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Hello this is the umpteenth email without sending nussuna response on your part! I have sent many emails directly to your address!!!!!!!

I have a problem I can not solve with your theme! How do I change the order of the products in your home? Do not read any works of magendo in the sorting criterion to assign the categories and even the default magento. View in all three blocks is featured, bestseller, new products, older products at the top, it should do the opposite!!!!!!! Could you kindly give me an answer because I believe it is my right as I bought the theme!

P.S. Your theme except some bag and found a nice theme, but the support is zero, virtually none!! Pending cordial greetings

Thanks again but I solved alone again! Again the theme and well done except for a few BUG, but the support does not exist, so if you do not have a good knowledge of Magento and how structured and a bit difficult ….

Anyway for those who were to have my own need just add this string on the pages where you want to change the order, featured.phtml – new prodotti.phtml …..


$productObj = $productObj = $cObj->getProductCollection()>addAttributeToFilter(‘visibility’, $visibility)>->getData();


$productObj = $cObj->getProductCollection()>addAttributeToFilter(‘visibility’, $visibility)>setOrder(‘news_from_date’, ‘desc’)->getData();

just add the attribute you desidere to order!

Hi, It was mentioned on forum we are on leave for a week. We are now available for further help. Thank you!!

i purchased this theme few days ago. i downloaded the theme but not able to open the installation document. can you email me the installation guide or help me install the theme

Helloo….is there any kind of support available?? it has been 4 days now and there is no response from your side…

We are following up with you on email. Thanks!!

Actually i installed fresh magento on the site and again loaded your theme it is still not working..it gives the same basic error or 1050 Table ‘a63_magiclogo’ already exists

i have installed magento

Cannot view the sales icon either, where to enable it?

Hi, Please let us know more details about it. We answer it. Thanks! !

hi when i try to upload this template onto wordpress it tells me “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” Can you please help me or give me a refund?

Hi, Theme is for Magento community version. It cannot be used for wordpress. Please use it on magento installation. Thanks!!


rzs Purchased

after install I clean cash and have a BUG

Error app/code/community/Mdl/Magiclogo/sql/magiclogo_setup/mysql4-install-0.1.0.php” – SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table

How do I fix these problems? You already have the issue with the fix?


rzs Purchased

magento ver. 1.8.1.


rzs Purchased

I told the developer of this template – error occurs when installed Magento table prefix/ but to know where he added a particular function. he refused!


rzs Purchased

install megento without table prefix and theme – all it’s OK!

Hello, I want to change menu color and fonts, but any change on mdl -> theme settings -> colors don’t work. All of this config I made with “Enabled Seting” = True and False too. I tried to change colors and flush magento cache, but don’t work. What i cand do? Regards

Hi, It works. Please email us with site details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!


I have errors with your theme on Magento 1.8.1 – the error are:

1. Safari Crashes on iPhone 5 – website does not load 2. Previous page link on Products page returns a 404 page 3. Cannot edit and update number of products on cart page 4. Customer account login does not work – page just refreshes


found another error… sometimes when you add to cart, it adds item to cart but when you go to cart the cart is empty.. and sometimes i get an undefined error… I have emailed you my site details yesterday, but you have not fixed the issues I am having, when are you going to fix these issues and the ones above?

I have read this and it might help you with known 1.8.1 cart error

Do you guys have any template fixes for this shopper theme… update product count in cart does not work iether and I am reading similar issues with themes developed for 1.8.1

Please read this thread http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/765143/P15/

Hi, We have checked your admin panel & found you have install 2 different themes in one magento panel. The issue you getting is due to another theme you using on your website. No such problem is ever reported from any user. You should use any one of theme on fresh magento. Thanks!!

I have just bought it, but can’t install? Can you help me please!

Yes we help you. Please email us with site details. Thanks!!


If I buy this theme, could you tell me how change the picture just above Le-Santana Logo? (It’s not the logo but the “picture” above it, like two “rhombus”).


Yes, you can easily change it. I let you know. Thanks! !

I am having trouble with Featured and New Products on Home Page. They were coming and suddenly disappeared. Here is the message I am getting.

There are no products matching the selection.


Hello, I have already fixed your issue & also emailed you for same. can you please check your inbox. You have not set correct category ID’s. it was all in documents provided. Thanks!!

Ok, thanks, but I didnt receive other email, Can you send me the details so that I know what’s wrong for category id?

You did not entered valid category id before. Nothing was wrong.

I having trouble on using this theme. Page of catalogue: http://www.onlineshoppingchina.cn/index.php/recommend-products.html 1 can not work list by grid or by list. 2 just duplicate list 9 products, I updated 13 prodcuts.

Hi URL you sent is not working for me. Please send correct one & details to site via email. Thanks!!

Hello, really nice theme! My question is: how do I manually edit the top menu? Is there a backend option or do i have to edit the code?

Thanks, N

If you want add menu manually yes you may need to edit code.

Hello, can I change from “Full screen layout” to “Box layout”?


Hi, there is setting in MDL theme options. You can set layout from there. Thanks!!

Customer Login isn’t redirected after account login. The page returns back to the login page and doesn’t go to the account dashboard. Please help

Hi, It has nothing todo with file creation. Files has been update as you see on demo it works fine. Please email us with your site admin & ftp details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

Customer is getting a collapsed checkout page. Only one customer is dealing with this issue. Do I need to update a certain checkout file?

Hi, Please email us site admin & ftp details. So we can look into it. Thanks!1

When I click “activate theme” I get a 404 not found error. Please help!

Please! :)

Please download update package for this. We have updated it 2 days back. Email us for further questions. Thanks.


I bought the theme le-santana and am having trouble getting enable review on the products please could help me in this matter?

With the default theme magento review the product works normally

I am using magento 1.8


Can you please email us with site admin and ftp detail so we can help you.



I bought the theme le-santana and am having trouble getting enable review on the products please could help me in this matter?

With the default theme magento review the product works normally

I am using magento 1.8


Can you please email us with site admin and ftp detail so we can help you.


Can I edit / delete button “Contact us” in the navigation bar?


Hello, I have another question …. I do not get to customize “Custom Menu” .... the “Custom Menu” disappeared from navigation menu.


Hi, You can find code for CustomMenu in document. You need to create static block for that. Please email with site admin details. So we can make it for you. Thanks!!

Hi Guys, we´ve got the same issue with the Map not being displayed on contact us page. Obviously it has been solved. Could you tell me what i need to do to fix this issue.


HI, We are looking into it right now. Update you once its done. Thanks!!

Hey Guys Thanks! It´s working fine now!

Welcome Luka.

Hi, I want to disable the default slider on the home page, and use another slider. 1. How can I disable the slider completely? 2. How can I show the other slider in the same position on the home page? Thank you.

OK. I’ve manged to configure it the way I wanted (no text or buttons). However, I’ve one major issue: my website loads very fast, but the banner loads after 5 seconds. I tried “SmartSlider2”, and it loads within 1 second. Is there a way to make it load better (I’m using a fast server)? If not, how can I place “SmartSlider2” in the same position in order to replace the slow loading banner? Thank you

Use compressed image for your home slider & for placing smartslider please email us using contact form. Thanks!!