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Great one. Good luck with sales.

Looks awesome!

Any plans for an HTML or WP version? :)

I would definitely buy if HTML ! Nice Job Mate!

Great work! Any chance for wp version?

Amazing! Keep the good work! Good lucky with the sales.

nice. I like!

Thanks for all the encouragement. It will cheer and inspire me to continue and thank you very much.

It’s an awesome design. I hope you release a HTML and/or WordPress version.

Nice work :)

yes, waiting for html version to buy

I will buy a HTml version! I’ll be waiting, let us al know please

I will buy a HTml version! I’ll be waiting, let us al know please

Hi AdrixG Html already _

Would it work on CS3

Could you make a wordpress version that looks identical to this one?


I bought this psd template. Look nice. But i want to change the mountain picture with my own picture (mountain without water). This is to suit my site preferences. Can u assist me to do it or can u change it for me?

Thank you.

May be late. but I can help you change some thing on header if you need please send me to more detail.


Thank you for the reply.

If you can change the mountain geographical to look like the mountain in this picture


It will be great.

Thank you.

Hi hotnewinfo.

I have added a new PSD files as you want. I’m just trying to make a mountain that you attach. Please download new updated file again.


Thank you for your purchased. : )

Great Template you have. I would like some advice, I am a beginner in photoshop and dreamweaver, which of the two themes – psd or html should I buy – you recommend to me, considering their ease of editing in one of the two programs? Thank you! Good luck in future!

Hi Akasacian

For my template Let’s Adventures set I suggest HTML version good for you study because HTML I put psd file and Let’s adventure under construction too. don’t worry about purchase if you need to know about design or programming you can sent some question to my twitter @layersky for discussion.


Thanks for the prompt response! As I thought and I, HTML is much easier to edit in Dreamweaver. I will buy this template soon as i can. It is very natural and wonderful, relaxing. I hope you will create other templates like that. See you soon!

I have been looking for this kind of design for 2 and half years. Dog the bounty hunter had web site kind of like this design. I love this design its amazing you did wonderful job layersky. I hope it comes out in wordpress or joomla

awesome design, i would like to use design and images as it is. all those images are copyrighted by you ? images -> not saying original image, asking about Photoshop’art images.

Can i use as it is?

thanks for your reply. that’s really great. just checking your same design html version. planning to buy html version this weekend. psd versoin PSD file will be included within html version right?

Yes, But not full version

can we use this with http://www.phptravels.com script ?