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All your image link not work in the xml file you provide example: http://localhost:8888/test_leta/blogposts/gallery/2/slider_photo_03

I want to set up my site exactly like your demo

Can you help please


I just send you my login and pass . Thanks in advance for your help

Finally I did it myself…thank you

HI your theme don’t work with Https… when Https is activated the about picture don’t show and front page is a mess… there is a solution ???

Thanks a lot

I fixe it… thanks


I have a little problem with the translation for the contact form. I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me ?


Ok thank you I have resolved the problem but I still don’t know how to translate : “Name”, “Enter your message”

go to “Contact”, click to the your contact form title, go to “Form” field and here the text of the form

Thank you again for your quick answer. My problem is now solved.

How can I put exactly like your demo? Are there any detailed instructions?

There’s a HELP folder in the download package. Follow the instructions and you will install theme in a few minutes

I am almost done… but I still don’t know how to pull everything up when I click in on of the buttons. See “contact me” here, please. http://mafalda.dasilvagranado.com

Email us with wp-admin URL and credentials and we try to help. Our email: info@webcodebuilder.com


I do not know english. Therefore, I will use google translate.

Yesterday I bought your theme. I did setup to http://www.ozlemcimen.com domains.

http://www.ozlemcimen.com/#about section http://www.ozlemcimen.com/#anasayfa I want to fix it.

Also, http://www.ozlemcimen.com/#portfolio on page link category I want to change “WEB TASARIM” (web design).

How do I make them, can you help me?

Thanks for the purchase

Email me to info@webcodebuilder.com with URL of the wp-admin credentials and our guys will help.

Hi there! Just installed the theme. Having some problems with the menus though. Links don’t respond. You can take a look here: www.alinegames.com Not sure what’s wrong or how I can fix it. Thanks!

Email me to info@webcodebuilder.com with URL of the wp-admin credentials and our guys will help

Thanks! Just did.

Fixed! Thank you guys! Really fast help!

Is this theme not compatible with Simple Lightbox? http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/

Doesn’t appear to be.

Thanks for the purchase, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this plugin will work properly in the theme

Hi there,

Love the theme. Followed the install and all seemed good but having problems with a mysterious # in the menu links and the menu not appearing on sub-pages. Could you take a look please? http://shaunacusack.com/


Still no joy? Never mind I will work it out myself thanks.

Brilliant. Thank you so much!

SUPER Happy with this theme so far. I am curious, is there a way to display the portfolio randomly as opposed to most recent first?


Put this file http://take.ms/SXPS4 to wp-content/plugins/vision/

Is there a changelog for the December 4th update? I didn’t receive an e-mail to update, but I installed the 1.1 version on November 30th I believe.

Add black edition and .mo .po files for the translation


Is it compatible with 3.7 version ? Because I have a problem with the blog…

Yes, theme is compatible, email us to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will try to help you.

Is there a plug-in required to play YouTube videos? The sample one won’t play for me or the one I added myself but Vimeo is ok: http://shaunacusack.com/#portfolio

Hey, just put the link to the youtube to the video field. Now it’s working

Hi, before I buy, in your demo: when you click the Blog button, it takes you to the blog which is fine, but if you click anything in the blog (post, category, etc) it removes all the menu on the top.

Hi, yes, this is the functionality of our theme. Leta is onepage website, and each inner page have only direct link to parent.

Thanks for the response, is there an easy way to customize the code keep the menu in the blog pages?

We didn’t apply this future

This is a beautiful looking vCard theme. I would like to purchase it, but before I do can you please let me know if this theme is compatible with WordPress version 3.8.

Yes, the theme is compatible with WP 3.8

hi. can i change the language of this theme for example change it to Chinese? do you have mo po files? and will the fonts still be conform to the theme if i change the language to Chinese.

Hi, theme have the mo, po files. Regarding the fonts – we use the web-safe fonts and 500+ google fonts, hope you can find what you want :)


Do you know why the Google maps stop working in the contact page???

I touch nothing


Hi, thanks for the purchase. Can I get the URL of the problem?


I’ve changed my theme colour to the green, when I open one of my works it still opens up with the grey triangular textured background. Is there a way to edit the fancy box so it displays with opacity or with the green background. I’ve had a look through the code but can’t seem to spot it.



Could you provide the URL of the site and email us with wp-admin credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com?


Excellent theme! The support is bar none the best i have experienced with any developer. Thanks a ton!

Hi, I would like to create a profile picture like you have there that represents me.

Where did you get these pics and where can I get one?



Thanks for the purchase and sorry for the delay.

Go to “Photos”, click on “2” or “3” and assign the featured image to the post.


Hello in the contact page, how can i change the location? :) Thank You!!!

Hi, first of all go to the Google maps and create map with your location, after that copy the <iframe> code. Go to the “Pages”->Contact on your WP and replace the current code