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Hi, I like your template, but when I try to navigate the mouse to the picture of the product, the whole page flicker. It looks like the page refreshes every time the mouse is over certain spot. Is this a bug or just the way the template is design. Please let me know if this can be fixed. Thanks.

hi mate, sorry for delay.

Please refer: http://screencast.com/t/jmnLyIuy

you can edit in themes/leodres/css/global_style.css about line 163

Hi , can I please know how to fix the logo and menu layout issue in safari . the menu goes under the logo when using the browser. I asked this question via forum , emails and contact page and still no answer. I can’t give you my ftp credentials I want you to tell me where to fix it.

thank you

sorry, i thinks you can do it.

please send your issue to leotheme@gmail.com we will solve by mail, thanks.

Ok so I decided to give it a try and sent you another email. I hope you will help . thank you

Thanks sir!!!

Do not buy!

I spent a month trying to get support form this developer. Sent several emails with the info of the admin panel and the ftps and nevet gor a reply or support. They always request the ftp info again but never do anything.

The theme works just “fine” with the default color varian, with other color variant the colors get mixed with the pink style.

Also it has a lot of issues with the product showcase in the home and other bugs.

They instead of fix the files and upload an update here in themeforest the fix personally in each clients setup and never merge the bugfixes.

I simply got tired of trying get any support from these people.

A total waste of money and time.

i’m sorry because don’t make you happy. Could you please send me error list again to leotheme@gmail.com. we will fix it asap and update it in latest version :(.

Hello, I need help. I can not find where to translate the following parts e-shop. Can you give me advice on where to translate these texts?


Link to picture: http://img.fileup.cz?d=49a71976bdfa770cde2c141008cab65f


does it work on Prestashop 1.5.6?

yes sir, This theme did compatible with

I purchased the theme and when following install directions…it gives me an error saying: “Bad configuration file”.

I’ve followed directions as specified, and the import/export a theme module is showing this error. help please.

Dear mate. when get install error, Please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com. we will help you install

Hi, good work! I have presale question: The blog module is the functional? for my shop is very important but I see that the links do not work…

I do not mind buying same module, but I worry that the appearance is not the same. Thanks

Hi there, Dress Store Theme not support Blogs Module, but you can buy it from landofcoder


Hello! Great Theme! I use the German language package. But there are still some words that didnt get translated. The whole Top Menu is still in english and some other. And i can´t rename “Categories” or “Community” in the Top Menu. Is there a special module for this?

Thank you!

Dear mate, same you sent us email to leotheme@gmail.com. We are supporting you


how the Leo Products HighLight Carousel Block is supposed to work , there s only a box for a picture and a category selection but thats it , no carousel and you cant link the picture to anything , please help.


Dear mate! 1. Image link: Sorry, we are not support link for image. But you can edit tpl file open file modules/blockleohighlightcarousel/blockleohighlightcarousel.tpl edit code {$information} to {$information} 2. No carousel in my demo it is runing http://www.demo4leotheme.com/prestashop/leo_dress_store/index.php could you please confirm that your site have enough product? send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with ftp + back-office we will check and fix

Is this theme compatible with version of prestashop?

Yes, It is :)

problem of overlapping product images : you can see it by following this link : http://www.americanhairstyle.fr/fr/tissage-haut-de-gamme-/31-tissage-de-cheveux-lisse.html How can we solve this problem ?

Dear mate. I saw error in thumb image and i saw you send mail for us. Please wait us. We will fix for you in the day after tomorrow. Because my developer is ill, she will come back and fix it. If have any problem, please reply in email

good afternoon,

I wonder if I can count on your support for any problems that arise with the theme?

because I was reading some reviews and almost quit buying your theme.


Yes, We will support for you if you have problem with theme
You can send mail direct to leotheme@gmail.com

Hi, when I upload the theme I get the following error message on Prestashop : bad configuration file

Could you help please ? Thanks Arnaud

Please extract file leo_dress_store_full_psv156.zip (you did download)
And use leo_dress_store_v15x.zip in folder \theme\
upload zip file leo_dress_store_v15x.zip to modules/themeinstallator/import/ directory
then access Back-office > Modules > import & export theme
find tab: Import from FTP > select archive file you have just upload
click Next

hello is there any update for 1.6 and support RTL?

Dear sir. We are updating this template, please wait

Hello, I have a big problem. If active management of the combinations prices of items and zoom no longer works. The price is always zero. Can you help me please?

Dear sir, my template is only can run with prestashop please back your site to 1.5. we are updating it to 1.6

Hi, A presale question please.

I would like to know if it’s possible to change to add a title under thumbnails on carroussel ! I don’t like that i need to put the mouse on it to the title. Thx for your answer, will purchase it soon .

And for all products on grid mode, thx

Dear sir! 1. That is custom template request, you can hire a developer to do it for you, of buy developer license from leotheme.com, we will help you in this case. 2. grid mode: we have config for it, you can config in leo tempcp module

Hello, I don’t understand this anwer: “Hi there, Dress Store Theme not support Blogs Module, but you can buy it from landofcoder


I see that the demo has a blog module

Dear sir! leotheme.com and landofcoder.com is sperator website. now we use leo blog module, if you want it for prestashop 1.6, please tell me order id, we will send it to you via email

Hi again, I want to know if it’s possible turn permanent the hover effect (buttons “quick view”, “view”, “basket”, adding “compare products” and “wishlist”). In mobiles doesn’t apply the hover effect when click on the photo and goes directly to the page of product and I don’t want that, I want offer those buttons to mobiles too.

Dear sir! If you want to move theme under product image, we can guide. about 3 image under slider, you can use leo manage widget: http://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop16/leo-manage-widget/

That is a additional cost?

Dear sir! this module was integrate in template

Can we make a static header in this theme so that it can float with the scroll as in www.flipkart.com ????

Not asking for backend demo. I am asking for the front end demo with sticky header…..........

Can this theme support image zoom on hover …......

1. with sticky header is posible. we can help if you bought,
2. our theme support jqzoom on hover in product page


I want to buy your Dress Store theme for Prestashop 1.6 but I would like to know if it comes with PSD files? Thanks

Dear sir! yes, of course