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Hi Does your really nice template include some kind of “Coming soon” page tu use during the setup?

Regards, Alberto

Hi sir,

We use design of default template for maintain page

Hi I wonder if this comment form is working…

hi, how to make leobootstrapmenu to be full width?

Or you need change your layout by configure position module from back-office :)

i know it should edit the css code, but how? please more spesific

we will support for you, when you buy our product :)


I whould to know how I can use module on another template (I bought this template juste for the megamenu module).

Currently, this module doesn’t work with my template :(


Hi mate, Please try to config your shop to default theme and check this module first.

we only support if your site have error with default prestashop and our module

Hello. Is it possible to show the category bar on the left like item pages on the home page (under slideshow)?

ty Good Job

yes sir, we will guide for you show it when you bought product :)

Hello. Congratulations for the template. I’d like to know how to update the template. Also how can I prevent being erased the changes that I’ve made it. Thank you.

thank you.

Hi, got problem, after i used this theme, the “add to cart” down show the button http://downtown.my/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product&id_lang=1 please help. tq

Or you can save this image addcart, then copy to folder /themes/leometr/img/default/


Ok tq sir. great support here. problem solved. :)


Hi! I would like to ask if it is possible to translate the template into another language by downloading the language pack from Prestashop.


Yes, it is possible :)


We bought trough a different account several templates already, but we figured out that the leo related block module has a serious bug. Actually all the pages have the same related products, there is a cache key problem(it’s not defined). Could you please let us know how can this be fixed.

The related product module isn’t working on your sites either: leotheme.com.

Kind Regards

Please download this file
then replace it in folder /modules/blockleorelatedproducts/

HTML files are included with this theme ? I want to make use of this theme for open cart.

Dear mate. Sorry, we only provider prestashop file. You can contact with pavotheme@gmail.com. They will convert metro theme to open cart. That is other team in my company

Can I upgrade prestashop versione? What I can do it? I’ve tried, but without good results!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Installed this theme as the instructions explained and when we activate and save it from admin panel we get a blank page on our front end, any help would be great?

Hi there, Please send FTP + admin to leotheme@gmail.com
we will help

Hi, we managed to fix the template, just an important question, because we are starting a new store we want to start on v1.6 so can you tell me approximately when the new template will be available?


Dear mate
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook

Hi Leotheme,

I miss the voucher field in the cart…..where is it? I’ve checked your template and I can see it. But I can’t see it in my shop…. Regards

You can believe me, I done it….but still no voucher field displayed….

I think there must be an error. Before I used your theme, the vouchers where displayed.

So, Please provide FTP + Back-office account to leotheme@gmail.com
I will check for you

Hi there,

Will this version work on prestashop 1.6?

Ooop! This theme only work on 1.5 version
We will update it to 1.6 soonest

Thank you ;)

Hi, please tell me when this them will work on prestahsop 1.6… many thanks.

Dear mate
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook

hi, i need help… I bought the theme, and now after intalar and activate it went blank homepage. someone can help me plz?

Dear, This theme not support 1.6 version Prestashop
We are upgrading it
If theme blank on 1.5.x, Please mail to leotheme@gmail.com
we will solve for you

hi again,

sorry but i need help..

i install the theme and i have this erro “public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php on line 127”...help plz..

Please mail to leotheme@gmail.com
we will check for you

Hey. i love your prestashop themes. but the only problem i have is when in Mobile View, if you click on a product, it gives you the product picture and description near the end. For example: if you go in to this product link: http://www.leotheme.com/demo/prestashop14x/?template=leo_metro. it shows you the logo, then cart, then categories, viewed products, manufacturers, tags, wishlist, suppliers and FINALLY the product which i clicked on.

Is there anyway to bring the ’’product’ before other things? because on a mobile phone customer has to scroll so much, before they can see the product they clicked on. thanks heaps.

Dear You can move all module from left to right column to solve

My store is giving very strange problems. in my usual browser I have no problem, but in other browser assume the theme images I’ve already changed the long. any solution?

Dear mate,
sorry for delay
Please send mail to leotheme@gmail.com
attach image error
we will solve for you

Hi. I sent you an email with a request to investigate the problem in the theme. This email address leotheme@gmail.com is working?

Hi there,
Sorry for delay
Please send me your mail
we will support for you by mail :)

Dear mate, we replied, we need ftp + back-office. Could you please send it for us via email. after get it we will fix for you