Discussion on Leo Material Store - Shopify Responsive Theme

Discussion on Leo Material Store - Shopify Responsive Theme

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i juste uploaded the theme on shopify, and i have the following message :

Upload theme

There is 1 error: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

What should i do ?

Hi thanks got it sorted I was uploading the wrong zip file.

Please help I DONT Like the other pages not home page the second and third pages banner how can I change it

hello, please send your request to email: leotheme@gmail.com, our developer will support technical issues for you. Thank you

i juste uploaded the theme on shopify, and i have the following message :

Upload theme

There is 1 error: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”, missing template “templates/index.liquid”, missing template “templates/collection.liquid”, missing template “templates/product.liquid”, missing template “templates/page.liquid”, missing template “templates/cart.liquid”, and missing template “templates/blog.liquid”

What should i do ?

finally no problem

hello, sorry for late reply as we have just had days off for weekend and for public holiday here. For all technical issues, please send your request directly to us via email: leotheme@gmail.com to be supported. thank you


I’ve been trying to reach you through your email address: apollotheme@gmail.com.

Only now I saw that your updated your email address to leotheme@gmail.com.

You need to refresh the theme-guide.


Dear mate, Leo Theme and Apollo theme is the same company. If you face with any technical issues, you can leave request in both email. thank you so much and have a nice day <3

I purchased this in November 2015. I have never used support. The theme has always been a bit buggy so I never really used it. But since phones and computers are more powerful now, I feel the heavy theme may work better. I have 2 questions: 1. How do I remove the image at the top of the product page? ( I have unchecked the box in Admin and it hasnt worked) Its a pic of a chick with sunglasses on and I own a pressure washer site.

2. Are you ever going to have an updated version? I have purchased 30+ shopify themes here and a few from leo-theme. Just curious if you are going to update this one. Thanx

Dear mate, all technical issues, please send us request into our email leotheme@gmail.com. Our developer will support you.

Hi, I bought your shopify theme, but when I upload it (I followed your instructions in your oficial page), Shopify tell me ‘The selected file is too large. Maximum file size: 20MB’ and your theme size: 28.9MB What can I do?

Sorry, I can resolve it. Y tryed to upload zip downloaded, but theme is inside this zip file.

Dear sir, please use zip file in folder theme and install

How do I change the sub page banner? For example on the products pages.

Dear mate, About the technical issues, please send us request into our email leotheme@gmail.com...our developer will support you. Have a nice day!

how can we change the colour and size searches in catalogue area?

Dear sir, you can change it in admin > theme config > side bar

thank you Leo-Theme, i also have another question in regards to slideshow not sliding or fading unless clicking on the tabs?

Dear sir, please send me email to apollotheme@gmail.com we will support

How do I default my collections page to the List View?

Dear sir, could you please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com with shop url + email + password

Yes. Done. Also, my product prices do not update when I change the Currencies from the hamburger icon.

Yes, we will fix for you

Newsletter will not cancel by unchecking the option. I am disappointed that there is only support for MailChimp after I buy. I use aWeber for mailing already, why should I have to change?

I am sad that there is not very much flexibility in this theme to allow me to do what I want unless I go into the code and do my own programming.

For example, I removed the HTML links for the “Vendors” manually via HTML. I chose to use this area for sites that mentioned by product instead, and not having ability to remove links made me do more work than necessary.

The footer is also not very flexible.

Dear sir, sorry, we only support mailchip, but you can change code to use aWeber

How do I change the picture in the collection page and blog page? How do I delete “Powered by Shopify Design by Leo Themes”?

How to cancel Collections Featured on Home Page? (When I cancel this message appears on the home page – “Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets / featured-collection.liquid”)

Dear sir, please send me your shop url + email + password to leotheme@gmail.com we will check for you

hi how affiliate work in this for members

Dear sir, please tell me more clearly, i don’t understand

Hi there,

First off.. beautiful theme! We are really hoping we can use it soon.

We were wondering if you have had a chance to optimize this website (load speed and mobile experience). We tried visiting the site on a few of our iPhone and Android devices and experienced considerable load times and even a few instances of not loading at all. The user above, teddyjohan, summed up basically everything we were wondering.

Thank you for your time!

Dear sir, we use many big image so it will load slow abit, after you bought you can change and remove image

Thank you for your timely response. Unfortunately, it seems to be more than just the large images that are preventing mobile to load. On my iPhone 4s (I know; ancient tech to some people), the site will not load at all for some reason, it just keeps reloading automatically.

Let me know if you need any screenshots for reference.

Cheers :)

Dear sir, could you please send me error in iphone 4 to my email: leotheme@gmail.com

Great job, looks great! How about language settings? Can this theme be translated using Shopify’s built in translation tool?

Dear sir, of course, we can confirm that you can translate this template as normal shopify theme

Impressive. I’ve inspected your theme extensively now, and here’s some feedback and questions.

1) The theme is quite heavy, often making my latest-generation iPhone and iPad stutter or crash. Most people have the same or older hardware, meaning they will get the same or worse results.

2) Theme and assets transfer about 6 MB of data and loads in 3-4 seconds when measure independently. This is too much and too long. Most standard Shopify themes transfer about 1-2 MB of data and loads in 1-2 seconds.

3) It looks great!

4) A lot of awesome stuff in here, and frankly I’m surprised that you’ve managed to put all this functionality in here.

5) Most likely, all that functionality is what’s making the site slow. Can all these features (like having multiple thumbnails on the collection pages) be disabled individually from settings?

6) The theme isn’t optimized for conversions, at least not in the demo, so I wonder if that can be done easily. There are two problems. First there’s a large banner/header on product pages, which is pretty, but pushes the content down a lot without adding much benefit. Second, the add to cart button is below the short description. Ideally, it should be at the top.

Looking forward to hearing from you about these things, as I’m very near buying the theme :-)

Dear sir.
1&2.we use many big image to make my template nice, when you use my template you can use image with small size
4. my template have many function, but you can easy change it in theme config
5. yes, you can, or we will do it for you
6.big banner image, you can change it to background color, i want my demo show nice, about add to cart button you can move it in product.liquid file

your work is awesome.. good luck for more sales :)

Thank you

Just bought this theme. This should still be in beta, way too many bugs. It’s promising though. Please provide update soon.

Dear sir! could you please send me list bug to leotheme@gmail.com, i have just upload new version to fix add to cart in product detail page, could you please contact with us, we will fix all error

Gorgeous site! Is there a “fixed” menu option?

Dear sir, you can config it in theme config, you can check my font end demo, that is live http://screencast.com/t/KHGAckift66E

No Problem

I have Purchased Theme and I am having a bit of trouble understanding the Mega Menu Instructions.. (*) Enter “Link Name” of “Navigation / Main Menu” into Menu item 1 box

I have tried several variations I thought may work.. No luck

I have figured it out.. I forgot on these you have to move to the 2nd mega menu if you have ” Home ” on nav

Dear sir, you can read guide in the file you download or you can read guide in http://www.leotheme.com/guides/shopify/leo-material-store/

nice theme gud luck :)

Thank you

Hi Is there anyway to have more collections than what is currentl allowed on the hompeage

Dear sir. Please buy this template then send me shop url + email + password, we will create more config for collection for you

Thank you


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