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Hello, we bought “Lets Shop”. There is a BUG within your MDL/Ajaxcart.js … but we can´t figure it out. Please check this feature in a https:// Environment. there you get an error while trying to add something into cart.

Exception : TypeError: $(...).down(...) is undefined

Please check and give us a quick fix! This is URGENT. We will send you a mail with the site, too.

Hi, We will check email & get back to you shortly. Thanks!!

“shortly” means how long exactly? It´s been 8 days since our support question…

Hi Kool

I have sent you an email, with no response. Please let me know how to fix the ipad/iphone checkout issue.

To All that are having a problem with the iPad/Iphone Version of this theme.

I have found a temporary solution until the author finds a better one. The problem comes from the two small icons that are above the pictures of the product. The “like” and “compare” icons. When you uncomment them the problem is resolved. Keep in mind this is only a problem with iPad/iphone devices the theme seems to work ok on adnroid and blackberry power devices.

The easiest way to do it is navigate to app/design/frontend/default/letsshop/template/catalog/product/list.phtml and uncomment the div

<!—div class=”bottomBox”>

which includes the Add to Wishlist and Add to compare buttons.

If you can find a more elegant solution to remove those buttons using CSS go ahead.

I hope this helps

Regards, Cliken Media


Is it possible to remove the featured products and bestseller products from home page? I tried removing this: {{block type=”catalog/product_list” template=”catalog/product/featured.phtml”}} {{block type=”catalog/product_list” template=”catalog/product/bestseller.phtml”}}

but that just causes the slider to not load.

Yes, it is possible. Please send your site details via email. Thanks!!

any update on my issue?

Any update on this guys? ANy and all help is appreciated…

Im having an issue with the MDL theme setting sending back a fatal error under system/configuration/ Please let me know if you have a solution.

You have got answer. Thanks!!

Sorry I found the fix for that but am I missing something for the menu system now its now showing up.

Hi, You need to create categories under ROOT. Then only your menu will show up. Thanks!!


After installing this theme i am facing one problem. Product price layer navigation is not working as well. please guide me how it will working perfectly in my store.

Hi, Please email us with site URL & details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

Hi, Please email us with site details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

Hi, I’m a webdesigner and my client who purchased your magento template “Let’s shop” want me to show all the product listing on homepage instead of featured and bestsellers products.

1- is it possible to show all the product like in category with the ajax mdl scroll.

2- can i modify the featured product to show like in category with infinite scroll.

I can provide you with my client Item Purchase Code. I’ve already emailed you but no response received.

Are you planning an update for the Magento Community Edition ver Thanks

I would greatly appreciate it if you would answer my email (sent twice, through the internet site and via direct email). I have a few problems with this template that I have previously reported (in May 2013!) but is not actively responded to. Just a question about the link, wich was actually included in the email. I wasn’t in a hurry, but I’m close to finishing my website so I hope you can take a look very soon.


Email was sent October 16th… sofar no responce :(

Still no response although you seem to be active on your other template-forums within last 12 hours… :(

. . . . .

November 11th….. can you PLEASE answer my email?

I have the issue where the carousel doesn’t work. I had another issue with this template and asked the developer for help about 6 months ago. I’m still waiting for a response. I’ve seen that a few of you have had the same issue – can someone provide help?

I just buy this nice looking template, and found out that i cant add items to cart on my ipad and iphone, it works on PC – and it seems to bee a well know error of this template. Why do you keep selling a broken template !!!!!!!

Hello Dear sir

I purchased your beautyfull theme, and got my Money back because of the ipad iphone issue. I see your theme is back here, are these issues fixed in new update. I am ready to rebuy – but only if it is fixed.

Pleae reply


I just bought your theme and when I go to “Mdl Theme Settings Tab” I get a 404 page not found in admin panel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Forget I said anything. I’m stupid. I figured it out

Ok..We understand.


I have been working on the shop since the day I bought this theme and I am at the final stages. (Payment Gateway)

The Code from the theme is interfering with the checkout process. The payment form will not load after I click continue from the shipping method on the accordion. I have changed the theme to a default magento theme and the payment form loads just fine…...

Can you tell me which .js file I can remove from the checkout page OR can you tell me how to make the theme stop interfering with the checkout process.

Many thanks,


Ok, Please email us with site details. We look into & let you know. Thanks!!