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i install prestashop 1.6 and install theme leogift step , step by guide but image not found :

www.mysite.com/themes/leo_gifts/img/bg-search.png and http://www.mysite.com/themes/leo_gifts/css/modules/leosliderlayer/img/bg-content.png

thank you

one other problem :

in product page : http://www.nosazinavgan.com/home/1-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts.html

tab quantityDiscount dont hide and show

please help thanks

thank you :D

in old version leo gift : add to cart effect scroll image product to up and add to cart & on mouse hover cart in header dont show any but in new version : after add to cart open popup :( this is bad ? no beautiful please help me to old effect please thank you

Dear sir! Could you please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com and tell me your prestashop version, please tell me effect you want, we want all thing more clearly so i can help

ok thank you :D no problem

how i can : show socialsharing_product in hook displayLeftColumnProduct ?

Dear sir! Please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com my developer will fix for you. we are uploading new version to themeforest

ok tx no problem :D

add to cart dont show in product page all product why ? :( For questions too sorry


oh my god if Combinations empty add to cart hidden why ? :(

Dear sir! please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com

ok tx no problem :D

Hi there, still loving the theme, the new version 1.6 the psd in the zip file seems to be from the old version, as some of the images have changed size in the new version. Is there any chance on getting the new psd?

Thank you for loving our product.
Ooop, In new version theme, when upgrade we flexible change a little design to appropriate with market.
So, we no new psd

Please, Guys, answer correctly the mail luciana.grosso@ikoeh.com She saying that always send mail for you guys but u reply with NO link and always we had to do all site all over again and our server is free with no error.

See the image with FATAL ERROR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_szwi3s20NAOHQ4dW1NM1VXRVk/view?usp=sharing

We are a kinda tired to rebuild the entire site for a whole lotta times. Please, help us to do something GOOD.

The last mail was on: 01/nov/2014 sayin the website are all good but isnt normally! Always some modules got duplicate.

Please, stick togheter with luciana.grosso@ikoeh.com on mail.

Thank you

I’m so sorry about my delay, i replied in email

Thank you!

no problem

Great theme. I just have some difficutlies to change the content of some widgets. there are 2 widgets in Displayslideshow, I deleted one, but it still appears on home page of my website… Thank you for any help.

Dear sir! could you please try to disable smarty cache. if still can not run, please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com. we will help you

Indeed it was a cache problem… Sorry for my question and thank you very much for teh answer !

ok mate! no problem

Hi there. I have one question about that greta theme. My whole Prestashop is in French, so when I reach pages like Leo Theme Configuration, Leo Positions control Panel, I have French version with the text. To be honest, as French native speaker, the translation is poor and very hardly to understand… could you please tell how I can switch it to English version. Or if you want some help to review the French words. Thank you for your time. Patrick.

Dear sir! I’m so sorry. I only want to send you the guide to translate … if all thing is ok, please forget it

Thank you veyr much for your reply. I just wanted to tell you the French translation provided in “Leo Theme Control Panel” is just terrible and impossible to understand for native french speaker Hope it helps.

Dear sir! thank you, we will improvement in future

Sorry I have another question… Is there a way to change the whole Megamenu width ? thank you very much.

Dear sir! please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com, my supporter will help you

So if I understood right, we can’t have Add to Cart button on a product if there is no Combination? Is it possibel to hve Add to Cart button even without any combination?

Dear sir! PLease contact with us via email! we are supporting you

ok sorry for that

no problem, mate

Hi there. Sorry I have a new question. I have some problem with image thumbnail on products and image for subcategories on a categroy page. each time the image are really too small. how to change that? Thank you very much.

Let me know if you need another assistants!
If your site is perfect now, please vote for us 5 stars
We are very appreciated your vote.
Thanks so much

I already did ! ;)

Thank you so much

Hey : ) could you please tell me, where i can remove “wishlist” from the header?

thank you! TM

btw: i purchased the template but there is no matching icon next to my name …

Dear sir! 1. Please tell me where you bought template
2.could you please send me ftp + back-office to leotheme@gmail.com with your request, my developer will help you

We use the prestashop in German and we have a similar problem to a user above. We do not understand the template administration because the german is not very good. Can i change to english without having to change the whole system?

Dear sir! i don’t see you bought my template in themeforest, so please tell me where you bought and order id

Hi there. Socialsharing module is not working for me. No link on any button…

Dear sir! Please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com. we will help you

Hi, How to update the theme (leo-gifts) from version 1.5.x to 1.6.X. In guide, specify just installation not update the theme (or modules).

Dear sir! Please update your shop to 1.6 first
then uninstall all module from us, delete template then install template again
I’m so sorry about can not keep your data because in version 1.6, we total change module name data struct of module, so we can not keep your data please uninstall all and install again

hi please help me

when one product have 5 images or 3 images no problem but when count images product is 4 scroll to up hidden after scroll to down always

for example :

this have 4 images and scroll not working :( have probleme


this have 5 images and scroll working very best


please help sorry for bad english

Thank you, I will send :)

Not done yet? please help

Dear sir! Please wait, we will solver it for you


grynge Purchased

Hi there, I recently lost a hdd, and on that was the psd to the theme, now when I download the latest version the psd is not included in the zip file, any chance I can get a copy please

yes, please wait


grynge Purchased

thank you for the fast response :)

You are welcome

Does this theme support Danish language or do i have to translate parts of it myself? :)

Dear sir, we can install Danish for you and guide you translate


grynge Purchased

The team at Leotheme are just marvelous, patiently helping guide me through the process of individualizing the theme to suit my needs. I cannot say how appreciative I am of their superb help. I know when I need another theme and they supply I will purchase theirs over any others. Super quick responses to any queries I had, supplying me with any code that I needed to modify the theme.

Once again Greatly appreciated, thank you very much

Thank you so much