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I purchased the theme a while back and just had two questions:

1. Do you plan on adding the full list of shortcodes? The theme is currently missing buttons, tabs, accordians, etc.

2. I downloaded the update and was wondering what was new? Changelog?

Thanks so much, I can’t wait to polish everything and launch the site:)


We are planning to release the next update after the sales go over 100. We will add shortcodes, translation files, etc. This revision has only minor CSS fixes.

Hi, webcodebuilder. I have already download de update theme of leta but it still doesn’t work! I still have problems with some shortcodes: blog, portfolio, map and conctact form.


Conchi :/

What is the problem you’re experiencing? Could you email us?

will you take a look to my site today?

Great theme! I am having a very hard time trying to upload an image on the “about me” page. Tried doing it in “customize”, but no such luck. Could you please help me out with this?



Thanks for the purchase.

1. Go to “Resume” page. Open editor of the page.
2. Find the man image in content and remove it
3. Click “Add Media” above the editor
4. Upload the image and click “Insert into post” button

Hope it will work

Sorry, but I didn’t make myself clear. I am referring to the “slider images” (in the demo, its the 3 avatars with color backgrounds) I went into the ftp and inserted my images for “slider_photo_01, 02, and 03” but it did not show up on my web page <http://eshelt.com>

ok, try next: go to Photos->Add photo and create the post with attached Featured image

Hi ! I have the same problem as Softplay… You can see the problem here : http://vegetalementvotre.be/


As I see you have external links in the menu. Unfortunately, in this case the tabs can’t work properly.

Try to use tabbed structure as in our default data package.

Hi, I delete them and there is he same problem…

Please email us with wp-admin credentials and our guys will help you soon, thanks

Is there anyway to add bullet points back in for use on the resume page? I use them a lot to highlight career accomplishments on my resume. Thanks.

Yes, here the HTML code
<ul class=”bullet-list”>
<li>text goes here</li>
<li>text goes here</li>

CSS code copy and paste to style.css: .bullet-list {
padding: inherit;
margin: inherit;
list-style-type: disc;


Cool, thank you for the prompt response.

You’re welcome :)

I’m having a few issues.

-Can’t remove the built-in placeholder logo, removing it and clicking save just puts it back. I don’t really need a logo for vCard site.

-The social connections likes to add in things I didn’t fill in. For example, I use facebook, twitter, and G+, but not Dribbble or Flicker, but I do use LinkedIn. I can clear the dribbble and flicker boxes and save it, and it seems to stay until I change another part of the Theme Options.

HI, please provide me the wp-admin credentials and I will fix the problem as soon as possible

I found the fix posted earlier, thanks for the quick response though!

No problem!

This theme is working wonderfully in all aspects except there seems to be an issue with the sorting on the “works” page. I have multiple Works Categories, and they display on the Works page, but when I select any specific category no actual works show up. For example: On the Works page, the whole portfolio is shown and visitors can select from- Logo Design, Print Media, Websites, Business Cards.

If they select “Websites” it sorts properly. If they select anything else the page is blank. (I am certain that there are works tagged with each category too:)

Any suggestions??? Thanks

We’ve changed the color. It was page.php template

Incredible Support! I can’t thank you enough and I will DEFINITELY encourage others to purchase LETA.

Many thanks for the kind words!

I can’t seem to get it to work properly?

What am I doing wrong?


Are you able to resend me the files to my email? I have reinstalled with the same results… i have not changed any php files

Email us with wp-admin credentials, we will help you

I have emailed you.

Can we create multilingual page with this theme, or with next update? For now we can’t use this theme, sadly…

Yes, we are planning to implement this in next update.

Is it possible to remove the photo part of the theme from all pages?

Do you mean the profile photo on the about and resume pages?

Yes, the photo on about and resume pages

Yes, we can remove those photos, but the about page won’t look as good then.

Hi, I would like to know how to change some link from my blog page. How can I change “leer más” from this page? I can’t found where it is. http://www.mansdigitals.com/#blog-3

I would like to write intead ” llegir més”

Thank you

Just changed the URL

I mean, how to translate “leer más”? Where should I go to translate this?

We’ve changed the URL only, in the about page. Go to about page in the admin panel and check the URL under the title field

Hi, there,

I’m trying to configure my site (http://www.peterissatti.com.br), but every change I made it gets messed up. I didn’t even change anything through Wordpress Editor, just pages, portofolio and such things, and it got wrong (with all pages opened without being clicked). Could you please verify what’s going wrong with it?

Thank you,


Could you give me an e-mail or something like that for me to send you my login and password?


Good Night,

I would like to know it the portfolio tab can be removed and then, my email is long and also my domain, will it be cut off if add them..?

Hi Webcodebuilder,

I would like to ad my linkedin profile. Is that possible?


Yes, go to Theme Options – > Social Networks and put the Linkedin profile link to proper field :)

Ok, but how can i get the icon ( the linkedin icon?)

Opp, It did inmediatly!. Thank you!!!

What line of code can I change so that the flex slider goes slower?

Try this: leta/js/settings.js. Go to 12 line – slideshowSpeed: 3000, Enjoy!

I set slideshowSpeed: to 300, and animationduration to 50, and nothing happened. Help?

if you mean the info slider on the about page, go to line 50 and change the animation speed, and go to the 57 line to change the autorotation speed. Thanks

I webcodebuilder, I have defined four categories in works. I have five works, each with a category. From the navigation bar, I can not filter by category. Some of the categories appear to me empty, but they are not. What am I doing wrong?



I Webcodebuilder, I also have another problem with border-box: when I try to insert a border-box from the edit page, the browser does not draw it, instead of drawing it, it writes the code on the page: [border_box color = “blue”] Aprofita potential xarxes them socials [/ border_box] How I can fix this?


When you release the new update with the Black Edition, could you also add some sort of anti-spam to the contact form? I’m getting a CRAZY (50+/day) amount of spam. Thanks!

The updates will be ready in a week. Try to enable Contact Form 7 captcha option for minimize the spam

Just installed the update, EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, thank you :)

Now, if only there was a way to have a blog with no sidebar and proper pagination.

EDIT: and a lightbox (pop-up) option for images in posts.

Hi, happy that you like the dark edition. Regarding the sidebar, we’re optimized it for widgets, so you can integrate any widgets you need from the WP panel or 3rd part widgets

hello after uploading the theme, it says “Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

please help.

Try to upload the new files directly and will be helpful if you send us the screenshot of the current problem to info@webcodebuilder.com

Is there a way to disable the sidebar so that the blog content will span more of the page width?

sorry, but the theme doesn’t support disabling of the sidebar.