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Hi, great theme. I just have a REALLY BIG PROBLEM… I can’t find the place to put the other pages like “about” “portfolio” it just seems to be like this: www.karlamassiel.com please help me

Hi, thanks for the kind words. Seems like you don’t create the menu and don’t assign it to the Theme Location. We can help if you email us with wp-admin credentials directly. Thanks

Already send.

Hi, My contact form is not working, not validating or anything. could you help me?

Hi, just give me the URL of the site and email with wp-admin credentials :) Thanks!

I fixed it. thanks for replying :)

I’m really enjoying working with this theme. Thanks for the good work.

Is there a way to add additional colors for the “CSS Classes” that color the Menu Items from the Screen Options settings? I want to be able to add different colors to the navigation tabs and resulting pages, if possible.

Hi, many thanks for you kind words. But there’re only 5 based colors for the section, but you can add your colors to the style.css

Hi, I don’t understand how to create the menu and where… Can you help me?

Could you give us the URL of the site?

Please email us to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will fix the problem.

Hello! Excuse me for my english. Use googled translator. I have a problem with the mapping of the left menu in the blog, when viewing an archive and categories.

http://skuzmin.ru/#blog – there is a menu http://skuzmin.ru/category/news/ – there is no menu

What to do?

Go to the Plugins->Editor, choose the Vision plugin, open the vision/vision-shortcodes.php. Remove this string
$output .= '<a href="' .esc_url( get_permalink( get_page_by_title( 'Blog posts' ) ) ). '">'. __('Read all posts ','wcb') .'</a>';

Thanks, it worked out!

You’re welcome!

problem when installing a witdget MP3 in the template, everything is dropped. Have any solution for this plugin support “Uber Audio Wordpress plugin”? web: http://mikelondj.es/

please tell me your email to send the requested data Thank you!

data sent…

Hi, how can i make the home page slider running slower? http://www.fabianalovari.com/

thank you


Open settings.js file in the “js” folder and change this value http://take.ms/wr1G8

I just installed your theme at millimetermarketing.com and having quite a bit of difficulty making it look like your demo.

I replaced another theme that I had on there using yours and have pages such as blog and contact us already created but can’t seem to get them to show up

Is there any of this editing that can be done in WP or will I have to go into the code?

Please email us to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will fix the problem.

So far looks good. Thanks for helping out

You’re welcome

I’ve set my site up here – http://www.webdesign4you.biz/ – but I’d like to get the Blog section working a bit differently, and I’m not exactly sure how to go about it.

When I go to Blog, and then click on a post title, the entire top menu buttons disappear. I’d like to keep the blog posts within a structure that always maintains that menu up the top, so that no matter where a visitor is, they can always go to any other section of the site without needing to go back-back-back, etc.

Thank you for your help – I love this theme. :)


Sorry, this was the way we intended our theme. We didn’t show the menu because we didn’t want to distract the readers from the blog.

Hi, Could you tell me if it is possible that when you go to the blog, and either click on the blog post or “read all post” it brings you to a page with the post, but know button (other than the logo) to get you back to the homepage or any other page. Is there a way to add a back button or breadcumbs of any sort? Thanks!

Yes, please follow these steps: 1. Go to Appearance->Editor 2. Choose the header.php 3. replace

<div class=”back”><a href=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ’/’ ) ); ?>blogposts”><?php _e(’? Back to blog’,’wcb’) ?></a></div>


<div class=”back”><a href=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ’/’ ) ); ?>”><?php _e(’? Back to home’,’wcb’) ?></a></div>

Not sure what happen, but I made those changes and it did something and I had to replace the header.php with the orginal one through ftp. I gave this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/wwwlarah/public_html/speakitministries.com/wp-content/themes/leta/header.php on line 39

Separate Issue: now, I deleted the categories for the resource page and now for some reason the contact page is below each page?


Please help, thanks!

Please email us to info@webcodebuilder.com with wp-admin credentials and we will help. Thanks


Could you help me with creating menu?




Go to Appearance->Menu and assign the “Navigation” to the theme location checkbox. http://take.ms/KQRbu



I did that but i have problems with the menu buttons. They have not the color that i need. Can you send me a example of the pages(screenshot) how to create menu button? Example of about, portfolio, contacts and resume.


Hi, two questions:

1. I need to add a box (page rather) on the homepage for “Speaking Schedule” how can I do this?

2. Is there a way to refresh a page without having to go back to the homepage?


Thanks for you help!

1. This theme have no possibility to include the custom box on the homepage

2. Please clarify what you mean

This template is not compatible with WPML plugin? :shocked:

We’ve include .mo and .po files, but didn’t testing with WMPL

A very nice template, but does not work with WPML. Please work on the following updates on the subject of translations, is very important. Thank you.

Thanks for the advice

I just updated the theme to whatever was in the march 15th files and my site is no longer responsive…

Seems like you changed styles or files earlier and now the updated files working bad. Can you replace new files with old?

Hi, I see only the blog. How do I get the menu screen color?

Thank you, Andrea

Hi Andrea,

Did you setup the theme as we described on HELP folder?

Hello, I’ve a problem with works part.

The problem is as you can see on screenshot, the images can’t be displayed because of wrong image src url. How can I fix it? The right url is coming to fancybox but not to the slices.


Got you problem. Please go to the Works – > choose your work and assign the Featured image for it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and great job! :)

Another question, where can I find more nav_icons?

Hello, Pre purchase question?

Is the theme hard to customize? Do you have any online documentation before I purchase this theme?


Thanks for your message. Here the documentation – http://take.ms/EfgGl

Where can I find more nav_icons?

There’re 5 icons is predefined: home, resume, portfolio, contact, blog.

You can assign icon to menu item here – > http://take.ms/j0KEV

I’m sorry, but I just can not configure the template. I only shows the blog. Can you help me?

Thank you!

Did you follow the HELP folder instructions?

yes, but I can not. Can you help me? Thank you!!

no probs, email us to info@webcodebuilder.com with wp-admin URL and credentials

A few pre-sales questions:

1. Is it possible to add say 2 CV’s for download with appropriate button? (it seems to be possible to add 1 CV, I would need to add 2).

2. Is it possible to translate the theme?

3. Are there any plans to make this theme compatible with the WPML-plugin at some point?

4. How SEO friendly is the theme?


Thanks for your question. Here the answers:

1. Our theme support one “Download CV” button, it’s pretty good for the design

2. We’ve prepared .mo .po files, theme contains them.

3. We don’t optimize theme for WMPL

4. Yes, we use semantic code and latest standards. Also you can istall additional SEO plugins if needed.