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Hi, Is this also a compatible theme on Shopify.com?

Hi, please tell me more clearly
theme on Shopify.com => that is theme for module or prestashop template??


Juste simple question. When u said that it’s possible to desactive responsive design. All file css, js and other is not load right ?

1/ Please login to back-end
access menu Modules > Modules
find module Leo Theme control panel
then configure disable responsive
2/ All file css, js and other is not load right ?
=> Responsive css file is not load, if you disable responsive

Hi What’s new in last update. Witch files changed!

Please compare files to update:
+ /modules/leocustomajax/leocustomajax.php
+ /themes/leofash/authentication.tpl
+ themes/leofash/modules/leomanagewidgets/themes/leomanagewidgets.tpl
+ /themes/leofash/css/global.css


Dear, I need urgent help because in download the theme but I put the option to appear as default country chile, and always appears the United States and any other country.

Please I need a solution

Hi mate, Please contact with Themeforest to get theme

Nice template! Considering tobuy it but two questions first:

-Is it possible to have the menu stick to the top, always viewable when scrolling down?

- Will this theme be compatible with the Prestashop 1.6 version? - In two weeks the new version is coming out, as you probably know, do you have any templates for it?


Hi mate,
1/ Yes, we will guide for you to do, if you want.
2/ Now, This theme only support with version 1.5.6. We will upgrade it to 1.6 version

thank you very much for your fast response! We will wait for version 1.6 to come out.

Thank you :)

“Hi, I bought the Leo Fashion Prestashop Theme and I have a big issue! When I activate the URL rewriting, my additional image doesn’t displays, instead it I have a picture with ”?” inside. When I look to the URL, I see that the additional image URL is like this : http://localhost/leoshop/956-home_default/.jpg"

Hello, i have the same problem, how i can fix it please ? Thanks :-)

Oh it’s really perfect ! thanks :-)

The images do not display with the correct size. They display smaller on my shop. Why? I bought the template on prestashop market place (yes, I know, it’s expensive… My boss wanted to buy it there. why? never know) This images: http://www.leotheme.com/demo/prestashop14x/?template=leo_fashion_store

The product images. Could I change the transition type of images?

Do not reply. I found the solution lol

Good luck!

Hi, I bought the Leo Fashion Prestashop Theme and i would like to know how can we set up the product tabs flipping ? I want to cancel the flipping effect, or why not have the possibility to choice an other effect like zoom or fade for exemple…

Thank you best regards Xavier

Thanks buddy, do you know if the theme will have an update with the new 1.6 version of prestashop ?

We are upgrading it, Please wait, we will notify for you soonest :)


Is it possible to make square product photos in this theme without spending a lot of time on it? Maybe somebody have already done it?

Hi mate,
It is very easy,
You can access menu Preferences > Images to resize your photos

How or where to disable the Theme Tool Skin? This hides on the left side of the bar until you click on the gear icon and I don’t want this feature.

You can configure it in back-end
search module “Leo theme control panel” to configure


I’m trying to install the theme in an external hosting (I did install it without any problem in local) as the tutorial says, but after a while waiting for starting the wizard, it doesn’t and I get the “An error has occurred during the file upload (1)” message in the Themeinstallator module.

Do you know how can I get this problem solved?

Hi mate
Please upload zip file to modules/themeinstallator/import/ directory
then access Back-office > Modules > import & export theme
find tab: Import from FTP > select archive file you have just upload
click Next


I’m trying to add image on slider module, but it always show the error notification. Could you tell me how to fix this? I’m using Prestashop 1.6

Dear mate
this template is only can run with prestashop version 1.5
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook

Hi, I would like to buy this theme, just wondering few things about the language and currenc before I make my decision to buy. I would like to use “Bahasa Indonesia” as the language and “rupiah” as the currency.

is it possible?

Of course, it is possible
you can easy import your language and currency for site

Hi, I would like to know how the theme will be available for the Prestashop 1.6 version ?

Thank you in advance for your answer ! Regards, Thibault

dear mate
this template is only can run with prestashop version 1.5
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook


Thanks for a great theme.

Just had a question in regards to the responsive design. I’m looking at it on my iPhone but the home page slider does not seem to show. Can you please advise if there is a way to fix this?

Please open file \themes\leofash\header.tpl
then delete 2 class “hidden-xs hidden-sm” as image

Thanks a lot for your reply and a great explanation.

Any chance to get 1.6 compatible version ?

Dear mate
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook
and notify for you to download

Any ETA on 1.6 ?

We are update this template to 1.6, please wait


i would like to change the rrs icon on the social network tab for instagram icon. i am not able to find where is the photo.icon or the png.

how can i do it?


ooh great!!!! i fix it. thanks

i have another question.

the main photos ( the big ones) do not show up on iphone or ipad.

why? how can i do it? resized the photos? what size is the right?


fixed it.. 2 post above you said it..sorry!!! :-)

Great work! It is possible to extend the slide show on this template in wide screen…similar to your Clothes template?

I’m looking to purchase this template, can you please let me know in regards to my above question? Thanks.

When you bought our theme,
we will guide for you to do

Hi, I bought this theme I have got one problem. I can not insert producer logo next to each product on home page. I have done it in product-list.tpl by adding code: But I have no idea how to add this in product tab. I was trying to edit homefeatured module but it didn’t work. Can you possibly help me?

try edit by your code in .tpl file from /themes/LEOTHEME/modules/MODULE_NAME/.tpl