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Is it possible to disable responsive behaviour?

Thanks. Regards.

Hi, Sent you an email for this. Thanks!!

HI, i am trying to use this template with multishop option in magento. but its not using the colors i am setting on a store level. it always pickup the color for main config. can you please provide a fix! Thanks.

I purchased the theme because i like it, but i having a problems with iPad viewing the theme. Nothing is clickable except main links. You can’t click on any products. Also the banners are not In one line when you see it in IPad. The additional drop down menu never worked. My iPad is the latest one, I restarted it few times, same results.

Hi, Its tested on iPad devices & it works fine for us. Please email us what IPad version you checking may be you facing problem on any particular version.

Hello, Looks like once you login to the site and add cart is throwing javascript error. When I debugged the code looks like the ajax call is returning empty string instead of html code back. It works fine when you are a guest user but failing as a logged in user. Can you please fix it?

Another issue is the responsive site is not working in tablet or phones. None of the catalog images or “Add Cart” buttons are not working in mobiles or tables. I tested with iOS, Android and windows devices. This is a major issue. Can you provide us a fix?

Thanks Thameem

Hi, Please email us with site URL. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

I sent to your email.. Please check.

Thanks for this theme. I’m having some issues setting up the homepage. The homepage with featured & bestseller products shows no carousel but all the products. The carousel is not working. Website is http://zzapa.nl

I’ve uploaded the theme via FTP and done exactly what’s being told in the documentation..

Hi, Have answered you via email. Thanks!!

Hi, is there any html version available ? thanks and godd job ;)

No, only magento version is available at this moment :) Thanks!!

Hi, im sueddenly getting a “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mdllist() (previously declared in /app/design/frontend/default/letsshop/template/page/html/header.phtml:41) in //app/design/frontend/default/letsshop/template/page/html/header.phtml on line 47”

when i try to navigate to a product page. What is causing this and how can i fix it?

Hi, Have emailed you for translations. Thanks!!

HTML file not include? Can you provide demo data? Best regards


I’m not able to change the product listing from 3 to 4, when selecting 4, it’s just make the thumbs smaller but still shows only 3 in row. any fix >?

thank you

Hi, Please email us with site admin details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

Again something, my customers can’t order my products through an iPad or iPhone.. looks like got something to do with the Ajaxcart because when I test this and go to a productlink I CAN open it in a new tab but not in the same tab. Bug?? Please this is urgent, can you help me out with this?

Hi, can you please be kind and answer my question? i am trying to use this template with multistore option in magento. but its not using the colors i am setting on a store level. it always pickup the color for main config. can you please provide a fix! Thanks.

Hi, Please email us your site url with admin details. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

I’ve sent you 3 emails a week ago, no response.. why? I see you’re replying to others…

HI, We have tested here on ipad but didn’t found such issue. Do you have a screenshot? If yes please forward us so we can help you out. Thanks!!

Have send you an email, thanks.

Thanks for this theme. It was working fine, but since i move my site new server, the Slider part is not working, Everything else works Great

Thank you

Hi Ipad and iphone checkout doesn’t work. When you click on the item to open it or add it to the cart it doesn’t do anything. Has this been fixed. Let me know. Thanks.

Again someone who experiences the not working theme on ipad / iphone. I still have no reply from you. Hope for an update very soon….

Slider is not working can you please help, it just keep loading. Please let me know your email id so that we can get in touch. thanks

HI, Try reuploading files. You may have missed some while upload. If still have issues. Please email us with site details. Thanks!!

Hello, I purchased the theme and installed it on this site http://www.jeanjoluvierluthieria.com.br but very slow to load. Changing the template is lightweight.

Any solution for this problem?


Hi, Template is already very lightweight. I see you have big images on your website for ex header & body bg. Also slider images. Try compressing images. It will boost your site speed. Also enable cache from admin & clear them occasionally. Hope this helps.

Very nice theme and quick support when we had some issues with the slideshow on the homepage. Thanks guys!

Hi Kool,

I’m having quite a lot of problems with the bug lots of us is experimenting with this template on Iphone and Ipad.

I love your template. I have to stay it converts really well on any other device.

But lots our support team is consistently contacted by people trying to buy with Ipads and who are unable to do it.

So it is a major problem now. I need to be given a solution for this. We haven’t tweaked your code. I don’t know if you can tecnically do domething, or swap it to another of your really nice templates, or just refund…

The situation I am facing now is that I don’t get paid because of this bug :(

I’ve seen all your templates. I know your are great author. This is only a bug. Please give me an answer.


Hi, Thanks for your interest. Yes, we are here to answer the questions, please email http://themeforest.net/user/koolthememaster

Hi, with the release of this very nice theme I had an issue with my product grid (4 in a row) on screens with a size 1920*1080. I also emailed this and mentioned it here in the comments, unfortunately I got no reaction or solution. Getting closer to the release of my new shop, I encountered more problems wich I also send an email about. Including the images to show what’s wrong. That was app. 2-3 weeks ago, but again, no responce. I would realy appreciate if you answered my email and help me out, plz.

Thx in advance.