_galleries/) to any other if the option exist (I mean no hardcoded)? thanks for nice theme Radek (qfotoeu account)

Hi pohnan and thank you for being our client! Can you please open a ticket with those questions on help.pixelgrade.com ?

Looks great I like it too. :)

Hi this is excellent theme!! But I have a question. How can I change the default portfolio URL”/lens_portfolio/” ?

It’s easy. Go to Settings – Pixtypes and make sure that “Change Single Item Slug” is checked. From there you can change the slug URL. Thanks

This theme looks great but unfortunately is super buggy. I’ve already opened a ticket and hope to get some answers.

Hi commodorecrus and I’m so sorry to hear that. I responded to your ticket and hope to find out more about your experience with our theme. Thanks

A scroll bar appear between the menu and main page when in Chrome and the Menu is too long. If this isn’t fixed, I cant buy the theme. It has to look good no matter what browser people use

not sure if I understand – in Chrome should be styled as a slightly dark and thin bar not as the default windows bar. The position of the bar should be on the right side for both cases (that’s where a scroll bar should be in relation with the content). Thanks

I’m looking right at your live demo in both chrome and IE..want me to send you screen shots? do you have support email i can sent them to?

Sure – please open a ticket here http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks!

This theme looks fantastic and I’m keen to purchase it, however I had a look at it on my phone and the navigation menu doesn’t appear to work at all – it slides out but I am unable to click on any menu item.

Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 4.1.2

I’m sure you’ll be able to resolve this and then I’ll be more than happy to purchase the theme!

Thank you for letting us know. We have tested on Android but on 4.2 and 4.3. We will find a fix

The theme looks great and I would love to use it, however on iPads the text is not rendered correctly (team, about, contact). Is this something you plan to fix soon?

Did you try some refreshes ? (iOS needs that to clear the cache). If the problem persist please open a ticket on our helpdesk (help.pixelgrade.com)and give us more details so we can reproduce it and solve. Thanks

Thank you for all your effort. The problem only persist with iOS 5, it works fine with the newer iOS. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t support later updates on all first generation iPads, and there are still a lot of such units out there.

The problem seams to be an overlay. The page loads, but text doesn’t show, only top image shows. The text content shows up quickly once another menu item is selected, for a second or so, before the next menu item is loaded.

Works fine on iPad 3rd gen, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5s.

Thank you for your input. As you said it’s working good on latest versions of iOS (6 and 7) but we will try to find a device with iOS 5 to test it too. Regards

I´ve bought theme and like it! Is it possible to use Adobe Typekit as main fonts and body fonts?

Hi mikke! As we stated in the description page, by default we are offering only fonts from Google Fonts Library – so no Adobe Typekit support for now – sorry about that. Regards and thank you for being our client :)

hy, Im interested in this theme. just want to know if theres the possibility to integrate instagram insted of flirck images? is it easy to reorder the items? thanks

Hi Joao and thank you for your interest! You can change it using a wordprss widget. I recommend this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/simply-instagram/ with these settings http://oi41.tinypic.com/11j0l4w.jpg Thanks

Hi, im very interested in your theme, I have one question, how does it perform with several pictures, like in your demo, is as fast as yours? I have a bad experience with other theme i bought where the gallery takes like 10-20 seconds to load all the pictures. If you can asure me that photos will load fast I would buy you very soon, Thank you

Hi! Our demo is the perfect test for you – we added a lot of images and the theme is still very fast. Through theme, we’re using many optimization methods to achieve this level of speed but in the same time you need to make sure your server speed is good and your images are optimized. I can recommend this tool for a better image optimization: http://bit.ly/GNagps Thanks

Hi guys…

Love the theme. And all the options you guys offered, especially for someone whos main priority is to show the images as nice and clean as possible.

But I do have a quick question, I transferred all my blog posts (mostly photographs) from my previous wordpress site to this new one. They show up on my journal (or blog) section, lined up by dates, but is there any way to see the images as well instead of simply the post title. I’d like to show what the images before someone clicks on a given post.

It would be nice to have the blog posts show up in a gallery type format. is that possible with the current settings?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Stiil can’t figure this one out. I understand that lens default for content width, but there’s gotta be a way to have these images in 1024p, right? help asap since I’m aiming to launch the site in the next day. Thanks.

Hi Cargo! The thing that you need to understand is that on a responsive medium images are never the same width. The feature image have 890px on your screen but if you go on a smaller screen then the image width will reflect that. Anyway – the max-width is set to 890px now – if you really want I can provide you some code to change it to 1024px – please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

found a way to get rid of featured images inside a post, but yeah, if you guys could help me find a way to make my post images be in the original 1024p format, that would be great. thanks!

I’ve bought this theme to present my projects and I love this theme! You get exectly what you see in the demo and the support is perfect. Fast and accurate with every problem or question you have.

If you like the demo I can just recommend to purchase it.

Best regards! =)

Thank you very much. We are so pleased with such feedback :)