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I’ll buy if there is a Wordpress Woocommerce version out.. Nice Theme! :)

Thanks :), we only have version for Prestashop and Opencart.

Yes, here is our work :), welcome to leotheme

you have just html version of this theme?

Sorry mate, We dont have any html version for this :(

Hello, I checked out the themes from leotheme.com and I fell in love with the “leocitymart” would this theme be coming to themeforest anytime soon cos I have credits on themeforest I wanna use to buy prestashop theme

2, in the check out, I don’t see a provision to enter coupon code/voucher in the demo. Is this available on the city mart theme

3, when your in the check out page, there’s no option to go back to shopping in the demo.

I know it weird to research so much on a theme not yet available on themeforest, but I really love it. It’s just what Ave been searching for

Nice theme. Welcome to ThemeForest :)

Thanks, nice to meet you :)

Hi, nice theme. How is the video implemented in the menu? Is it possible to insert images and custom text or a single product in the menu?

Mega Menu has menutype “html” allowing to install anythiing you want such as html, products like as our demos did

Hi! I would buy these theme, but after i would know – this theme has include quickstart installation package? Thanks

This theme have psd, quickstart, modules,themes, guides

You wrote that you had this theme for Prestashop and Opencart. Where can I find the opencart version?

Yes mate, Please checkout it in http://www.pavothemes.com . Thanks

Very nice theme. Good luck with sales ;);)

thanks mate! Good luck sales too :) (rock)

Hi, how do I change the main logo? Also, I have installed the theme and modules however I dont have the easy modules management as is shown in your demo. Similarly, your modules differ from the ones you say are in your documentation? cheers


Please access the backend and come to Preferences > Themes, then upload your logo. I have checked guides, everything is rightly for what we would like to recommend you about configurations.

If you need any heavy helps, please send us email for leotheme@gmail.com or submit a ticket in our site and give us administrator account, ftp as possible. Our developer follow to resolve yours.


Logo upload doesnt work for me, so I have done it by changing files in the theme. I really am dissapointed the ‘easy’ module management is not working it is adding alot of time to my site build!

Hello, i want to know if you can do the similar website as i like, but with your idea , and good for SEO search …. ?

I think, you try to check our collection in http://www.leotheme.com/prestashop/themes.html then select one and give us informations such as color, concept, we will customize it or design a new. Please send email for leotheme@gmail.com. Thanks

like, www.decentlux.com

How to import a font? When selecting a font, select a file txt

currently we are not support import font. we only allow edit font in file global.css …

Hi, just bought the theme, and when I try to update slider images for a second language (I need the site in german and dutch) It’s not working. Need your help urgently!

Thanks for purchasing, please send us detail information FTP and Administrator account for leotheme@gmail.com . My Staff will check and resolve all issues. Thanks so much.

Hello, I sent you the details in the mail, and you replied kindly, but the problem is not solved yet. Could you please help me here?

the price is very high, @landofcoder : I want metro theme prestashop, but free,,,please


Is your theme french translated ? The coupon 30% off is now expired, will another one be available ?

(Sorry for my bad english :))



greetings, beautiful template …. One question these templates have the same characteristics as those sold in prestashop? and have the module so that it can be translated into all languages ??...?

Currently, the theme support 6 languages as default. to translate text to your language, you try following our guide here http://www.leotheme.com/forum/20-general-pretashop-template-installation/3077-how-to-translate-module-by-click-on-configur.html

If you need any help, please keep contact us via email leotheme@gmail.com


greetings I need your help please, I need to purchase a template to mount audio gallery mp3 and flv videos,. mov thank you for your prompt response thank you


I’ve noticed a bug. When you add a product to the shopping cart using Internet Explorer, the “drag” effect where product glides to the shopping cart doesn’t work and price doesn’t refresh. Only if you refresh the page (F5) you can see the product, but if you don’t, then you see nothing and that’s rare for a buyer with no computer skills.

Please, help me to solve this. Thanks!

In Internet Explorer 10 is not working properly in the demo. I emailed the login details so you can check it out.


thanks,i passed for my dev checking detail.

i tried tested on IE 10 of Win 8 and IE 10 on win 7 your site works very well, may be it is from your IE, you try reinstalling or testing on other pc

hello, the Leo Top seller block module has an error, when you hit the left arrow does not appear any products. Also I have another doubt, be possible in the module block Leo Top Sellers do have five products per row instead of 4??