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After months of searching for the perfect theme I found the one to fit my needs. Can not wait to populate with my content! Thanks for the great work and from all the comments the support seems to be top notch!

Thank you. We do our best to help our customers get the most out of each of our themes.

Wow, not even a week after I posted a feature request, it has been actualized! Thank you devs! You guys deserve a medal.

Our clients give us the best insights about the features that we should implement next! Thanks

Hi, I am very interested in this theme, but before I have several questions: 1. Can I add paypal buttons to the images in the gallery/portfolio 2. Can I do the same on my pages as I usually do, like password protected pages? Can I embed videos in my text? 3. Can I change this yellow into any other colour? 4. Is it possible to have also a youtube and feed icon? 5. If this all is not possible, do you have a similar clean, elegant theme with sidebar navigation and header also in the sidebar as it is here? Sry for all these questions, but it is important to make sure that my website works as it should. Thank you!

Hi Doris and thank youf or your interest!

  1. You would need some code to implement Paypal buttons for images – it doesn’t come with a default option.
  2. The pages content follow WordPress standards – so it shouldn’t be any problems.
  3. YES! :) You can choose any color using a Color Picker
  4. Youtube Icon yes – RSS not yet.
  5. Unfortunately this is our one and only theme with sidebar navigation :)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, George

We’re excited to announce that our theme is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:


Some new features that were added:

  • Added New ‘Fade’ Transition for Sliders
  • Added Password Protected Galleries and Projects
  • Added One Slide Case for sliders (remove navigation)
  • Improved Contact Map Height on Mobile
  • Fixed Projects Clients Name on Mobile
  • Fixed Gallery Grid Video Hover Color
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

Hi PixelGrade, Thank you for the fast update, now everything is working fine on the portfolios. Just had a new bug with the favicon, it’s impossible to change it since the last update. Can you check? I know you’ll solve this fast as usual. Just rated your theme 5 stars, more than deserved, you guys have the most reactive support I’ve ever had on WP. Cheers

Thank you for you words and rating! We already fix the favicon and we will push an update very soon. Thanks again!

Great, waiting for the update then :). Also wondering if someday you’ll think about music in the background as it is in Ajax should be great :)!!! Best regards,

I see that there are others who are requesting this so we are definitely considering it.

Hello, just purchased your theme and love it. The implementation of the theme-manager makes it very easy to adjust the settings. Im am still a newbie Wordpresser though so the exact way the homepage works and how to understand which articles are loaded here remains a question.

That aside I have two more specific requests: namely how can I alter the typography since I would like to adjust the size of headings and not use italics for instance.

And: the likes: the articles in the theme have likes on them. Is there a way to reset al those?


Here is an article about how to set a page as homepage: http://bit.ly/home-config

To alter other typography settings (size, style, color) you need to use some css and add it to Theme Options – Style – Custom CSS input field.

Likes – unfortunately they are stored in the database and there isn’t a reset functionality yet.



I wonder if this theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce.



Right now no it’s not 100% compatible. We plan to make it but no ETA right now.

Hi, lovely looking theme! Got a few questions:

1. Any plans for WooCommerce?

2. Is it possible to show multiple portfolio pages showing only some categories? If yes, is it possible to show a filter on each with sub-categories?

3. Is it possible to have projects section/caroousel or similar on any page? If so, can these be filtered by category?

4. Is it possible to show multiple blog pages showing only some categories?

5. Is it possible to have “recent” posts on any page? If so, can these be filtered by category?

6. Is it possible to have multiple sidebars?

7. Would you anticipate any problems trying to integrate events e.g. event espresso?

Many thanks!

Hi Paul! We’re still thinking the WooCommerce integratio. Unfortunately for the rest of the questions the response is negative again. You can link only Vimeo and Youtube Videos to galleries. Thanks

Thanks, would you consider adding these gallery features? Would then be super-flexible but still simple!

Many of the requests can be handled in a different way( multiple sidebars – using a plugin, audio popup in gallery – can be used a youtube video etc). We will think about your suggestion but I cannot promise when will be implemented.

‘Fade’ Transitions:

Minor issue, but I think worth mentioning.

In the new fade transition the onscreen icon is an arrow and not a hand. The current slide transition hand icon in the slide transition shows over the entire image (not just the image counter) and lets the user know that the entire image is click-able to transition to the next image. Even thought the new fade transition arrow does allow you to click through anywhere on the image, it’s inconsistent from the other transition behavior. I’d suggest replacing the arrow icon with the hand within the fade transition.

Keep up the great work guys.


Thank you!

Also, on the “new” password protected feature. Thanks so much for this by the way. The button label reads “submit query.” Perhaps it should read something more accurate.

Enter, Allow, Go…?

I’m thinking to change it with “Access” – what do you think ?

Yes, that makes good sense.

Hello Pixelgrade,

I am very interested by your theme. Before bying it I have few questions. 1. is it possible to avoid the little lines at the left of the menu ? 2. is the theme include an way to optimise the website (favicon, color, translation…) with an “admin panel” ? 3. Is there a way to put captions with each images (galeries) ? 4. and the post important for me : is there a way to incorporate thumbnails for the slideshow (galeries or portfolio) ? People can fell lost when there is a lot of picture.

Your theme is very good and it seems like you are doing a amazing support, well done.

Thank you, A-

Hi Antoine!

The loading of images are very optimized for this theme. All the features shown in demo can be used, including sliders and grid galleries.

So you can have 60 different galleries like this: http://bit.ly/19Kio0W or 30 galleries like http://bit.ly/1aoLWSL and another 30 like http://bit.ly/1aoM052 . All of them listed in a Gallery Archive page http://pixelgrade.com/demos/lens/gallery-archive/

So – there are many ways, especially designed, to make your life, as a photographer, easier.

Thanks, George

5* support ! Thank you George.

We’re glad to help you! If you can give more details to our (future) clients we will very appreciate it! Thanks

Hi, im using your theme, but i want to know if there is a way to take off the likes’ system, for some reason is not registering any likes for new posts, and honestly i dont use it, how can i do that?, thank you

That’s easy – you just need to deactivate our plugin. Please go to Plugsin – PixLikes – Deactivate. That’s it. Let me know if it’s ok. For other issues please use our helpdesk from http://help.pixelgrade.com

Ty for coming back so swift with an answer to my questions. I have a new question: in the preview site you have a semi transparent image in the yellow box containing the page-title.

How can I add a picture to that page?

That’s the Featured Image of the page with the Custom Home Page template (Home page) – so not the featured image of the gallery selected. Let me know if you understand. Thanks

I figured that would be the case, its just that the image is not showing through the yellow…

Hello i’ve just upgraded the theme, everything seems ok except the style options panel. Changing colors and polices don’t affect the site. What can i do ? Why can i create a protected gallery or project ? Is there a pdf or something who can explain exactly how works the differents function, it’s certainly easy for you but a little bit obscur for me. Thanks a lot for your good job and theme.

Hi Bossut!

Please make sure you have selected Inline option for How to inject the custom CSS from Theme Options – Style. If you do not succeed please open a ticket on our helpdesk.

Protected posts is Content Visibility option from Wordpress. More about it here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Content_Visibility

The documentation can be found online on http://help.pixelgrade.com


Hi and thanks for answer, now with inline option it’s ok. Why did you say that you added Password Protected Galleries and Projects if it was a wordpress feature ? Thanks

Hi! I mean that now we’re offering a good user interface in the frontend too. WordPress offer that feature in the backend, but it’s up to developers to include it in their themes. Thanks

And yet another question. When viewing the site on iOS7 the homepage pictures get a white bar under the image with the imagetitle. Compared to viewing the same page in OSX Safari it seems quite a different view. Is this adjustable?

Can you open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and give me more details ? (site URL, screenshot etc)

My previous reply was accidentally placed here, I should have commented at my other question see above Sorry for the mistake. (i reposted my reply in the previous post) I understand that this is the solution for the ‘tablet-touch-’problem’. It is too bad the titles are where they are now since I get ‘the feeling’ they belong to the picture below…

We will think on some improvements to make them clear related with the photo above. Thank you

Hi, love this theme! I have some question before ordering this. As I have seen the Gallery page and picture proportion is 16:9. Is it possible to adjust grid line to be 3:2 to fit my photograph proportion?

Thank you in advance, Aon.

Hi Aon! Unfortunately the images will be cropped a little bit and will be displayed full in the modal. Thanks

Thanks for the answer and just few more questions. - After get into Galleries (Grid Gallery) to see images, seems like the proportion of each images is different. That means I can use 3:2 proportion here, am I right? - On Portfolio > Right sidebar, can I use proportion 3:2 here on images without cropping? Thanks

The proportion of the gallery grid is fixed (either landscape or portrait). The images in the popup are not cropped, they are the original images.

Hi guys. Another question. When creating a project page and inserting a gallery, is there any way for the images to display text. I can only see captions if I choose classic template style. But if I choose sidebar and/or full width style, i’m not able to see any text added to each image. Would be nice to have this feature. Any help is great. Thanks!

Hi Cargo! Unfortunately there is no way for the moment – sorry about that. We consider an implementation in the near future. Thanks

Hi ! Thank for your work, this theme is really awesome !

I have one question :

- Would it be possible to get a journal but with the skin of the project ? I’m asking it because i would like to transfer my old website on it and i’ve got a lot of articles but the skin of the project looks awesome !

Hi Makavelie! The main problem is that you have more content on an article and other neccesities than it’s supposed to have on a portfolio project. You can still have a slider on a post (use Gallery Post Format) but exactly the same style as a project involve some custom coding. Thanks

Thank for the answer :) And 2 others questions :

- Would it be possible to set a wider set for the article with a custom css ?

- In gallery, even if i set the random mode in wordpress’s option, it always show as the custom order. Would it be possible to add this option ?

Unfortunately for a wider image you would need to change some html markup too.

I added that suggestion to our list. Thanks

Hi, I have two quaestions:

1. is it possible to use a picture instead of the google-map on the contactpage?

2. how can I add a picture like the demo-page: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/lens/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/about-studio.jpg ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Houben!

1. That should be easy. Using the same page content change the template from Contact to Full Width Page. Then set a picture as Featured Image and you’re done :)

2. If you mean how to make it stretch to full page width – then you just need to select the Full Width Page template as above.


Hi, It’s me again, in my website I need to use a tool called ISSUU for embeding pdf in magazine style, the problem is that when I paste the code in a page its displaying only text, the codee is the following : <iframe width=”650? height=”120? src=”//e.issuu.com/embed.html#9103893/5192926? frameborder=”0? allowfullscreen></iframe>

does the theme support iframes? or what do you recommend me, Thanks

Hi. Of course we support iframes. I think you should paste that code in the Text mode of the editor, not the Visual one.

This seems like a kick-ass portfolio theme, however one thing is holding me back from pressing the purhcase button. The scrolling seems to be pretty laggy, and I guess it has to do with your custom scroll bar thing. I belive a smooth, easy and fast way of browsing your photos/work on a portfolio page is perhaps the number one factor for a good experience. And your theme checks almost all these, except just the scrolling lagg.

Thank you FruitJuice for your interest!

Can you give me more details? (browser, OS) Anyway – you can disable the custom scroll and use the default one.