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Hi, webcodebuilder

want to change these fields Name, Birthday, Address, Phone of the page on my site about www.cranioex.com.br/#sobre


Follow this steps: 1. Go to http://cranioex.com.br/wp-admin/plugin-editor.php 2. Choose the Vision plugin on the top right 3. Choose the vision/vision-shortcodes.php in “Plugin files” 4. Find the $output .= ’<ul class=”main-info-list”>’; 5. Replace the strings like __(‘Name ’,’wcb’) with your titles

Where do you upload the profile pic? And how can I get it to not be collapsed? Rather like the demo.


Just fix the problem :)

Man, you are amazing! & wonderful customer service! I will be coming back for your themes in the future! Thanks a million!

Happy to help!

Hello, Very very nice theme.

I got a problem about translation of your template. When I change the title of pages (and menu accordingly) they appears on the homepage. I think there is a script who hide subpages from they title name so when you change them, it doesn’t work anymore. Can you tell me how to change page titles correctly ? Thanks.


Thanks for the purchase. Follow these steps:

1. Go to page and put the title “Page name” 2. Edit permalink to “page-name” below the title field, like “http://domen.com/page-name” 3. Go to Menu -> Add page to menu and place “Page name” to title.

If you follow these steps it will work.

Great theme.

After you went in to try and fix the issues I was having with the theme it still wasn’t quite right. I decided to do a clean WP install and a new database. Your theme works perfectly now! Thanks for your help.

Question. How can I get an icon on the blog navigation tab? I can get a nav box and rollover text but theres no icon.


As I see you still use “Blog” in CSS Classes :)

Thanks for your patience! I must have not hit update when I changed the menu css class. Everything working now. You guys give great customer support!

Happy to help. Don’t forget to rate the theme ;)

How do I add this Blog page? I used the “home” template, and CSS tag of “violet blog”. The tab appears, but no content. I’ve also tried using the “blog” template, but it still doesn’t work.

Another issue; SPAM. Please add a CAPTCHA or something to the contact page, I’m getting at least 10-15 spam e-mails per day.

No Black Edition = refund, just so it’s known. I appreciate the assistance you have provided thus far, but I specifically asked if the Black Edition would be added and you replied “in a few days”


In the past few days we’ve added the additional colors as we said we would. We didn’t promise that the Black Edition would be ready. Refund is you right. Creating the Black edition is not a must for Wordpress version. It’s just our opinion.

Well, i really like this theme, so i honestly hope you add the black edition soon.

I have the same problem as SynGamer. Can you help me?

What exactly do you mean? Do you need to setup the blog page?

Having trouble installing the Theme driving me crazy!!!! i re-installed it and everything couple of times still doesnt work when i install it says everything is fine and once i visit my site after i activated it i get half of it working and the rest is these errors/ WARNINGs PLEASE someone help me

Warning: include(tpls/left.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/brisk88/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightbox-photo-gallery/lightbox-photo-gallery.php on line 57

Warning: include(tpls/left.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/brisk88/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightbox-photo-gallery/lightbox-photo-gallery.php on line 57

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘tpls/left.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home3/brisk88/public_html/wp-content/plugins/lightbox-photo-gallery/lightbox-photo-gallery.php on line 57


can i translate this them to arabic ? are this them licensed to one site only ?


Sorry, but this theme doesn’t support RTL languages. Yes, $30 is the price for one site.

Is it possible to create some sub items with more details (image & text) at the portfolio section and not only a link to another page? I’d like to have another info sheet (maybe a light box) where I can put some text and some more images (slideshow) in.

Hi, thanks for the comment. Now the theme has the following types of work post: link to another page, popup with images, popup with YouTube or Vimeo video.

I can’t remove the links to Dribble and Flickr in the social settings. When I delete them and click save, they will automatically come back :/

Any ideas what to do?

Thanks for the purchase, see the SynGamer comment ;)

Can you maybe give me access to the file? I just requested it!

Replace the admin-panel.php file in themes/leta/library with this https://www.monosnap.com/file/zwxctRyZNaqUnQHEFv0l5hBCM5uENy

@CaptainAwesome – I had the exact same issue. Not sure why this hasn’t been updated yet, but webcodebuilder gave me an updated admin-panel.php file. Once I uploaded that, I was able to finally delete the Dribble and Flickr links. The file is below:


I’ve updated the file host for the admin-panel.php file, you can now download it here:


How do I change the profile picture on the about page? I want to remove the slider and only add one picture, but can’t find the menu to choose it!

Go to Photos->Add photo and create the post with attached Featured image

Thanks that worked!

The paperclips are also buggy for me (http://awesomescreenshot.com/0df1s967b1) and I can’t change the background structure. Any help on that?

If you want to change content background go to Appearance->Theme Options and choose Content Background

I just updated…any differences/changelog? Or is this the same version as September 16th? I noticed the theme was missing on TF earlier today.

Fixed, Enjoy :)

It’s like you’re a magician or something :D Hoping to see sales increase so we can get that Black Edition.

EDIT: to save you time in the future, what exactly has to be done to get it working?

We’re waiting for 100 sales to start working on the update.


I love the theme but having some trouble customizing it. Here are the main issues:

1. Cannot remove the logo. Once I click “delete” under Theme Options—> General and save changes, it just pops right back up. 2. Under Theme Options—> Profile cannot remove “birthday” and “one of the your works”; same problem as with the logo removal – just pops right back up. 3. Is there a way to disable the slider? I just want it to show a static page with a short greeting message. 4. My “About” page is showing up on the home page and the tab does not collapse. How do I make the main page show the vCard only without any of the other tabs expanded and how do I make sure each previous tab collapses when a new tab is expanded? 5. The text on the “About” page comes right to the border. Is there an easy way to adjust the margins?

Thank you,


Email us with wp-admin credentials and we will help you.

That would be amazing! Thank you :)

You’re welcome :)

Hello !

How to change the photos of sliders in the about page ? Thanks :)

Done, you should have it sorry it’s in french … but i think you know pretty well how to change language :)

Oh … where to change “Download Vcard” in my own language ?

Button does not even appear … when I try with one image as a downloadable file. Thank you very very much for the support anyway

Hello! First : wonderful theme. Thank you for the amazing work. I have a quick question : can you tell me how to change the #anchor for the about page? Thanks :)

<div id=”about”>

Sorry but it doesn’t work, if I change the div id it doesn’t change the anchor and when clicking on another navigation button the content doesn’t appear anymore.

Email us with wp-admin credentials and we will fix this

The CV page looks horrible on mobile devices (N4 / N7).


Any fix for that?

Thanks for the suggestion. Here the fixed style.css – http://cl.ly/code/163W0Q0n2C3j

Hi Webcodebuilder,

Great design, I’m just running into a couple of challenges on my end:

1) I can’t seem to get rid of the About page bar showing up, regardless of which navigation page I’m on. I tried recreating the page, but to no avail.

2) I’ve been trying to create new categories for the portfolio page, but the site doesn’t appear to recognize that a certain photo piece is associated with a particular category (the category shows up on the page itself, but is empty).

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Alexei

Edit: One of the issues still remains though, I emailed you back about it. Page still doesn’t recognize Work Category title tags that are more than either 1 word or ones that use an apostrophe.

Can confirm the fix – thank you so much! Wonderful customer service.

Happy to help :)

Hi, one question before to purchase your amazing theme : Qtranslate works with your theme ? i need to translate in few language.

Sorry, but theme don’t support translation plugins now

it is considered in the next update ?