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Nice vcard theme. Wish you best of luck for exclusive sales.

Thanks a lot :)

Very nice v-card theme.


Great design! Good luck :)

Thanks :)

Very nice work :) GLWS

Thanks :)

Cool design… where did u get those avatar pictures? :) (on Light version)

Thank you)

Nice concept you have here, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot)

Thanks! Amazing design!

I’m glad :)

Beautiful design. GLWS and keep it up :)

Thank you :)

Hi ArtRow + Very nice v-card theme !

Before buying’m checking operation in the Iphone5. Everything works fine except the “Social buttons” and “download vCard”.


  • Instead:**   

I enter this in the same place?**

correct ?


one more time….

  • Instead:**    a href=”images/photocontent/portfolio_01.jpg” class=”fancybox” rel=”group” title=”Title”

I enter this in the same place?**

img src=”http://lh5.ggpht.com/-vV9zRPyrkCU/TdaAoYChDGI/AAAAAAAAA9o/i7WDXAdXDgU/s00/findi.gif”

correct ?

If it works use it. This is standard procedure for changing links. ?ontact me directly by template please.

Original and Excellent.

A Lightbox for the portfolio links would have made it perfect.


I have some problems in setting my contact page done… is there something Im missing? Should I change some things in the php file? the site in online but the contact form is just not working… surely Im doing something wrong…


Hi sebastianpiatek,

What exactly is not working? did not receive a letter?

oh sorry… now it works!

one more question…

in which format should a Vcard for download be saved so it would be possible for others to use it?



Any format. This button is for downloading files as pdf, word, txt etc.

Awsome! :) I’ve just bought it.

What made me bought it is that it looks so great either using a notebook/desktop or using a mobile (iphone or android).

And it’s so easy to customize. Much easier than I though.

Good work!

Thank you very much :) I’m very glad

Excellent design and very well documented so it’s easy to customize.

One of the best and simplest themes I’ve used – keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you, jfarebro :)

Can you add blog and cv

Not at this template

Great template :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you :)

I cannot get the mail form to work. Is there a reason why? I changed the CHMOD to 777 but still does not work. = / I am using gmail by the way.

To work contact form required PHP server. It will be work. (check spam folder)

It doesn’t require a PHP server, SMTP enabled servers will work. But I just found out that shared servers use a WHM and they disable the “Prevent nobody from sending mail” so the only way to bypass that is to disable that option (this can only be disabled by the host) or implement SMTP code into the form and so I did. And it works now.

-So don’t tell people they need PHP server, do some research before you reply.

Hello, nice template. I have problems with the contact form does not work, do not send anything to my email. I hope you can help me. Regards

To work contact form required PHP server. It will be work.