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Hi, is possible to insert in home page the image of categories? I want to see the category’s image with the title and the possibility to click and see the products. Is it possible?How?

You can use widget “Images of category” then insert to homepage from leomanagewidget module

Sure but it doesn’t work!Displays only the text.

dear sir! please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com, we will check and fix

If i set friendly url the images are not shown, Why?

Dear sir! please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com we will help

Hi, how can i remove demo categories? Now there are only my categories but in the breadcrumps i see also other categories (example Headphones, ecc…) Can you help me?

Dear sir! you mean remove demo category in menu or all of system?

Hello; i have a shop with your theme. I have SSL certificate but unfortunately your slider (leobtslider) loading images on NON SSL. Can you please point me out where can i change base url of slide images TO SSL. Thx in advance.

Dear sir! Please please download and override module path overrid root/modules/leosliderlayer. If you face with any problems please contact us through leotheme@gmail.com, we will send our file to you rightnow. Thank for your comment and Have a nice day.

I’m using PS Version: does it occurs any problem?

Dear sir! sorry for version could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com we will fix for you

The latest version (08.29.15) is compatible with the latest PrestaShop T. u.

Dear sir, please download zip file and unzip then override all file of module + theme to your sever, please back up before

Good morning, install the latest version of the theme(1611), and the screen appears white. If I may say how to solve the problem? T. u.

Dear sir, please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com. let us help you

How do I update the theme from an old version to the latest one ?

Dear sir, we submit new version you can update your site to then use tool compare code

You didn’t answer my question ? I am talking about the theme, not prestashop itself. HOW DO I UPDATE THE THEME ? Can I just overwrite old themes files and modules and replace them by the new ones ? Regards !

Dear sir, yes,for theme, please override module + theme, please backup all thing before doing

Very good theme and very good services!!!

Thank you for rating us!

Good morning, could you add the instagram icon? t u

hi Matias, please send your request to us via email: leotheme@gmail.com. Our developer will support you. Thank you