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Please start a new thread at my support forum!

I’m going to answer all further questions there!


Thank you for your understanding!

If you could respond to my support question on your support forum I would be pleased. Why are tags disappearing? http://support.revaxarts-themes.com/profile/comments/390/bbuttercupp


I’ve demo’ed your template builder and it looks great, but how would I add my own images in etc.. Obviously it generates code at the end, but what if I want to edit the ‘settings’ of the modules to change the images etc….?

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Jay

You can add you own image later with the Mailchimp Editor (or Campaignmonitors editor) or search the HTML output for the image tags

Hope that helps

before I purchase, I would like to know if letterpress can be modified to use other colors than the ones in the demo, say with photoshop or css code ( I am assuming it can, after having worked with other email template purchased from here, but nevertheless I’d like to get your take.)?

No problem, you can use the included templatebuilder for the CSS colors and for the graphics you have to modify the included PSD or PNG file

Very nice – Thank you so much… Now I have 2 of your Email Newsletter Templates.

Please tell me, how do I get two of the templates using 1 Template Builder? Is that possible?

Excellent, love the style and design.

After researching many – these are the best! (Mail Chimp upload, and Template Builder).

Best regards.

I purchased 2 templates from you and do not have purchase code to use template builder online? I click on my name and nothings comes out

Please click on the “where is it” link right above the input field for the purchase code!

Hello, Revaxarts RE: Salesforce.com HTML Compliant / Capable email Templates and Editor.

RE: Business – Responsive Newsletter with Template Builder RE: Loose Leaf – Responsive Newsletter with Template Builder RE: LetterPress – Responsive Newsletter with Template Builder

Q1) Are these template going to work if I send them from Saleforce?

Q2) Do you have an FAQ or best practices for Salesforce?

Q3) Do you have experience with how these template wok within the Saleforce Environment?

Q4) For Salesforce.com HTML Compliant / Capable email Templates and Editor, what is you best recommendation?

We are 100% a Salesforce company, I need an email template library and email template editor that compliments Salesforce.

Please respond, so we can make an informed decision on your offerings.

Thank you, Best Regards!

Sorry, currently no support for salesforce.com

help.revaxarts.com is live!

As you may know I’m currently working with Ticksy to give support for my items. Recently support requests have increased tremendously and since Ticksy has stopped it’s development I had to find a better solutions for my customers.

From now on all support request for buyers go through this contact form and all most common questions should have been answered already at help.revaxarts.com

I’m going to add new articles in the future so you may want to add the feed to your favorite feed reader or sign up to my newsletter as well

I’ll answer open tickets at Ticksy soon but you should consider to send me a mail to speed thing up

Thanks for understanding

Hi, I purchased the LetterPress email template for use with MailChimp. I built my newsletter and it looks great, but for some reason when it’s being viewed on-line (vs. in email), the newsletter is broken into pieces. Some blocks are on the right, some on the left, it is not a solid continuous newsletter and looks really weird. In other words, the newsletter shows correctly in an email, but not on when someone clicks the “view it online” link in their email. What do I need to do to fix that? Thank you.

Hi Matt!

Sorry for the troubles!

Have you altered the HTML somehow? I’Ve just tested with the original and it works as expected


No alterations of HTML, but I have noticed that things started to break up (I can send a PDF) after I reduced the size of the “more” button that is provided as a part of the LetterPress theme (which I learned by chance, by deleting one “more” button by accident). After I returned the “more” button to its original size, the building blocks aligned again into one continuous newsletter.

Also, in MailChimp I am not able to change the image in the “1/2 floating image left” building block, only the “image on the left” block. I thought I should be able to change images in all the building blocks provided…

Thank you.

Ok, I’ll check that again, Thanks!

The problem with the floating image on MC is that the text box “hides” the image so it’s not possible to change it.

You have to remove the text in order to “reveal” the image, change the images and paste in the text again.

Hope that helps!


Where can I have a demo of template builder ? I mean not video, I’m looking for something more flexible than MailChimp drag & drop template builder.


Hi Rico!

This is the template builder: http://revaxarts-themes.com/letterpress/_templatebuilder/

Hope that helps!