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Another wonderful theme, I love your design, congratulations!!!!

thank you friend! :)

Nice work :) GLWS!

Thanks =))

Good work! GLWS!

Thank you ;)

Spasibo!!! :)

good job, you rock!

Thank you for your purchase! =)

Wow nice theme! very clean Good luck :)

yeah man, thanks! :)

studioleland thanks! ;)

Interesting work. GLWS !

thank you =)

Good work :) GLWS

thanks :)

Super. Tak derzat :)

Spasibo :)

Well done, love this one :)


Very, very modern theme. Your style is amazing!

Thanks :)

Very, very, very nice! Good luck with sales

P.S. Are these photos are free to use on previews?

hello. We do not sell pictures, we sell a template. the customer receives a template without these images :) they only used to demonstrate the capabilities of the template. I think this is no problem.

Good template… I would buy it … But I saw that he does not have an area of “elements”. For this reason I chose to buy the template “Corsa”. If you do an upgrade this template, you can let me know I’m interested.

I need this resource in form: Help me one more time, please…

Hello. I’m helped enough. I have developed for you the contact form on php free, although it in html template should not be.
I can not alter the template to the requirements of each customer. for these purposes, hiring a freelancer.

To lower the bar below:
1) Open the style.css
2) find ”.touch-carousel .scrollbar-holder”
3) change value bottom (eg: bottom:-75px;)
4) save the file.

unfortunately I can not help you with the code of other authors.

We hope for your understanding. thank you!

Hi! I’m still waiting for the update of the HTML version …

I just purchased the LEON theme. I tried to upload the zip file to my wordpress site but I keep getting directed to page that says Are You Sure You Want To Do This? and then I can’t do any other actions? How can I upload this theme?

Hello. You bought the HTML version of the template. Wordpress version does not yet exist. It will be sold separately a little later. Leon is located in the category of HTML templates and costs 14$. Usually Wordpress theme worth from 40$ to 55$.

Ok, can I get this refunded then?

Money is not stored with us. Contact your support envato, maybe they can help you.