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Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Hey, thanks!

You’re going to sell a lot of this one. Nice.

Hopefully :) Thanks!

Could they sell the simple version of HTML?

Hi, this theme looks great, stylish yet simple. Is it possible to have a blog page using this theme? It looks like it’s a single page style theme…



I keep eyeing this theme… I’d like to have a services page… maybe instead of the resume? I guess I’m wondering if this theme can handle some of those basic customizations or if it’s simply meant to be usedin the limited scope “as seen.” Am I able to get pages & subpages on that menu? Thanks :)

First of all, thanks! Now regarding your question, we’re going to be constantly improving the theme, not planning to implement subpages though. Stay tuned :)

Great work! GLWS :)

Thank you very much! :)

Nice! Can you create just standard pages as well as a blog page? Love the whole CV styling, just need a bit more content wise! Ie, blog page, full width page, page with sidebar!

We’re actually planning to get it done in the next update. Stay tuned :)

Awesome! Any idea on when? i have to smash out a site for a cute little old lady and this themes a winner if there are custom pages and bloggingness xxx

I think, it will be ready in a few days :)

Nice and clean! Like the minimalistic sound :)

We’re very glad to hear that. Thank you! :)

This. Looks. Amazing!

Seriously, one of the best vCard themes I’ve seen. It’s clean and minimal, but has some color. I love it! Does this include the “Black Edition”? Also, I see that you’re planning to implement a blog page, which means I’ll definitely be buying this :D

Perfect, thank you. I also noticed that anytime I edit the theme options Dribble and Flickr are added back in as default links, even if I remove them completely (plank fields) and save. I’m hoping there’s a way to fix that AND possibly make the social links open in a new tab?

We will check the problem before next update. If you need that footer link, it will open in the new tab. Email us and we will send you the updated files.

I can wait for the next update, assuming it’s coming soon? I’d really to get that EXACT SAME “Black Edition” soon, exactly like it is in the HTML preview.

I also noticed that every time I delete the placeholder logo AND the portfolio image (470×85), they both revert any time I make a change to the theme options elsewhere…

Already Purchased and loving it! Where should I contact for technical support? I have imported .xml and on the Resume page the shortcode for [contact_information] isn’t working. I have the relevant information successfully displayed on the Home/About but it doesn’t show up on Resume. Any thoughts??


Hi, thanks for the purchase, please email us with the wp-admin credentials and we will help you. Email: info@webcodebuilder.com

I’m thinking something may be up with the Shortcodes with the theme because when I select the Vision Plugin Icon and view the dropdown of shortcode options, some do not show up. (Accordians, Tabs, Buttons etc.) I will email you.

email sent. Thanks again.

Greta concept and effects!

So I see that this is a WordPress theme and you also have a pure HTML version. I’m interested in the WP theme if it has a blog ready to use. Does it have a blog? Please, confirm and I’ll purchase it. If it does not have a blog, then I have the question: “why would you do a version in WordPress if it has no blog buit-in?”

I ask this because one time I bought a WordPress theme that did not have a blog. I am still wondering why someone would offer such a thing.

Thank you.

Hi. The theme is ready for blogging, but we’re currently working on showing this think on the demo, so it will take few days. When it is ready, you can buy it with no problem.

Hi there! I need to change the page names, such as “portfolio” to the word “smakprov”, but when I change this the whole theme comes up on one single page (all the pages are showing at the same time). I need to change these page names to suit my client, so please help :) I would also like NOT to display the page head name (such as “portfolio” in caps) in the colored bar (to the left). I would be very thankful for quick support.

Hi, thanks for the purchase.

Follow these steps: 1. Go to Appearance->Menu-> Change the title of the item from “Portfolio” to “smakprov” 2. Go to Pages->Portfolio. Change the title from “Portfolio” to “smakprov”

This will do the trick.

I have now done as you suggested. I changed all the pages names and changed the names in the menu system. Nothing happens :( Please see pemm.se to see what I mean. Thank you! :)

I see only “http://pemm.se is coming soon”. Please email me with the wp-admin credentials and I will help. Email: info@webcodebuilder.com

@Softplay – have you changed the page templates to “Home Template”? I didn’t realize this at first.

I’m having the same issue as Softplay… I have changed the menu and pages names. I will try again but I received the same results of the page breaking. Otherwise, the theme has been great to work with.


When the shortcodes are updated and all included will an email go out?? (we corresponded earlier about some of the shortcodes missing: buttons, accordions, tabs, etc.)

We will send the updated theme for review tomorrow morning :)

Fantastic Work. Fantastic Support. Thanks for the quick response.

Hi! Great template and enjoying working with it. But, i’m having some problems with the page links..they don’t seem to work navigating to the other pages. Any ideas why? I’ve tried permalinks…but it doesn’t help (i’m sure it is something very simple) I also want to change the ‘resume’ to ‘services’ and did as has been written above in other comments but it didn’t work properly. So, any suggestions on this function would be great? Lastly, the ‘image slider’ doesn’t appear to be working… The site is at www.slicedpictures.com Thanks for any help!

I love the theme! Can the portfolio section be used for regular blog posts? If so, this theme is exactly what I am looking for!

Yes, but we want to change the one php string in shortcodes. We will help you with it :)

Hi! Awesome Theme! I am considering purchasing it. Is it ready for blogging?

Yes, we can add the blog tab as 5-th link to the menu. We will update the demo tomorrow

Was the demo updated?

Sorry, we will do it today

Good Morning! I updated the theme this morning and noticed that the Short-Code list still does not include all items. (still missing, tabs, accordions, buttons, etc.) What was updated on the theme? and when can we expect a full list of usable short-codes?

Thanks so much!

Hi, we plan to release the next update in 2-3 weeks, sorry but we are very overloaded now.

I tried to upload the data.xml file attached in the zip folder, but I received the following message: “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number.” Can you help me?

1. Go to Appearance -> Menu 2. Click on “Screen options” on the top right 3. Enable “CSS Classes” 4. Go to proper menu item and put classes to the “CSS Classes (optional)” field

Great! Many Thanks!

You’re welcome :)