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seems like the live demo of this theme isn’t working. if possible, can you please fix it as i have to do a demo to one of my client..

with regards, Styrus

sorry mate, we ‘m fixing the demo server :(


seems like the live demo of this theme isn’t working. if possible, can you please fix it as i have to do a demo to one of my client..

with regards, Styrus

sorry mate, we ‘m fixing the demo server :(


The Demo isnt functioning. Also, do you still sell the Leo Gamestore theme for prestashop?

yes mate, we ‘m restart demo server :(

Hi, The demo still isnt working. Also i am interested in looking at the leo game, for prestashop on themeforest. Would you have a link for this?

Very nice theme! I like it! Perfect for my shop! Thanks!

thanks mate!!!

Hi very nice theme, i want to know if the theme allow users to ask questions in a product this is very important for my store, thanks in advance

yes mate, you can use module comment of prestashop as QA function or you try to find other great modules in Prestsahop Addons

you can insert the module in the category on the home screen?

yes mate, simple you hook this module on expected hook position. It will be showed.

Dear support. I want to know how to connect the module Lof Twitter Module to my twitter and facebook account.

Best regards, Shulamit

Please download and update new version module Twitter here: http://www.leotheme.com/download/viewcategory/183-leo-twister-module.html


First of all, thank you for the quick reply, but it doesn’t really solve the problem… I need a way to fill in codes for twitter, facebook and so on for all the options in the Lof Advance Footer Module which is a really good module!


Im thinking of buying your theme, but if i upload my Dutch file and set my store to dutch, will your buttons change language to or do i need to edit al .tpl files? i bought another template that had this same problem and it was a waste of money. please tell me your is better build..

hello, Our theme can translate all from Localization > Translation for Front-end and Modules Install, You don’t need edit from .tpl file.

Hi, I have sent an email regarding issues with the compare output page from email ID – innowaytive.co.nz email id.

could you please update me if someone is looking into it?

Also, I am trying to use the quick-order checkout option and the page is completely messed up. could you please look into it by enabling quick order option. FYI – this was the case with no customization applied from my end.

cheers ratan

Yes Mate!

I informed my dev checking this.

hi, when adding to cart I’m being redirected to the cart page but it always says, “cart is empty”. I don’t know where can be the problem. Do you have any idea if this is any js malfunction? Thanks.

please send your issue to leotheme@gmail.com we will check for you. thanks,


I have troubles viewing on IE 10, specifically the footer Block: Photos On Gallery.. is possible to fix it or disable this block.

Please check: http://www.closetmultiservice.com/

Thanks in advance

Please delete css code img{width: auto\9;} in themes/leometr/css/bootstrap.css file

Is this compatible on the latest version of prestashop i.e., Can anyone help me on this.

it is for the latest version of prestashop, we alway keep update theme for the latest. if you have any question and issue, please mail for leotheme@gmail.com we will check and work with you. Thanks

Hi there,

1) Has anybody a Screenshot of the BO? I should create the footer, but me idiot had delete all preloaded boxes in “Lof Advance Footer” damn I just need a Screenshot of the parameters.

2) Where can I change this image? http://abload.de/img/bildschirmfoto2013-07zgsg5.png

Hi, Thank you for reply! Can you tell me, where the “Default welcome msg!” can be changed? Didn’t find that? Thanks for your support ;)

i find it ;).....but where are the translation files in featured Block? Seem to be missing maybe?

Dear support, can’t find the option to confiogure the Permanent links block module. Please help! It’s urgent!

Permanent links block module is module default of Prestashop, it not has configure, Thanks,

THank you, but I must find a way to configure it anyway, any ideas?

I must say that the booststrap menu is so great! I deeply recommend! I also needed your support by Mail, and you immediately replied! Thank you!

yes, thanks for the nice comment.

In your demo the product accessories are not available. Is it possible to enable with this theme?

yes mate, we fixed it in the next version and it is not updated for the demo. tomorrow, please come back to check the demo again. Thanks


Very beautiful theme which I installed on Prestashop I would like to replace the “topminibasket” by the shopping cart by default (effect of rollover which deploys the contents of the shopping cart). How can I make this modification. When I explore your theme I find 1140 files, whereas the average is of 400 files. With what all these files correspond. ?

Thanks Best regards

Thank you very much, some adjustments and it is good.

How i can disable theme skin function? I don’t want it appear on site. Thank you

you access configuration of theme control panel then displaying this via parameter ‘User Tools’


problem solved Thanks!

Moreover, I founded your theme is not “truly” responsive. when holding ipad in Vertices, part of slide “Leo Slide Image Using Camera” and “Display Custom HTML promotion Top index” are missing. I tried to selected “NONE” for loader but it still shows “Like a Pie” in IPAD

please fix it. Thank you

This problem happen because hook slideshow has been hidden in device.

Please send me ftp + admin to leotheme@gmail.com We will support for you by mail Thanks,

Thank you, I’ve already sent you e-mail !

hello sir:

i sent you a email about the logo issue, can you pls check and reply, my mail address is donis5@gmail.com,


hello sir, thanks for your rely, while what i am asking is the new question, “the navigation part, we have to click the main title to see the drop menu, instead of put mouse on it and the sub-title can show automatically, just like your theme, pls help to solve this and make it auto.”