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Another wonderful theme, I love your design, congratulations!!!!

thank you friend! :)

Thanks =))

Good work! GLWS!

Thank you ;)

Spasibo!!! :)

good job, you rock!

Thank you for your purchase! =)

Wow nice theme! very clean Good luck :)

yeah man, thanks! :)

studioleland thanks! ;)

Interesting work. GLWS !

thank you =)

Super. Tak derzat :)

Spasibo :)

Well done, love this one :)


Very, very modern theme. Your style is amazing!

Very, very, very nice! Good luck with sales

P.S. Are these photos are free to use on previews?

hello. We do not sell pictures, we sell a template. the customer receives a template without these images :) they only used to demonstrate the capabilities of the template. I think this is no problem.

Good template… I would buy it … But I saw that he does not have an area of “elements”. For this reason I chose to buy the template “Corsa”. If you do an upgrade this template, you can let me know I’m interested.

I need this resource in form: Help me one more time, please…

Hello. I’m helped enough. I have developed for you the contact form on php free, although it in html template should not be.
I can not alter the template to the requirements of each customer. for these purposes, hiring a freelancer.

To lower the bar below:
1) Open the style.css
2) find ”.touch-carousel .scrollbar-holder”
3) change value bottom (eg: bottom:-75px;)
4) save the file.

unfortunately I can not help you with the code of other authors.

We hope for your understanding. thank you!

Hi! I’m still waiting for the update of the HTML version …

I just purchased the LEON theme. I tried to upload the zip file to my wordpress site but I keep getting directed to page that says Are You Sure You Want To Do This? and then I can’t do any other actions? How can I upload this theme?

Hello. You bought the HTML version of the template. Wordpress version does not yet exist. It will be sold separately a little later. Leon is located in the category of HTML templates and costs 14$. Usually Wordpress theme worth from 40$ to 55$.

Ok, can I get this refunded then?

Money is not stored with us. Contact your support envato, maybe they can help you.