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I purchased Le-Santana. Clean, straight to the point work, support is great. congrats :) 5 star rating. Recommended!!

Thank you so much for rating & great words. Appreciate it :)

Hi, for some reason the menu does not show, followed instructions any way to fix.

Website: http://foxee.com.au/

Hi, You need to create menu under ROOT. Please email us with site admin details. So we can add this for you. Thanks!!

Thank you for your help with the menu. Much appreciated.

Thanks Dane!!

I have a problem installing, tried different servers but after I uploaded with FTP and cleaned cache I cant acces front or backend anymore. I get errors and cant do nothing anymore

You might missing something while uploading. Please email us with details. We help you with this. Thanks!!

I’ve installed the theme several times today, with problems.

[code removed]

Could you advise? I followed instructions but still have problems.


Please email us with site details. So we can look into it http://themeforest.ne/user/koolthememaster


Hello, I tested your demo theme on my Iphone5. The cart icon dropdown does not work in portrait mode. Before I purchase, I would like to know whether you use LESS for css and if you do, do you give support in customizing it?


There’s no quick install to get the site setup the way you have it on your demo.

Is this something you guys provide?

Hi, Please follow document. It ONECLICK install. Please email us for more details. Thanks!!

No offense but i don’t see 1 click install.. There’s nothing in the documentation to do a demo install. nor do i have a SQL dump of the demo site you have. I’ve done this before with another Magento Template and they had it where I was able to install an exact demo. can you email me directly to get an exact demo install going. I’ll send you a direct email again.

Hello, can you please answer my email regarding issues with theme? thank you much

Hi, We follow up on email soon. Things you asked for need support no issues. We answer them soon. Thanks!!

I’m sill waiting for respond regarding custom menu and product tab problem, thank you much


Thankyou for this theme. I have issues with the installation of the theme. When ever i upload the theme files to root and click on clean cache, front end and backend stops working.

I have mailed you the credentials required through profile page contact author.

Never mind .. I have resolved the issue. Had to do certain changes with the .php files..

Thankyou for this amazingly beautiful theme :)

Welcome Humaila :)

Hi congrats with this cool theme. I´m interested to buy it but have a couple of pre-buy questions:

  • Can a Blog be integrated in the theme?
  • In 3 of the 4 demo’s you use the 2 ‘diamants’ on top of the header. I personaly prefer the straight line like in demo 3. Can this be changed in the admin or is this only possible in the demo 3 setup of the homepage?
  • Is the mega menu option available in the demo 3 setup of the homepage?
  • Can the theme be used in a Magento Multistore setup?

Thanks for you help!

Hi, Please find answers below:

1) Yes, you can install any blog extension. 2) Everything is possible with Le-Santana 3) Megamenu is available for all layout options 4) Yes, definitely be used for Multistore setup.


I have a problem installing, tried different servers but after I uploaded with FTP and cleaned cache I cant acces front or backend anymore. I get errors and cant do nothing anymore

You might missing something while uploading. Please email us with details. We help you with this. Thanks!!

Hello! I want to use this theme on another CMS (not Magento). Does the kit of theme include simple HTML-template (html+css+js)?

Hi, try magento you won’t get better than this. We don’t have separate files for this. You can use magento theme with all great features. Thanks!!

Is it possible to see the documentation before purchasing? I want to make sure the theme has everything i need prior to buying.

Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

We have onceClick install & well documented documents. So you will not get any problems with installation. You can email us if you face any while installation. We help you out.


Hello, I’m still waiting for respond regarding my last email. I have a problem with product tabs, custom menu and twitter feed not working. I do not know how to fix because I do not know what is causing it, can you please help, thank you much.

Hi. I’ve installed your LeSantana theme on magento and it works quite properly, problem is I can’t get custom colors to work for differents store views.

In “System -> Manage Stores” we have websites: – site1.mydomain.com -> store1 -> views: Italian and English – site2.mydomain.com -> store2 -> views: Italian and English

In “System -> Configuration -> General -> Design”, you read “Package -> Current Package Name” = “le-santana” for DEFAULT configuration. All other sites, stores and views use default value.

Use store2 as “Current Configuration Scope” in “System -> Configuration -> Mdlext -> Mdl Theme Settings”. – Changing “General theme color setting -> Page bg color” to #d4d4d4 WORKS as expected (store1 and store2 have different background colors). – All others COLOR settings (say “Navigation setting -> Main menu active bg”) DO NOT WORK as expected. Both store1 and store2 show the same default colors.

Please help us solving this issue since full theme color configuration is really important to us.

Best regards.

Hello Agor,

We follow up on email.

Thank you!!

Last update has been sent by you by email on 7th Nov 2013 (11 days ago!).
You’ve been granted access to installed magento two weeks ago and still I haven’t got a bloody clue if it’s due to a bug in Le Santana or else.

Please update me with current status of work soon.


I’m still waiting for ANY reply to the email I sent 5 days ago.
Since it seems there’s no way to solve the problem, I’ve asked you to send me a copy of the CSS file that would be created by themeColor.php if theme would have been customized using default colors… Adding a copy (for each website) of this CSS to the theme and customizing it, would make the trick.

I know this is just a workaround but it should work and is acceptable to us.

Please reply me as soon as possible.


Hello I just purchased your theme, and it seems that I cannot enable the custom menu. Can you help me out?

Hi, Sure. Please email with admin details. We look into it.


Great theme again. Been using the Santana Fashion theme and this is a great upgrade for this theme.

I want to use a bit bigger logo than used in your example, but I can’t get the alignment into order. Here’s the current situation:


How can I align the sections in left and right to be vertically in the middle?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, Its quite simple You can add margins to left & right div from top to make them aligned using CSS. Please email us if you want more detailed answer. Thanks!!


Could you please explain how can I change custom menu name? when i do it in a static block section within the span tags, the menus disappear from the nav bar.

Also can you explain how can I centre the nav menu on the heading layout 1 please?

Please help.

Best, Jakub

sorry, ignore first question, magento was automatically adding

    in front of it and causing the problem

Hi Jakub,

Didn’t get you for Second question. Please email us with more details so we can help you out.


When enlarging a product image i’m missing a next and previous image button. For easy image browsing. Can these buttons be enabled in the theme?

HI, Can you please email with site details. So we look into it. Thanks!!


I’m having a problem with twitter box, I can set the configuration right. I have generated the application details but I think I’m going wrong with user id. can you shed some light on the problem?

Best, Jakub

Hi again

any luck with twitter and upload?

Twitter is done I see.

yes, for some odd reasons the file in lib folder didn’t upload.

Could you please do me a favour and set-up a product on your demo shop with custom option and give me a link to it please?


Great theme install went smoothly all works, accept a smal thing. The newsleter signup is kinda out of proportions, the CSS looks good so kinda desparate here. See the screenshot please http://www.eliamo.nl/media/dhl/news.jpg


Hello it would be great if you answer me;)

Hi, It needs small css fix. Please email with site details. We do it. Thanks!!

Hi, its fixed, what i did was to add height and margin-top i hope is this the right way.