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Hi there I want special products instead featured products. I tried to adjust a module position in leotheme position cpanel. in position “Featured Products” replace by “Special Block” but it doesn’t work. Any suggestion?

Can you please submit a ticket on my site if you need many supports from our team. Thanks

I have tried to work on it but it doesn’t work at all, i sent you e-mail to your team and hope they can help me. Btw, I found error on your menu module. It doesn’t work for categories, i tried both URL and Category but still the same. Can you fix it soon?

yes mate,

Hi, I purchase your theme, but I have one problem,my idiom is Spanish, I install prestashop_1.5.4.1, when I import your thema (themeforest-4588960-leo-metro-prestashop-theme), show me: “Configuración de archivo errónea”. What is the problem?

hi mate,

Try to unzip the ZIP file and check the structure of the folders. You should see: “Config.xml, Themes, Modules (, Docs)“. Then Zip again and try install it

Hi, I have a pre-purschased question:

Can we customize colours or we can just use your skin ?

hi mate,

You can use our skin. Our theme not support customize color You must edit css code to change your skin

Before I purchase this , I would like to ask a question about languages. How is it possible to change all the menu and the other contents to Turkish ? Admin side is not important.

You can change all the menu in module Leo Bootstrap Menu configuration

At there you can select language to input your data


After an update towards version 1.5.5 of Prestashop I encounter a problem with the module “Lof Advance Footer Module”. If I add a block with a module (minis-gallery or newsletter) I obtain “Fatal Error” in front office. No problem with HTML. Have you a solution to correct this bug ?

Thanks Best regards


Forget my previous question, the problem was between the chair and the keyboard…! Sorry.

please send your issue to leotheme@gmail.com

we will solve for you by mail

Well Done! Simple & Nice, Like it so much! Keep it up!

Thanks Sir!!!!

Hi there , altough I have translated all the languages to turkish , some items @front office has not been translated , For example Shopping Cart still exists as English .

How is it possible to change it ?


Please refer


you must select Installed modules translations for your theme


Before i purchase i have a question. On the home page we see the area for LATEST PRODUCTS and the FEATURED PRODUCTS two products listed on Each.

Can i add take the FEATURED PRODUCTS part down to LATEST PRODUCTS? I mean can i change positions?

yes mate, you can change position for the modules

you access backend of site, and come to menu Modules/Leo Control Positions to drag and drop modules on expected positions. Thanks

Hi there, I have problem about best sales page doesn’t show the same as the categories page when i remove “Compare Feature” the border doesn’t show, and the button for choosing grids and guide. please take a look ;

ok : http://www.labellon.com/th/3-white-laser-inkjet-copier-labels- not ok : http://www.labellon.com/th/best-sales

please advice

Please download new file best-sales.tpl from http://www.screencast.com/t/DqnqjumAG

replace for \themes\leometr\best-sales.tpl


This theme is compatible with prestashop 1.5.5? Because I have problems with drag and drop module configuration LeoTheme and unable to configure the Bootstrap Leo Mega Menu Thank you in advance for your reply

I redid the whole installation prestashop, everything works. Closed topic;)

thanks mate!!

Dear landofcoder, i am very much interested in a possibility of the related products module. Is it possible to make the carousel slide by itself ?

Please configuration module Related products from back-end

I have done that but there is no option to allow the carousel to slide automaticaly. Thats why i’m asking here, is it possible to add that now or in a future update?

you can send your FTP + Admin to leotheme@gmail.com

we will do it for you

Why the search top module has problems with research. When using the search ajax, time takes too little and you can not click on the products of research. Unable to look for products with the ajax search.

Hi there. I want to buy it and got some quiestions, this is the first one. I know some prestashop templates can’t have a bigger logo. What if my logo is bigger (in height) than the max logo size in the template … how can i use or set a bigger logo? Thanks in advance!

Hi sir, Our themes can solve your problem. You can upload your logo bigger

Hi there. I want to buy it and got some quiestions, this is the first one. I know some prestashop templates can’t have a bigger logo. What if my logo is bigger (in height) than the max logo size in the template … how can i use or set a bigger logo? Thanks in advance!

hi mate, if you have big logo, you have to edit css in template.

Hi, Nice theme, I want to ask you 1 question: Can i expand the number of rows of each module in homepage? Latest Products to 2 rows, Featured products to 4 rows,Best sellers to 2 rows

Hi there,

You can easily expand the number of rows in homepage by configure from our module

What’s wrong? Live preview of the theme is not available.

Sorry, Our servers have a little problems

It work fine now, thanks


whether it will help the installation? I want to purchase this themes..

We will install help you, if you do not know,

Or you can read theme guide to do it.

I Bought your theme for a shop on a IT domain…now I have to clone it on another domain (ES) for another market (SPAIN)...but when I choose your theme nothig is visibile , on the contrary when a load the default theme everything is alright…

Can you help me? Is it a question of license? I hope no…

Hi there, Where did you bought our theme?

I just sent you an email with error messages on your Gmail box.

Can you respond quickly. thank you

Hi there, can you send me your email?

You answered me, and I just answered instantly

Hi landofcoder

¿Does the template include some kind of “Coming Soon” page to show during the setup?

best regards, Alberto