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WARNING! Theme comes with hidden costs that are multiple times higher then the theme price. The info on the extra costs is hidden in the “feature” section: “Premium resources: Isotope plugin FancyBox 2”. That line doesn’t mean the theme features those premium resources as part of the package – but that you won’t be able to use the theme without paying extra. A pity you need to download the package to find out. No refund possible at that point anymore. I don’t mind the extra costs, but not communicating them to start with is more then bad style.

Other then that the theme is one of my favourites.

Dont panic. You are free to use these plugins for your personal or non-profit website projects.

Fancybox 2 is licensed under the CC BY NC license. A personal homepage where you present your work profile/your work skills (see the example site for your template as example of use that’s not allowed) to get projects etc will already break the license since it’s a commercial use. To my understanding the only allowed use are fully private (eg. family) sites without work related references. What you wrote could be true for the isotope plugin, though. I bought the plugins for my personal work related page and am happy with your work, the only thing I had complaints about was you not pointing out the hidden extra costs.

Can I attache it overtime to my emails as a card?

What did you mean? Please clarify what do you want.

How do I disable the mobile/iphone/ipad versions? I want the computer version to display on every device?

Open main.css, find section «9. Media Queries» and remove it.

Hi! Great Template. How can I disable slideshow in the info block(“About Me”)?

Hi, Open settings.js, find section «Info slider» and disable/remove it.

I’m unclear which license to purchase. I have a client who wants to use a VCARD template, like this one, as a starting point to put together their technical training materials as an eBook. They’ve already purchased a template from someone else and asked me to look into this one.

Hi, I hope this will help to make a choice http://themeforest.net/licenses

Hello again) Contact form isn’t working, though Php is enabled and e-mail adress has been set

Hi, it should work. Check spam folder?

You were right, mail was in spam folder. Sorry) And what about google map markers? How can i set them up? I have already changed data-lng in index.html, but markers on the map image didn’t move to the right location

For creating new marker you need:

- add marker in HTML (you did)
- and open settings.js (JS folder), find section “Google Maps” and add new {latLng: [XXXXX,XXXXX]} XXXXX – from your HTML.

IE8 compatibility would be fine. And IE9 + IE10 gives a activeX Warning @standard config

One thing in advance!!!—> Dont´t shot me ! I dont have much knowledge about codes and that stuff i just bought it over tf as a wordpress theme … I have no Idea how to install this theme. can´t find the style.css ? THX


Sorry, but I don’t work with WP. Can’t help you. WP version developed by another team. Soon to be released.

Hey, I dont understand “Contact” Google Map. Please help me…! Thanks from Germany

Hi, what exactly you can’t understand?

Hi i have just bought this template. i wanna change the structure i mean i wanna add new template file like #blog.. so how can i change #content-wrapper and the structure i couldnt even add extra “etab”

No, when you add new pages or tabs do not need this

Problem solved thank you. Great vcard tho.

Thank you :)

Firstly, thanks for a really great looking and flexible theme!

The question I have is, how do I change the speed of the ‘slider’ on the front page, to be slower? I want to give people a little extra time to check out all of the info that is being displayed. (Blurb, personal info etc.)

Thanks again!

Thank you :)

You need to open the file settings.js and find section “Info slider”. Find a string with number 6000. It is milliseconds for slider.

Can you change the width of this VCard to be wider? Will that affect the mobile versions?

You can change the width of this VCard to be wider. For mobile phones other value is specified.

Hello, I think Google Latitude has been closed by Google in August 2013. I can’t change the map in contact page with my own. How can I find my own data-lat and data-lng info?

Nice theme, cong.!

I’m sorry, but i can’t help with it.

Excuse me but aren’t you the person who coded the contact.php & contact.js files in your theme? I lost just 9$ but you lost a customer! Good Job!

I understand you. But I do not know what you have for the server and how it works. I can help with the template, but not in the configuration of your server.

Hi there, do you have any plans to update the js code on this template?

I’ve noticed jittering when closing and opening different sections, unlike the ‘other’ LETA template.

They’re using jQuery 1.10.2 but other than that, I don’t know what else they’ve changed to get smooth transitions between sections.

I’ve tested it on an old MacBook (2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo).



I did not notice the difference. Jitter is only once in a black theme (Portfolio section. Height of content is not specified, it is calculated in the process of opening. After that, everything runs smoothly.)

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for your reply…

It is a small difference, but noticeable on slow machines. Anyway, beautiful template.

Almost done finishing my site!!!


Hi, very nice template. How can I get rid or modify the text (LETA-Vcard Template) that appears when I paste the website url in Facebook. It show that text instead of the website title.


Change the text in <title>LETA – Vcard Template</title> doesn’t help?

It might have been a cache issue because now it is showing the right title information. I also added the Open Graph protocol meta tags, maybe that helped too. But this issue is resolved. Thank you.

I would like the code I need to make the demo-logo a clickable link back to / I tried a simple around the image but it just makes the logo disappear. I have also fixed a bunch of small errors to be w3c compliant. Great template! You really did a great job. I have one other question but it is more complicated and has to do with showing alt text on the social icons. I have done this in the past with using 1 pixel transparent images over the class icons, but for some reason in your template it won’t allow me to do this as the image also disappears.

Please advise

Kind regards, Stephen

Hi, Saxamo. Do not quite understand what you mean. Can you write me a letter to the dialogue?

Hello there,

1. Need to make demo-logo a link back to home page 2. Need to make the social icons have alt”text” associated with them.

I can show you how it is done if you like ( we can talk on IM if you want )also, a simple change to your code makes it more compliant.

instead of using rel=group you can do this to be html5 compliant

<a href="images/photocontent/portfolio_01.jpg" class="fancybox" data-fancybox-group="group" title="Title"></a>

really need to speak to perfect an awesome template

I’m still trying to understand the problem. I think you are more expert than I am :) I realized that the image disappears. I try your code and image is leaves behind a slider, because it is not wrapped in a div with the absolute positioning. or I don’t understand you again

I figured out the issue with the link to home, so no worries there.. but check out the link above. See what happens?


Sliders and title are missing?

you bet.. not sure why either.. check out your page:


this is a normal link from linkedin.com when you have a website listed on your profile. For some reason it puts that #! after the url once clicked. Works for other sites, but not for this template or site.

one more question before you go.. Where are your CSS3 Media Queries located so I can specify optimization for tablet queries, something like:


Thanks… Is this easy to implement or will I kill myself trying? :)

My Media Queries in the main.css file)

Happy Birthday! I managed to get some things squared away. I just need some help next week with media queries for tablets, fine tuning the print.css ( which I started, but needs to be fine tuned ). I figured out how to create alt text on background images and be compliant for this template. So much to tell you about in the event you want to update your template.

website: http://www.stephenkoochis.com w3c compliance: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=www.stephenkoochis.com&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0

Great template! Way to go! nicely done.. :) Thanks for making it easy to manipulate and link properly. Outstanding!

I uploaded your theme to my host. But contact page gives “ERROR” message and doesnt send the message. I already edited my email adress in contact.php file. My server is configured as other domains

Hi. Sorry for delay. I’ll try to find out what the problem is

it may have several causes. unfortunately I can not answer exactly what does not work on your server.

If your site is not in the root directory, then you need to open the file “contact.js” and remove the slash from here (44 string. ‘url’: ”/contact.php”)

Hello again,

Hope you had a nice birthday.. Was wondering if we could polish up some code together as I need your expertise… ;) Please let me know how to contact you so that we can work out a few minor things. :)

Hi, I’m here again. You can contact me from http://themeforest.net/user/ArtRow

I finalized the media queries and now it is a 10 on the nibbler scale. I just have to format the print.css for proper printing of the resume. Almost done! Nibbler say 10’s across the board!


The rest is up to me now.. Thanks for your help. If you happen to get a print.css done in your spare time before I do let me know. Happy Holidays!


Great, congratulations! :) Now I’m trying to finish a new template until the holidays. Happy Holidays too :)