Leo Bike Prestashop 1.5, Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7 Theme for Bicycle | Wheel | Transport

Leo Bike Prestashop 1.5, Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7 Theme for Bicycle | Wheel | Transport

Leo Bike Store – a feature responsive prestashop theme for Prestashop 1.5 powered with Leo Framework – a powerful responsive Prestashop framework. The powerful admin panel will help you manage your site better, customize easier.

Its design is perfect for Fashion store, Car Store, Bike store as well.

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Changelog: – Since January 9th, 2018: updated to version

Leo Bike has been updated from Prestashop version 1.6 to Prestashop version 1.7. With the updating new Framework based on Prestashop 1.7 framework and the improvement for the backend to make it more suitable and friendly to the user, Leo Bike is believed to satisfy you.

Below are some most striking features that must be mentioned for Leo Bike Prestashop 1.7 theme.

Firstly, Header Nav is added with Compare button, which helps to lead you to Product-comparing page at any time you want.

The searching now becomes more quickly than ever as searching module is added on the header main.

Moreover, in version 1.7, on the product detail page, you can zoom the product images with ease. Especially, the powerful Leo Feature module with the advanced module features Ajax cart & Default cart allows your clients to do the purchase or payment conveniently .

Finally, we also update and complete modules like Leo Megamenu, Leo Slideshow, Ap Pagebuilder, Leo Blog will make your store a perfect place to shopping for your clients.

Update Prestashop

  • Designed and completed with 7 layout styles for product detail page
  • prestashop themes
  • Update Prestashop’s default RTL: can use RTL of Leotheme or default RTL (note: default RTL only for version upward)
  • Animation effect is flexible, frontend shows smoothly. Besides, other modules are updated to fit with version 1.7 like Megamenu, Slideshow, Live Theme Editor, Blog, etc. Especially, Leo Feature module with Wishlist, Compare, Review, Flycart (only add for version 1.7.2.x upward) & Default cart will bring the greatest experience for user.

Template Features (Prestashop 1.6)

  • Support Version 1.5.5, 1.5.4, 1.6.x
  •   Simple and Clean Design
  •   Support Responsive Design
  •   3 Colours Themes support (Blue, Green,Pink, Orange…)
  •    Supports multiple layout options, configured within seconds from backend.
  •    Template support for Jquery Effects.
  •    Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  •    Eseay change color, template width via the Leo Theme Control Panel Module
  •    Support for native language file translation.
  •    Impressive built-in content style.
  •    Supports multiple layout options, configured within from backend.
  •    Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design.
  •    W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid.
  •    Fully compatible IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome. 

Template Features (Prestashop 1.7)

  • This Template compatible with Prestashop 1.7.x
  • This Template is designed for desktop, all tablet and mobile devices
  • Colours Themes support (Yellow, Blue, Pink…) and Multiple header style
  • Template support for Jquery Effects, css 3. Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  • Impressive built-in content style.
  • Supports multiple layout options, configured within from back-office.
  • Easy to add custom html module, special, new, home feature via Leo Manage Widget Module
  • Easy change color, template width via the Leo Theme Control Panel Module.
  • Support for native language file translation.
  • We translate template to 6 languages.
  • Fully compatible IE10+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo Snapmall Prestashop Theme guide for PrestaShop 1.7

Update Prestashop 1.7.4.x

  • Page builder Module: drag and drop, short code, landing page creator, custom field for product and category.
  • Product list builder in home page and category page.
  • Product detail builder and support 7+ product layouts.
    • Product image thumbs bottom
    • Product image thumbs left
    • Product image thumbs right
    • Product image no thumbs
    • Product image no thumbs center
    • Product image no thumbs fullwidth
    • Product image gallery
  • Live edit theme: change background, text color, header and footer style
  • Mega menu module, blog module, responsive slideshow, video slideshow.
  • Fly cart, wishlist, add to compare, product tab, ajax search.
  • Css3, SVG icons used.
  • Product Slider/Grid home page and category page
  • Look book module, product gallery module
  • Social block: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Maximum load speed for google speed, SEO Optimization.
  • RTL and multiple language support

What are included?

Quickstart Installation Package
This Package packed All Modules, Templates, Userguide, DataSameple. By using this package, you will get site having same as the demo did 
PSD Sources
All our templates are delivered with source Adobe .PSD files.
Included Extension Packages 
You can get All of Template, Modules, Plugins… which we uses for the demo.  


If you have any question please contact me via contact form on themeforest profile page.

Support ways for prestashop 1.6


Back Office:
#9311: Apply shop context in configuration
Bug fix:
#9299: Fix error while duplicating a product when catalog specific price rules are stored
#9297: Fix display when a module uses $this->bootstrap = false;
#9261: Update Controller name for link generation to modules catalog
#9268: Added .htaccess to var folder
Front Office:
Bug fix:
#9315: Fix not visible category display
#9295: Fix free shipping display on cart
#9270: Apache 2.4 configuration
#9252: Add combinations in cart summary
Bug fix:
#9288: Fix Cart::isVirtualCart() method when cart is empty
#9298: Fix/remove mbo from tests
#9220: Ability to use widget block from specific hook
#9269: Update ps_themecusto to version 1.0.6
#9237: Fixed bug with friendly URLs and Media Servers
#9101: Fix have cart rule today
#9302: Reduce the number of ajax calls if the fixtures are not too larges and if there’s enough memory available
Bug fix:
#9271: Catch more exceptions during install & display the error intead of a JS error
#9258: Limit subquery results in upgrade sql


Back Office:
Bug fix:
#9026: Fixed display error on back office module selection list
Front Office:
New feature:
#9099: Follow-up to: display GDPR consent checkbox in contactform
#9104: Add compliance to GDPR law for ps_emailsubscription module
Here is the complete list of changes for

Back Office:
Bug fix:
#8785: Fix directory listing
Front Office:
#9103: Add compliance to GDPR law for blocknewsletter, contact form and mail alerts


[Update] New framework (prestashop 1.7)
[Update] Module leofeature (Ajax cart & defaul cart)



****** File tpl ****
- shopping-cart-advanced.tpl
- discount.tpl
- \modules\loyalty\views\templates\front\loyalty.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\blockwishlist-extra.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\blockwishlist_button.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\blockwishlist.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\views\templates\front\view.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\views\templates\front\mywishlist.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\views\templates\front\managewishlist.tpl


**** File tpl ****
- header.tpl
**** File JS ****
- \js\product.js
- \js\stores.js
- \js\modules\blocklayered\blocklayered.js


****** File tpl ****
- authentication.tpl
- category.tpl
- global.tpl
- header.tpl
- order-address-product-line.tpl
- order-detail.tpl
- pagination.tpl
- product.tpl
- product-list.tpl
- product-list-color.tpl
- shopping-cart.tpl
- shopping-cart-advanced.tpl
- shopping-cart-product-line.tpl
- stores.tpl
- supplier-list.tpl
- \sub\product-item\product-item.tpl
- \sub\product-item\special-product-item.tpl
- \sub\product_info\tab.tpl
- \sub\product_info\default.tpl
- \sub\product\sidebar.tpl
- \sub\product\sidebar-obj.tpl
- \modules\blockcategories\blockcategories-footer.tpl
- \modules\blockcart\blockcart.tpl
- \modules\blockcms\blockcms.tpl
- \modules\blockcontactinfos\blockcontactinfos.tpl
- \modules\blockmyaccountfooter\blockmyaccountfooter.tp
- \modules\blockpaymentlogol\blockpaymentlogol.tpl
- \modules\blocksocial\blocksocial.tpl
- \modules\blockviewed\blockviewed.tpl
- \modules\blocksearch\blocksearch-top.tpl
- \modules\blockwishlist\blockwishlist_button.tpl
- \modules\leomanagewidgets\views\widgets\widget_products.tpl
- \modules\loyalty\views\templates\hook\product.tpl
- \modules\productcomments\productcomments.tpl 
- \modules\productcomments\products-comparison.tpl
- \modules\productscategory\productscategory.tpl

***** File JS *****
- js/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js
- js/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.js
- js/modules/loyalty/js/loyalty.js
- js/tools/statesManagement.js
- js/global.js
- js/product.js
- js/stores.js

*** File CSS ***
- global.css
- delete font-awesome.min.css

*** Fonts ***
- Update folder fonts to get the latest font




(#) css\comparator.css
(#) css\global.css
(#) css\order-opc.css
(#) css\paneltool.css
(#) css\product.css

(#) info\paneltool.tpl

(#) js\modules\blockcart\ajax-cart.js
(#) js\modules\blocklayered\blocklayered.js
(#) js\modules\blocknewsletter\blocknewsletter.js
(#) js\modules\blocksearch\blocksearch.js
(#) js\authentication.js
(#) js\cart-summary.js
(#) js\category.js
(#) js\cms.js
(#) js\contact-form.js
(#) js\global.js
(#) js\history.js
(#) js\index.js
(#) js\order-address.js
(#) js\order-carrier.js
(#) js\order-opc.js
(#) js\product.js
(#) js\products-comparison.js
(#) js\scenes.js
(#) js\stores.js

(#) layout\default\header.tpl
(#) layout\setting.tpl

(#) modules\blockcart\blockcart.tpl
(#) modules\blocklayered\blocklayered.tpl
(#) modules\blocksearch\blocksearch.tpl
(#) modules\blocksearch\blocksearch-top.tpl
(#) modules\productcomments\productcomments.tpl
(#) modules\productcomments\productcomments-extra.tpl

(#) sub\product\product-list-form.tpl

(#) authentication.tpl
(#) breadcrumb.tpl
(#) category.tpl
(#) contact-form.tpl
(#) errors.tpl
(#) global.tpl
(#) header.tpl
(#) identity.tpl
(#) maintenance.tpl
(#) manufacturer-list.tpl
(#) order-address.tpl
(#) order-address-multishipping.tpl
(#) order-carrier.tpl
(#) order-detail.tpl
(#) order-opc-new-account.tpl
(#) order-payment.tpl
(#) order-steps.tpl
(#) pagination.tpl
(#) product.tpl
(#) products-comparison.tpl
(#) product-sort.tpl
(#) search.tpl
(#) shopping-cart.tpl
(#) shopping-cart-product-line.tpl
(#) supplier-list.tpl