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Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

I want to purchase the template but please ensure will i get the template with CMS and admin panel in regular license $65

Dear mate, of course, you will get full module + back-office

Congrats , good luck with sales , looks fantastic.

Thank you :)

This theme looks awesome! Wish you great sales! :)

Thank you :)


why when i hover the product picture, while image flipping i see the other product picture behind?

Nice theme =)

Dear mate. We created new module, that is customajax, we use it to get other image of product

Nice work! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Nice work landofcoder! Good luck with the contest and sales.

Thank sir :)

looks great, i like the style ! Good job :)

Thank you :)

Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you :)


My client wants to create an eshop that may have two main subscribers (buyers); the wholesale buyer and the retail one. The first one will be assigned by my client, and the retail one will subscribe as a plain buyer.

Does the theme provides such feature?


Dear mate, Prestashop is not support that and we don’t have any module like this. You can buy our template and find an module in add-on.prestashop.com

Beautifull theme. Few question before purshasing your theme.
1/ About the products :
Is it possible to have square preview everywhere?
In the detail page is it possible to have more than 2 view (we need about 4)
Is it possible to personalise the sortby menu as we want ?
2/ About the content:
We need a News page, a Press page and a blog page, do you have somme solutions, ideas or extra features that can fit your template ?
3/ About the design:
Your design is awesome but we need to remove 2 things:
the black rectangle on the left menu (categories, tag, whishlist, catalog…) is it possible ?
We need to have more simple arrows on each side of the slide show
4/ Last question, on macintosh with safari all the page is flicking, with the slide show, is there a bug with safari?

Thank you
best regards

Dear mate. Let me make it more clearly: 1/ About the products : => we don’t have any module like this 2/ About the content: => you can buy a module blog in addon.prestashop.com 3/ About the design: You can edit in in global.css file I think you should hire a developer to do it for you 4/ Last question, on macintosh with safari all the page is flicking, with the slide show, is there a bug with safari? => sorry, i saw my demo run fine http://demo4leotheme.com/prestashop/leo_fashion_store/index.php Could you please run real demo link and capture error for us we will fix, thank you in advance
Dear all. if you see that error, please follow my guide to fix, i uploaded latest version to themeforest http://www.leotheme.com/support/forum/fix-error-hover-image-don-t-show-when-turn-on-seo.html

Hi, do you offer some customization services on that theme? Thanks Alca.

Yes mate, please send mail to leotheme@gmail.com


Very good job landofcoder! How can I update my theme after downloading it. I mean without changing my customized theme.


You can replace 3file that we did change in /themes/leofash/
+ footer,tpl in /layout/default/ and /layout/main-left-right/
+ header.tpl

sHi. do you have a full manual for customizing this theme?

Yes, Please send mail to leotheme@gmail.com

hi nice theme..i want to ask how we change the titles of the menu..

thank you very much i also want to ask you how can i change the copyright and the title next to favicon ” it says leo fashion” i wan t to have my sites title. thank you

You only can remove copyright in footer
if you buy from leotheme.com (developer membership)
You want change title
=> please login to “backend > Preferences > Store Contacts” to change

i buy this theme is great but on chrome Mac the fancy box have some bug of position on FO and on BO this have the same bug and height bug please help me

Dear mate, Please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com. We will check it

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme and is loving the simplicity and design. However i encounter a bug with your HOOK footer.

I edited the copyright info however it is still the same “Copyright 2014 Powered by PrestaShop. All Rights Reserved.”

And i uncheck the prestashop disable copyright also not working. Please advice.

Thanks for your quick update! lovely theme!

Landofcoder, May i know if this issue is fixed? should i reinstall/reupload the theme or just update a minor bugfix?

Hi, We only fix bug in authentication.tpl file :)

Hi, I bought the Leo Fashion Prestashop Theme and I have a big issue! When I activate the URL rewriting, my additional image doesn’t displays, instead it I have a picture with ”?” inside. When I look to the URL, I see that the additional image URL is like this : http://localhost/leoshop/956-home_default/.jpg

How can I fix this quickly? Thank you!

Good luck :)

Thank you! I have another question. In my product page, in related products I have always the same products. I think that the related products must be based on current category and with block leo related products it’s not possible, didn’t find how to make in sort to display related products based on category. How to configure your module for doing this?

Please download this file
then replace in folder /modules/blockleorelatedproducts/