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Looks very good krub :)

Thanks, Krab my Yoda.

nice work…

Really creative. Good job ;)

agree with others. this is nice. :)

awesome !!!!! I LOVE IT

Thank you for your purchased. ^^

Top job. This design rocks :)

Hello, I love yours. By the way the progress bar, showing 75%, appears on webpage, but does not come out on mobile webpage on my Iphone. Any solution for that? Or it is only for webpage, not for mobile page? Let me know

Hi joonkie.

Thanks you for your punched This them not design for support mobile device just only for webpage ^^

Hi nice theme i edited some files but i could not get the email to work. Can you assist me. I send out an email to you 1 day back but still have not heard a reply from you.

Please check email in junk mail.

Can I use the template for my browsergame? Do I need to mention your name on the website?

yes, you can