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Hi, can you give me an answer ? Tomorrow I have to decide to buy a theme.

Can you fix the errors in your theme, than i buy this one …

Hi Koolthememaster,

In addition to the report of Kepass, I have the same “problem”. It only happens when I open my browser on a 22” screen (IE9/FF/Chrome). When I when I make the screen smaller an then full screen again it’s gone and works as it should.

I also send you an email (4-6 dasy ago, I guess you missed it) with this image: http://pannenland.nl.vps-4321.firstfind.nl/temp_image/screens_letsshop.jpg

Problem is that 4 in a row on my 22” screen does not work. I checked the cahche, browsers cache, tried on IE9, FF and Chrome. All have the result as you can see in the image.

On other pc’s, laptops and notebooks it works just fine.

Hi Trabbie, sorry being late. We look into it & let you know ASAP.

I had sent you an email and still not received any answer. Would you be kind enough to reply please? I have already bought this theme and now am stuck!

Hi, we have answered. Please check email us for more details.

Is it possible to “try” before we buy?

Please go through demo. Its completely working with dummy content. themeforest.net/item/lets-shop-responsive-magento-theme-/full_screen_preview/3835905 Please email us if you have any questions. Thanks

I would like to see this theme in other contexts. Do you have any links from customers who installed this theme I can check out?


Sorry we dont have any at this moment. :)


I have just purchased your theme.

I’m setting up the home page. Following your documentation I added the default slider content.

My problem is that the slider never ends loading. The slider only shows the banner_box loading.

Could you help me?


Hi, Please email your website url with details. So we can look into it. Thanks

Message sent. Thanks.

I have just disabled the http authentication.

Are the theme upgrades and bug fixes included for free when we purchase your theme? Please explain how that would work,


Hi, Yes, we upgrade our theme time to time. We support for theme bugs if you face any while setting up theme. Thanks!


I have installed your theme. Now its almost working.

I noticed that in the live-preview is it possible to divide content into columns using, for example: <div class=”col3-set”> <div class=”col-1”> .....

Would be possible to get a document of all possible content display features?

Thanks. Regards.

Hi, Yes, can you please email us so we can send you code. But please send more details what code you need. Thanks!!

Hi, one more question.

I’m trying to set up a custom menu with 4 links.

The first left 3 links must be links to cms static pages, and the last one is going to be a category link.

Any idea or help about how to implement and sort the menu items based on your theme?

Thanks. Regards.

Hi Kool the master,

I can’t translate “enter email address” in the suscribe newsletter box.

Could you tell me what file do I need to edit to change it to French ?



You can change it from file /app/design/frontend/default/yourtheme/template/newsletter/subscribe.phtml you’ll find:

The text “Enter your email address” is hard coded, so translations from /app/locale/*/Mage_Newsletter.csv won’t work.


Hi; before planning to purchase I have tested on safari browser and and product detail is not showing up could you please let me know if I am missing anything here I thought is is suppose to be campatable with all browsers

Hi, We have tested thid before & not again. It works fine with safari & all other major browsers. Can you please try refreshing or clearing cache. Thanks!!

Hi Koolthemaster,

have translated the newsletter submit form.

I also need to translate the advanced search form.

Could you tell me where is the corresponding file ?



Its in template/catalogsearch/advanced/form.phtml If its not in theme please copy this from base folder to theme folder & then change it.


Hi Koolthemaster,

is it possible to change the order of the navigation menu items? I mean, put the customMenu static block on first place, before the categories.

Thanks. Regards.

Yes, it is possible. Please share your website url via email so we can take a look. Thanks!!

Hi Kool,

I am a bit worried. I tested my site on a friend’s Ipad 2 yesterday. I couldn’t click on product links. That means no access to product page and no possibility to add to cart.

We sell Iphone and Ipad parts, so it is a big issue for us. Could you check wether it is a theme issue, or my friend’s Ipad maybe ?

If it is about the template i desperatly need to know if a fix will be available soon.

Best regards.

Hi, We checked again for this but didn’t get any issue. Can you please clearing cache. Sometimes internet speed also cause issue if it does not loads properly. Thanks

Ok, thanks very much for checking.

I will have a look on cache.

Hi koolthememaster

I have changed my store to use only SSL urls.

I’m having some problems adding to the cart any product.

I found a solution: The problem could be solved chaging the onlcik url from http to https example: <button type=”button” title=”Add to Cart” class=”button btn-cart” onclick=”setLocation(‘http://www.mydomain.es/checkout/cart/add/uenc/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmVycmlhbGltZW50YWNpb25zYW5hLmVzLw,,/product/1/’)”><span><span>Add to Cart</span></span>>/button>

<button type=”button” title=”Add to Cart” class=”button btn-cart” onclick=”setLocation(‘https://www.mydomain.es/checkout/cart/add/uenc/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmVycmlhbGltZW50YWNpb25zYW5hLmVzLw,,/product/1/’)”><span><span>Add to Cart</span></span></button>

Is there any way to make this change automatically?


I see, you got answer. Thanks!!

About the SSL links,

Reading some docs in internet i have found part of the solution.

At your theme, you are using the function “getUrl” to generate the link urls.

The change must be in all those function calls.

Reading this page: http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/5_-_modules_and_development/reference/geturl_function_parameters

The correct function call to be ready for ssl sites must be as follow: getUrl(’’, array(‘_secure’ => true))

Hope this help to anyone.

Yes, its great. Thanks!!

Lol… finally i have found the final solution to the secure urls.

There is no reason to change the code.

For my web, I have changed the unsecure url to https://.... and have set “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” to false

Thats great you did it :) Thanks!


I was wondering if would be possible to get an store-switcher page to be able to set up multiple stores.

I was thinking into a Single static page to select the store like www.zara.com or www.ikea.com

I need this funtionality cause I need to set-up 3 stores: Spain, Canary Islands, Rest of the world.

Could you help me with this task?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have installed the theme and i have also the problem with the slider not working (i only see the loading animation). Any ideas? Thanks

Hi, We have to look at your site admin. Please send us details via email. Thanks

what is your email address?

nevermind i fixed, i noticed that the flexslider is missing the bind code. i added jQuery(’.flexslider’).flexslider(); in common.js

Hi Kool,

I would like the product not to show the sku, or, if this not possible, translate it as SKU doesn’t mean anything in French so it is quite confusing.

Have you got any recomandation regarding to this ?


Can you tell me how you fix the slider issue. It is not displaying the default slides it is just showing the rotating loading button. I have pasted this code in home page
{{block type=”catalog/product_list” template=”catalog/product/promotional_block.phtml”}} {{block type=”catalog/product_list” template=”catalog/product/featured.phtml”}} {{block type=”catalog/product_list” template=”catalog/product/bestseller.phtml”}}

Hi, can you please send us your site admin & ftp details via email. So we will have a look. Thanks.