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Same as ResKenny.

I cannot find the changelog for this theme. Do you have it documented?

Thanks, Mariano

Hi there, We upgrade code .tpl to latest version Prestashop You can compare in folder /themes/leomobi/

Are you able to configure to filter based on which product attributes on the left side? Or it will be determined automatically based on products searched or browsed?



Filter based on which product attributes on the left side is configured from back-office.

You can configure from Blocklayer module of prestashop

hello, I would like a suggestion before you buy. Which version do you recommend for your prestashop template spectacular!? I look forward to a pleasant vs opinion. thanks

Dear mate, Best version of prestashop for this template is,,

hi, my megamenu not working well.. Categories cant be found… Some solution? thx http://prestashop.cruli.cz/


I want to add the brand in the product information for the homepage/grid/... how can i do that ?

Thanks, BTW great work

Hi sorry, this theme is not support :)

hello Good job. Lust a question…Why on the demo the site is petty big, and after installation it looks smaller. Is it my eyes?? Or a configuration?

Thx mate

Please login back-office, access menu Modules > Modules, then configure Leo Theme control panel module. then enable responsive :)

hello, currently i’m using this theme for my site, and I would like to know how can I modify thumbnails counts on product page it shows 4 thumbnails images actually with “next” scroll symbol right next to third image and this damage the layout of product page.

You need know about code php and css, to change product.tpl file.

or you can send your issue to leotheme@gmail.com

we will do it for you :)

Hi, I just bought the theme I’m starting to apply some changes to it, like containers having curved corners, for instance, the menu with curved corners, etc… is it possible?

One more thing… the printscreens of the theme shows a different design based on this same theme, like different icons and positioning and a support icon on the header, different padding between containers. Is still possible to use those icons with the current version?


1.I’m starting to apply some changes to it, like containers having curved corners, for instance => I think you can custom it with css3. 2.the printscreens of the theme shows a different design based on this same theme=> we call it is skin. you can add new skin follow guide: http://www.leotheme.com/support/forum/how-to-create-new-skin-color-for-your-theme.html

Hello, I made yesterday a question about a problem. They did not answer.

Need quick answers

Hi sir, What’s your problem?

I need to translate a word, and not find it. Please give me an email to send you a picture of the problem.

Can i get any sample sites which is already created? No the demo please.

Yes sir, did you purchase our template?

No before I buy I wanna see the functionality of the theme. I really like your theme. By the way just saw in your demo, can we disable the product image previews where 3 Images appears when we take the cursor on a product?

Hi, You can disable it very easy by our module.

We not support customer access back-end of theme. Ooop!

I think what Shazim meant (and what I would like to see) are some other websites of real customers that had implemented this theme. To see what else can you do with this theme, and how other clients have customized the theme..

Dear mate! some customer don’t allow us share their website url. If you really want to see, Please send me email to leotheme@gmail.com

Is that any reason why the cart button which is beside the checkout button doesn’t appear in the front page?

Hi there, Please send me link your web

May I know your email address?

How do I remove the “Designed by Leotheme” from the footer of the template? Also, How do I change the template title that displays in the browser window. It appears every page is suffixed by Leo Mobile.


Dear mate. We only allow remove it if you bought developer license from leotheme.com

Just seeing this response…why do I have to pay extra to remove the designed by link? This was not stated anywhere when I purchase from theme forest and I have purchased other theme forest prestashop and Joomla themes, not one of them is asking to pay to remove the designed by….this is definitely not acceptable practice.


how can i add 5columns instead of basic 4 to the dropdown sub-menu pls?


Please configure Leo Bootstrap menu module

see guide: http://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop/megamenu-module/

Hello How kan I translate some words, it’s a lot of words appearing on English and can not translate it into other languages ??for example “shopping cart”


Dear mate. Please read my guide: http://www.leotheme.com/blog/prestashop/220-prestashop-theme-and-module-translation.html You can translate it in 3. TRANSLATE INSTALLED MODULES.

I’ve purchased this theme and if this theme is correctly responsive with firefox, it does not work in IE9 and product images are displayed in cascade, as if ajax not working in IE9. No problem in Firefox Have you a solution please ? Thanks

please compress css from back-end :)

Hi there,

I’ve just set “Friendly URLs” on, and the theme MegaMenu is not rendering friendly URL, it keeps showing common URL.

How can I make it working?

Kind regards. Pedro Ávila

SOLVED: It was a matter of cache. I disabled cache from Leo Bootstrap MegaMenu, refreshed web site, and activated cache once again.

Dear mate. Thank you very much for your respon

I am planning to purchase tis theme. wll it be compatible with future updates eg. 1.6 will be released soon…and more future updates…

3 days and no reply before purchasing….whats wud happen afterwards….???

Dear mate! I’m so sorry about our delay. This template will avail for prestashop 1.6 When prestashop 1.6 release. We will update all template to prestashop 1.6

How to change the words mobile phones and tablets with the names of my products? As I put my products on special products? Thank you.

Dear mate, Please tell me more clearly with image for description. And send it to leotheme@gmail.com. we will support

Hi coder, i have a problem with the menu module.

I’d like to add pages like contacts or others pages inside URL and SEO at the root level of the menu.

The big problem is that “Menu Type” does not contain the option for displaying that pages. Also the “URL” type isn’t multilanguage and the HTML type does not save the url I write inside the textarea ( with the annoying “p” tag add every time I save )

Thanks for your attention.

please mail to leotheme@gmail.com. we will help