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Hi, The demo is not working. Thanks

We are fixing it.

Love the theme. Is it possible to get hold of PSD files? I work with a graphic designer who uses these to make the design to show clients before the build begins.

I’m sorry but we don’t have its psd files.

Can you please export the slider, i cannot get your files to import properly. I need to get slider working, and on a bit of a time crunch.

Beautiful theme btw, love it!

Hi! Can you email us via our profile page. Then, we can send you slider .zip file.


I was wondering how to change portfiolio slug.

functions.php does not include the default setting ->

‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘portfolio’ ),

Thanks! It’s very nice theme! :)

anything? It’s been 15 days now.. Btw, your forum “password sender” doesnt work also..


We are sorry we missed your comment.

“framework -> inc -> custom-posts.php”


Hi folk!

Added some new features to new version1.2 of the theme:

1. Added “Image Frame” shortcode
2. Added “Product Carousel” shortcode
3. Added “Product Main Carousel” shortcode
4. Added “Animation Box” shortcode
5. Improved “Title Shortcode”
6. Added “product counter” to the nav. (It works when products added to cart)

some pre questions:

a) is it possible to create subpages with revo slider? b) is there any page builder? drag n drop? Or how do we create pages? c) are there sidebars possible?



1. Yes 2. With shortcodes and to work with them is very easy. 3. Yes.

there is an error: sidebar is always on the right hand side. if I choose left hand side, the sidebar is always right. why?


1. Can you give us example error page link?

2. If you have that error still, give us login and password to your admin panel. Send them as a message through our profile page.


the row shortcode doesnt work. the colums are not side by side.

test it on your own side, create two colums one_half

omg, there are a lot bugs…


I’m sorry for any inconvenience. It is working fine on me. Please, update theme latest version. If doesn’t change after update, give me link to your website. I’ll check it out.


I am interested in this theme for my website and need a couple of questions answering before I purchase. 1. Does this theme support RTL (right to left) languages? 2. Can the font be changed per each post? Thanks.

1. I’m sorry but no. 2. I’m sorry but no.

Thanks for your prompt response. Can I have a trial to test my setup please as I think it might work out of the box? I will be happy even if you can give me temp editor rights for today to test my RTL setup. thanks.

Can you send message through our profile page? Then, I can send.


some more bugs:
1) it is not possible to create colums into colums
2) content boxes do not work into a column (they always have a width of the hole page)
3) it is not possible to use content boxes / Shortcodes in the sidebar



You are not answering to me. Please, do not post your questions here. Register to our support forum( we will help you there to built your website.


4) A table in a column will be displayed on mobile phones not correct

Good afternoon, How do the sliders to be like the demo? I want full width. thanks


First use fulwidth shortcode, then add slider into fulwidth shortcode.


Good morning, can not I do as you say. You could record a video tutorial or explain it with photos by mail? thanks


Are the short-codes plug-ins? Wanting to mix and match two themes.

Yes, but shortcodes css codes inserted style.css which means without theme it doesn’t work.

Hi, i’ve a problem when import the dummy data, just install the menu, but not page, post, nothing…

I already sent an email

Hi, I am interested in this theme, before I purchase it, can this theme add video gallery (youtube/vimeo) at Portfolio filter 4 columns?



Yes, but only thumbnail images appear in main portfolio page. Vimeo or Youtube videos appear only in single page.



I have just installed the Lexon – WP theme from the demo xml and it seems that the default home page is not working when you select the wide layout option form the theme options.

I also wanted to check if you can email me the export file for the revolution slider for the demo home page I can email you my Item Purchase Code if you require it.

Thank you

Send me email via my profile page, then I can send back demo slider

I sent you an email as you have requested. I still haven’t received the file/email from you. Could you kindly help to send?

Sent message


Is it possible to have 2 blog pages on 1 site. 1 of them in the “masonry” format and the other in the “timeline” format? I want to be able to select between the two for each individual post via categories.

I noticed i can create category pages via wordpress, but both default to the blog layout selected in the theme options.


Also, I am having issues with the shortcodes. There seems to be a bunch of bugs. The recent posts shortcode doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

That is the shortcode. It only returns the “content” text.


If you have any issues please register to our forum, we will help you there.



I would like to ask two questions about the portfolio

1. Is it possible to have a ‘URL’ like

2. I have created two filters, one category and different projects, but when I type I get an error page. I can access to the projects through and to the category through, but I can’t link the portfolio homepage. And where “work_cat” is coming from? Should I configure anything?

Thank you so much, Pedro.

I haven’t received anything yet.

Sent message

Posted! Thanks for the answer. I hope I can solve these problems ASAP! :)

hello! where can i find the slider so i can import it to my website and make changes? just bought the theme: my site:

Send me email via my profile page, then I can send back demo slider

hi :-) Is it possible, that the search symbol is not displayed in the menue?


I’m sorry but current version of the theme doesn’t support that functionality. Maybe, we will add that to new updates of the theme.