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I have purchased this template but showing some css file missing error. i try to contact you but no response please help us

hi there, You can send your FTP + Admin to leotheme@gmail.com

we will install for you. thanks,

I forword all the details in your email id but still not be done in your side. we are waiting for your response

HI mate. i sent you email

Hi, When I click on “Add my wishlist” there is a javascript error: “callerElement is not defined”

Could you help me?

Hi there,

Please send your FTP + Admin to thinvt@brainos.vn

We will solve for you. thanks,

The shop aren’t in remote server yet. Thanks

I really have trouble with the top menu and how to make column. I didn’t found any help in your source about the menu. How do we create meny like the demo ?

I really have trouble with the top menu and how to make column. I didn’t found any help in your source about the menu. How do we create meny like the demo ?

I have a problem on IE8 with styles. Not apply the skins. Can you help me, please?

Solved: The problem was the number of the files to loading. IE 8 no acecpt more than 28. I have actived the cache and it was solved.

Hello , I would like to have the slideshow of the theme (leo camera) along the all wide of the page (900 px). I’ve changed the wide in the “configure menu” in modules (Slider Image Width:900 – Slider Image Height:280). And in the “position control panel” in the HOOK_SLIDESHOW, i only selected the module of the slide show…but i see all the time the slide with 698×280 dimensions. I need to change anything more?

Thank in advance

Maybe I not watching, but can I make the logo appears on the left side of the basket to make it look bigger? . In the actual possition in which it is now, up to the left, I see it’s very little. Thank you for answering both questions.

1. open file: \modules\blockleocustomadv\tmpl\default.tpl and \themes\leotea\modules\leocamera\leocamera.tpl then follow guide:

+ http://screencast.com/t/ytSUEUvQrA

+ http://screencast.com/t/j768XeoVr

2. see guide + http://screencast.com/t/xzjeEWoVdAO

Hello, Thanks a lot !. Now it’s the look and feel that i need. Great!!

Hi there,

Love this theme. Coupe of things need verified before i purchase this.

1. Would I be able to make the categories as Drop Down when mouse over, without clicking on them (like accordion). My existing site has same feature so thought better I continue it.

2. We sell tea online but 75% of our customers do direct bank transfers after we confirm their orders. What I mean is, we let them select and make a list and send us. What does wishlist do in your theme? Does it allow people to add them before they really buy? I can’t check it without login in so that why I am asking you?

What type of Payment Methods your theme has?

3. Can I have the site in Thai language too?

@landofcoder…still waiting for the answer for the 2nd point above. Keen to buy the theme.

i would like to purchase the theme, but afraid it will not install on prestashop 1.5.6, could you probably install it for me?

Can anyone tell me what type of Payment Methods the theme has?

Thanks Mate.. I purchased the theme. loving it. I will have questions for you for sure. Brace yourself :)


I saw a comment for How to remove Wishlist from the to bar and I did it. However, I want to know how I can remove Wishlist function from all the products near ADD TO CART.

Please delete code in file /themes/leotea/product-list.tpl

I guess you are talking about this “{l s=’Add to wishlist’}“

Thanks… I deleted the code and now it’s inactive. But what I want is to remove the Heart Shaped Icon and just keeping only the Price and Add to Cart Icon.

Also I am expecting a answer to my other question I mentioned before about the language, which is….. ” how can I translate the Sign up form and Checkout forms into different languages. No matter which language we choose the Sign up for and CHeckout process are still in English. “

Please provide FTP + back-office account to huongvt@brainos.vn My dev will solve for you


I bought your theme a month ago. The theme is perfect, but since when is the new update came out ( stable) for prestashop, your theme stop working.

This is the error what i got: http://pastebin.com/Y096mbsH

Thank you for your help.

please login to back-office, access menu Modules > modules, find module Leo Theme control Panel, then enable it.

Thank you, that worked for me :)

Hey! Good job with theme! I love it, and that’s the reason I got it. Anyways, I got my account with ShopIfy.com and I cannot install this theme to my domain. Here is what message I get when I try to do that: Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid” Can you please help me out with that? Thank you!

Dear mate. I got your email in leotheme@gmail.com and we fixed for you. if have any problem, please contact me via leotheme@gmail.com

hi, The toolpanel is displayed on my website. how to delete it ? http://desirdejardin.fr/

ok nevermind I’ve removed from footer.tpl

Good luck !

I saw the update is available for Leo Tea theme, Could you please sent me the step, how to update on prestrashop ?

Hi, Why my page shopping cart is not look like yours : http://slimbodycare.com/en/quick-order

What should I do to display same as leo tea shopping cart?

how to add contact form in page?


Hi mate,
Please provide FTP + Back-office account to leotheme@gmail.com
we will help

Hi, I bought Leo Tea Theme. I would like to change the base color of right categories . How to change it ?

I changed the content of Leo CMS Sticker module (select group : custom). But it does not apply to my front page correctly. What should I do ?

Please provide FTP + Back-office account to leotheme@gmail.com
W will check for you

Hi. Are you going to post an update for this theme is compatible with prestashop 1.6? Thanks.

Dear mate
this template is only can run with prestashop version 1.5
we are updating it to 1.6, we will inform in Facebook

Thanks !!

Very good theme, as all the ones you do ;-) Easy to use, to configure, powerful an visually stunning, very professional!

A pleasure to work with your software. Now I’ve got another project, for a photo gear company and I think I’ll purchase one of your themes. Nice work guys! Thank you for doing such a great software! Best, Josep M Felip 7dprojects

You are welcome! Glad to work with you.


How can I change the LOGO (heade, etc)? I try in BO and no matter what format I upload there, JPG or PNG it does not upload/change.


Dear mate! about PNG logo Please access back-office > Preferences > Images find config Image quality : Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format. and upload image again

I want to increase the size of the Category Logo Image as you can see here http://saffronteas.co.uk/3-our-teas The images under Subcategories on the url, I want to increase the size of them.
Dear mate! YOu can see the subcategory logo use image size: http://saffronteas.co.uk/c/7-medium_default/black.jpg
That is medium_default. You can login back-office find prefrence > images and edit size of medium_default and regenerate image agian