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this is very, very good. GLWS.

Thank man

heyy.. big photos are big win! Do you know about my new project http://picjumbo.com, where you can download high-res photos for free?

oh! nice thank mate


Does it also support one page checkout, please?

Is there a demo page where I can test it?

Many thanks Best regards

This theme is support OPC, you can check demo


Hello, I asked because in the demo it is 5 steps checkout and not One Step Checkout. Can you check it please? Thanks

please check again, u=it is 5 steps checkout now

Nice work! Good luck with sales friend! ;)

hehe thanks :)

This them is compatible with 1.5.6? Thanks

of course, this theme is compatible with version 1.5.6

Will you keep supporting this theme with future developments. For example compatibility with PS 1.6 ?

yes sir, we will support for lastest version

great work, GLWS

Had a quick look and must say…outstanding work.

Only one thing I dislike and that is on the Special Products when you rollover the thumbnails of the phones and they show the mini thumbnails to the left….if you click these they take you to a new page with just the picture of the phone….can you disable the links so that they don’t take you away from the page?

Hi sir, Thanks for your interest. We did update for new main file.


The theme does not appear, I do not understand why … This is the address of my site: http://boumphone.com/Shop/

Thank you for your help

Hi, Please enable our modules from back-office

Please send FTP + admin to huongvt@brainos.vn

i will solve for you

Is it possible to have categories under the subcategories to make sub-subcategories?

There URL remains the same on each page, can I customize the url for each page on the site?

Does the menu have an option for 2nd level drop-down or is what’s in the demo what you get for a menu?

yes sir, All function that Prestashop have support, our theme also support


Can you please refund me please. Leomobile is not compatible with my version of prestashop. I do not have enough knowledge to fix the issue. - When I add products to the basket and I order I get an error ! - The website is very slow ...


or please offer me a new template compatible

Please contact with Themeforest to request refund. :(

SQL error on query Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes error when installing from quickstart directory.

what can i do here?

that’s not a host problem! i’v tried to find the answer on the internet…. and that error disappears if i delete leomanagewidgets_exceptions from db sql install file. From that table the problem comes.

it is possible to send me the demo sql database as it is installed on your server?

Please send your request to leotheme@gmail.com

Wow nice!Good luck mate :)

Thanks sir,

Hi landofcoder! Great work. I’d like to know a couple of things before purchase your theme: 1. Is it easy to integrate a payment gateway like Paypal or Mercado de Pago (Latin America)? 2. Can I add videos from Youtube in the product description page? 3. How works the currency tool and how many currencies can be used? 4. Is it possible to integrate OLARK (online chat)? Thanks in advance! 5. Is it complicated the installation? Best regards.

1. If it is compatible with prestashop default, it will easy with our theme.

2. it’s possible

3. You can use many currencies by blockcurrence module

4. It is possible

5. This theme is easy to installation

Hello lanofcoder I have a pre-sales question. The leo positing Cpanel can add the categories menu to be displayed on the homepage sidebar? Can we set modules to hook differently for each page template, product, homepage, categories etc?

I haven’t used prestashop for a while.

If you want hook into each page template, you must add code for your module

we support lot of hook for theme


What about your help desk? do you review the tickets opened in this system?

I’m waitting for a reply for 6 days and I have more questions about your themes.



Sorry sir,

You can send your issue to huongvt@brainos.vn

We will solve for you :)

Hello there! Really nice work, I’m tempted to buy it. But let me ask you something: is it possible to change menu and add to cart button color? The menu going grey and button going orange?

Regards PA

Yes sir,

You can easy change by css code, If you buy it, i will guide for you

Nice thanks. And how about containers having curved corners, for instance, the menu with curved corners, etc… is it possible? Regards

One more thing… the printscreens of the theme shows a different design based on this same theme, like different icons and positioning and a support icon on the header, different padding between containers. Is still possible to use those icons with the current version? Regards

Greetings! Great theme, thank you.

But you have updated the theme since I have downloaded it. What is the changelog for this update?

not good.

Any modules updated? Or you only updated tpl files in theme?

In new version, prestashop has changed almost all files

we also change module a little. :)