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Great Theme!! Really clean… I Love It!

Your Theme is currently in my shopping cart…

I am about to build my first store online… I have done hundreds of WordPress sites but never a real shopping site.

I have 2 questions:

- in the product detail – Do you have the option to include social network share… so people can share that product with their social network.

- This question is related with Magento since it’s part of your theme : Please let me know how friendly user is Magento (your opinion – is there any fees to use it?) – Every time I have looked a shopping/inventory platform it always seems to take hours to add a few product/translations… Do I need to pay any fees to use it? or I need to buy premium if I need all the functions…. Basically there’s a reason why you used Magento… and that’s important for me to understand.

Thank you for your reply and please don’t send me to Magento… I need your point of view…

Once again Thumbs up! I might be one of your clients this weekend.


Thanks for nice comments!!

1) Ah, missed it. We will add this in our update. I add for you as well. 2) Magento is free. You can simply download from its website & install it.


Thank you for your quick reply – Is there a way to install your demo (with all the content, Magento, etc.) – I need to understand how quick I can get your site to work.

Thank you :)

You can download magento & demo content from magento website. Then just install theme package & can easily do it with help of documentation provided. Thanks!!

It’s nice that it’s responsive, but NONE of the products are clickable on a tablet. No matter how many times you tap on an item or Add To Cart, they refuse to react. I suggest looking into this and seeing if it happens on Android and Windows, or if its just iOS, or on my end.


Thanks, we have included that for this theme. Its quite different :)


Congrats, it looks nice with those patterns at the back. We wish you good sales.

Best regards

Hi, Thanks a lot. Nice to see your comment on theme. Keep up good work.

Hi Great theme, Very keen to purchase for a new project, was wondering if it is possible to change the colour of the block where the logo is, to match the footer

Yes, you can change it using css. If you don’t get it please email us after purchase so we can help you for this. Thanks!!

Greta thanks, I am hoping a few other modifications are possible, I will email you once purchased to discuss

Damn, wish it was for Open Cart :( Looks awesome, but Magento it’s just not for my shops.

Thanks for like. You should try out for magento its pretty cool.

is it possible to have a ‘New Products’ on the home page like the ‘featured’ and ‘bestsellers’ ?

also will it work on 1.6.2 ?

Yes it will. We have updated package. You will get it soon it is on approval on Themeforest. Thanks! !

I get a 404 error when I try to view the example

Can you please check its working fine now.

Sorry its actually a 403 error.

Can you please check its working fine now.

Great Theme! 8-) I’m a ZenCart user, but now I’m trying to setup my renewed shop in Magento. Was looking weeks now for a nice clean theme with nice features, but could not find what I wanted. Till last weekend, Let’s Shop was uploaded… Wow! Very nice en REALY great to customize in the backend. 5 stars!! :bigsmile: I’m not a programmer and have a very (VERY) little knowledge about styling. Very well documented and installed it in minutes without big problems. I have some little issues that I will email you. But my first question is: I have set the “Products per row” to 4 now, but the 4th image is now shown below the first three :P Then empty space…. So it now actually shows row 3-1-3-1-3-1 etc. The document didn’t metion anything about any other setting to change, so what could be the problem? Thank in advance, Trabbie – The Netherlands

Hi, Please email us url http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster with details so we can help you. Thanks!!

Hello we just buy de template and I want to advise you that there is a bug when you listing product by LIST


The badges (new, Sale, etcc..) appear on the top right of the webpage.

to solve the problem just add “position:relative”in style.css file on line 85 , class f-fix

and the other bug was on the SORTER grid or list, they are not aligned due to a space ( ) in app/design/frontend/default/letsshop/template/catalog/product/list -> toolbar.phtml on lines 69 and 71

hope is helpful


shop: http://ns203126.ovh.net/


Thanks for reporting. We have fixed this issues and update package as well.


awesome work buddy! Good luck :)

Thanks a lot… :)

Great template and also great back-end features. Also very well documented; as a new Magento user I managed to install it all very quickly.

Added my 5 stars!

Thank you very much for your kind words… :)


you cannot see the language flags on google chrome ;)


Can you please check this url on google chrome http://letsshop.dev-mdl.net/index.php/?___store=default


Hi, yes it works now …

Theme author isn’t very responsive. I solved my own initial issue (appears to have been an issue with the download since I was missing some CSS files). But In testing I’ve found that search isn’t workin after loading this theme. Well, its working but only showing a “No Results” message when there are,in fact, results.

Hi, Sorry we missed your email. We have answered. Please check & revert back. Thanks! !

1. Where’s the ‘Quick View’ option for products? 2. Will you be supporting after we purchase the theme?

How do I remove the PayPal logo coming on Categories page?

Also where can I rename the ‘Custom Tab’ on Product page?

Hi, you can remove paypal logo from admin & can rename custom tabs using layouts files. Please email for details. Thanks! !

I would like to buy your theme but 3 things bother me:

1. Megamenu = when I move the mouse over the main category then opens the megamenu. If i move the mouse on a subcategory in the open meghamenu, the menu closes and opens for a moment. I think this is a bug because separators (Header Megamenu and footer main menu) ? The result is a wiggle when you move the mouse from main to subcategorie ;)

2. Bestseller Product = If you move the mouse over a product a border is displayed. In Bestseller Product i miss the border bottom ;). In featured Product everything is there …

3. SEO = And now the most importend for your theme. You havbe some SEO Errors !!! a) why you have 4 H1 Headings on your demopage ( Magento Commerce, Menu ccc, featured products, bestseller products) ? only 1 H1 per page is ok !!! And what is menu ccc as H1 ? Hidden content will be punished. b) your slider on home is an in image slider only… for real SEO we need text not as images … better is an HTML Slider.

I write this because there are small bugs or errors. Can you fix this ? If Yes i would buy your theme ;)

Best Regards

Hi Koolthemaster,

Congrats for this template. It is looking fantastic on the site I have started to work on with fredericesp..

The graphics guy and I are experimenting a little bug on our chrome.

Basically sometimes, slider banners don’t line perfectly. It is not due to zoom or cache… Sometimes, only changing tab and coming back to the store makes it disappear. It is weird. Not a massive issue, but think it is good to report.

Please have a look here :


Or please find screenshot here :


The right end displays a bit of another banner.

Thanks for any advice on this.


Hi, Thanks for reporting. We will have a look and get back to you asap.

Hi, i got a quick question before i buy this template.

Does the template support “related products” in magento?

And if so can you show how they might look??

Thanks for your time.

Yes, This theme support related products and you can check see on following url: http://letsshop.dev-mdl.net/index.php/esistono-innumerevoli-174.html